7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Why Choose Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing or offshore RPO provides a wide range of benefits over conventional business practices, such as finding prospective employees locally.

For many small businesses, hiring locally gives various advantages, but for companies managing wider operations or projects that require highly skilled and qualified professionals, talent is not always available locally. To expand your business in a global market, you need the right manpower available at the right time to respond to changing business needs. This is where offshore recruitment has offered tremendous advantages.

If talent gaps are a constant problem and creating bottlenecks to your business expansion, consider offshore recruitment process outsourcing. This blog details seven reasons to choose offshore RPO. But first, let us understand the concept better.

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What is Offshore Recruitment?

Offshore recruitment refers to the practice of looking for talent in other countries rather than domestically. While this has largely been a prevalent practice in tech startups, businesses from other industries are increasingly turning towards offshore recruitment as well.

From an employer’s perspective, offshore recruitment offers several benefits: companies can hire talent at comparatively lower costs by taking advantage of lower labor costs abroad, they can locate candidates who would otherwise be hard to find in their region, and they can fill gaps that exist locally.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider using an offshore recruiter: expertise or skill sets unavailable domestically and strategic advantages of timely hiring for projects and business orders. Let us look at the seven most common reasons to choose offshore RPO.

Seven Reasons To Hire An Offshore Recruitment Partner

Every company is looking for skilled and talented people to get ahead in their respective fields. The best way to do this is by hiring great employees. But where do you find these candidates? Hiring through offshore recruitment processes is one way to make sure you’re putting together the most successful team possible to deal with market and business demands. There are many other reasons why companies choose offshore RPO.

Reduce 40%-60% in Recruitment Investment

A lot of companies are opting for outsourcing and offshore recruitment process outsourcing as a way to cut their costs, save on expensive office space, make the most of limited manpower and gain access to talent in global locations. Offshore recruitment process outsourcing with the right partner has enabled companies to reduce up to 60% of their overheads.

Another compelling advantage is opening the door to international talent. It provides opportunities for companies to work with people from diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking.

Build Stronger Employer Brand In Target Locations

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing companies are able to provide an international, diverse pool of talented candidates. These companies have developed a deep understanding of the latest trends in industries like healthcare, banking and finance, education, and consulting.

They also understand the differences between hiring practices from country to country, which means they can offer you access to talent that you would not be able to find locally. Finally, by partnering with a competent offshore RPO partner, you will get access to resources that can dramatically improve your employer brand in target locations.

Tap Into Wider, Richer, And Diverse Industry-Specific Offshore Talent Pools

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing taps into wider, richer, and more diverse industry-specific offshore talent pools. These include professionals who specialize in a niche area of expertise that may not be available domestically.

In contrast, onsite recruiting is limited to candidates who are in the geographical vicinity of the employer’s location. And because there’s no such thing as ‘local’ anymore, this can mean missing out on the best people for the job. RPO also allows you to tap into an offshoring partner’s specialized expertise when it comes to training and developing employees for your organization. Finally, with RPO, you can focus your efforts on what you do best: managing your business.

Scale Up or Down Offshore Recruiter Team Based on Business Needs

You need to hire an offshore recruiter team that can scale up or down as your needs fluctuate. Hiring a full-time recruiters team might not be the best option when your business has sporadic periods of growth, and one might work better for you.

For example, if you are hiring at a rate of 10 hires per month, but during the peak four months, you need 50+ people to manage the volume of work. Finding manpower quickly and scaling up at short notice is a huge challenge without a strong presence in offshore locations. Choose an offshore recruitment company that can easily handle such demands.

Ensure Compliance In Chosen Geographies

Outsourcing the hiring process to an agency that specializes in staffing has multiple benefits, including a lower cost. It can also be more efficient and result in better-qualified candidates because competent offshore agencies will do pre-screening of applicants before reaching out to them for interviews. Additionally, it is important to select an outsourcing partner who is compliant with regulations in your chosen geography so as not to get penalized. With these strengths in your offshore recruitment process outsourcing partner, you can build a powerful workforce with minimized recruitment risks.

Improve Time to Hire by Up To 70% For Offshore Staffing

When your business is growing, there’s a chance that you’ll find it difficult to keep up with the rate of growth. In fact, when you’re expanding at such an exponential rate, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter periods where you will struggle to find enough skilled people to work for your business and keep the momentum going.

The struggle for many businesses is finding skilled staff quickly enough to sustain and grow their operation in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why outsourcing recruitment processes (or RPO) is so valuable: they can help you improve time-to-hire by as much as 70%.


An offshore recruitment process outsourcing is not only beneficial, but it’s necessary for businesses to remain competitive.

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Alliance Recruitment Agency believes that offshore recruitment process outsourcing is beneficial for those companies who are looking to expand into new markets or simply grow without putting any excess pressure on their operations.

We also believe it’s important to find ways of investing in both your company and your staff members. If you’re interested in the offshore RPO process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have an extensive team of recruiters with over 50 years of combined experience and talent pools in 25+ countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, many Sub-Saharan African countries, India and South Asian countries, and the Asia Pacific. Connect with us to find out more about offshore RPO for your business!