How Can Hiring Dedicated Developers Reduce Software Development Costs?

How Can Hiring Dedicated Developers Reduce Software Development Costs

Opting for Dedicated Resource Model (DRM): a cost-effective solution

There’s always a dilemma when it comes to hiring developers for your software development projects. Organizations prefer to invest in outsourcing many kinds of projects entirely or partially. A survey by Deloitte reports that 78% of businesses that outsource feel positive about their experience. Dedicated Resource Model is witnessing an ever-increasing trend. Find out what are the different benefits of hiring dedicated software developer resources and the right way to go about it to achieve optimum outcomes.


For developing software, companies generally prefer three main hiring models: in-house model, remote team models, and dedicated resource model (DRM). There are also other software project-based hiring models and staff augmentation models.

The latest trends suggest the growing popularity of the dedicated resource model, which reportedly brings down the cost of project development by 40% and facilitates a fast turnaround time.

A software developer recruitment agency will help you understand various talent acquisition models with detailed insight into the outcomes important for you. Here, we are going to share some key information about the dedicated resource model for recruiting software engineers and developers.

The dedicated resource model or DRM is one of the best hiring solutions offering a team of top-quality professionals for your IT and business needs. It is one of the models that allow partnership of efforts for meeting diverse project requirements.

An excellent blend of the in-house and remote models, the dedicated resource models suit large and long-term projects where requirements are nonspecific, and scope keeps on evolving.

But the cost benefits are one of the major factors behind the success of this talent acquisition model. Let us see how recruiting software engineers and developers through a dedicated resource model helps optimize costs.

How Does Dedicated Software Developer Resource Hiring Model Optimize Development Costs

1) Hiring Specialized Talent For Projects

Preferred by large enterprises, the dedicated team model gets you a dedicated team of specialized professionals packed with great flexibility. One can manage their team structure or make new additions to the team, unlike in-house models where recruiting software engineers need an extensive deal of effort as well as investment in sourcing the right talent.

A dedicated resource model with a team of full-time diverse expertise is ‘dedicated’ solely to your large project or pool of tasks, whose scope and timeline might also change. Thus, it helps to cut down on the upfront costs of recruiting a skilled team and aids large enterprises with their team expansion goals.

A software developer recruitment agency helps you hire skilled, dedicated resources for your projects based on the budget you specify, as they have access to talent from various global locations.

2) Infrastructure Costs

A dedicated team model is a contract-type development model where you hire software engineers and developers for specific kinds of work or projects and pay them for the hours they work for you per week or per month.

There are no infrastructure costs involved. With the help of professional software developer recruiters, you could find a dedicated development team from target geographies that help you increase productivity levels while decreasing costs by half, at times.

You have reduced CAPEX cost, including infrastructure setup, furniture cost, electricity, and business level-internet due to which, reportedly, 44% of US businesses prefer offshore development to save budget.

3) Onboarding, Training, Learning Costs

Hiring through software developer recruiters, a dedicated development team model very readily comes with an already standing team of skilled professionals for tasks that might change a lot during the discovery phase, so there’s no requirement for paying training or learning costs.

Learning and development costs for in-house teams do need a considerable budget. With a dedicated resource model, you could choose from a global resources pool just the kind of trained developers you need. A software developer recruitment agency could get you highly trained dedicated developers for the projects you have within a short time.

4) Hiring Solution Architects For Projects

Highly efficient, trained, and experienced Solution Architects can be recruited according to the needs of your project through a dedicated resource agency which will ensure that the efficiency and the delivery of the target do not lag behind but increase constantly.

Hiring a solution architect in-house as a direct-hire or as part of temporary staffing limits you in many ways. But hiring from a global talent pool as a dedicated resource helps you hire a Solution Architect for exactly the functions you have in mind without having to worry about all the employment-related offer management, formalities, tax, and other matters.

You would not have to worry about any other costs but other than the fees for the services offered.

5) Hiring Highly-Skilled Software Engineers

A dedicated resource model is definitely the right choice to develop large projects with minimum investment because you practically do not need to build a team out of professionals. They are already a team used to cooperating with each other.

With the scope and goals of the project already outlined, hiring highly skilled software engineers is no pain to your budget since the team already owns the hardware and software and the expertise required for the project.

6) Hiring Product Designers For Specific Projects

Since the in-house development model implies hiring product experts in different fields as full-time employees, it is often heavy on your budget, especially if the project does not involve an equal amount of work as the investment.

A dedicated product designer, on the other hand, will work with the same level of expertise, but you have to only pay for the services required in a specific project. There will be no further investment in the optimization of the product since the product designer will be already familiar with the course of developing their new venture or product.

7) Finding Software Talent From Global Locations

A lot of investment, time, and effort is consumed in the process of hiring the right talent in-house for a long-term basis. It is found that in tier 1 countries such as the US, the UK, and Australia, the cost of hiring skilled digital resources is way higher when compared with tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

Thus, to an extent, the in-house model delays urgent scalability goals, whereas outsourcing professionals all across the globe online through a dedicated resource model makes the process convenient, less expensive, and avoids other investments on traveling, stay, rents, licenses, or transportation.

Besides, it is always a better alternative to hiring a small number of local specialists that may often need skill-update for their limited experience and fighting a high staff turnover.

8) Temporary Position Hiring

Software projects frequently change during different times. There can be incidents of even less manpower present to handle the project. Keeping this in mind, the dedicated resource model allows project managers to understand your requirements and modify the size of the resource as per your demands.

It’s an excellent option to save cost as you only have to pay the temporarily recruited software developers for the amount of time they work. Allocated individuals or teams are solely dedicated to your project, which results in higher ROI and deliverables. There’s no hassle involved in resource transition and no investment required to build up the project again from scratch.

9) Hiring UX Designers For Project-Based Requirements

Another important factor that makes the dedicated resource model unique while being cost-effective is that it lets you hire dedicated UX designers as an external resource in a time-bound manner according to your project-based requirements.

It means that there is no extra expenditure on buying additional hardware or software or providing any training for development purposes since hiring UX dedicated designers is already an available option with the development agency.

10) Operations And Compensation Cost

When it comes to hiring dedicated developers, the operational and compensation costs are much reduced in comparison to the in-house development model, where maintaining long-term, fixed employees would scale up the budget.

Work interruptions like unexpected sick leaves, vacations, and layoffs often delay the operational activities without giving the same results of productivity as in a dedicated resource model. Projects involved in this model may involve many risks and limitations on budget.

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