Top 11 Tips for Managing And Hiring Remote Employee

Tips For Managing And Hiring Remote Employee

The pandemic has changed everyone’s point of view about the age-old employment method and opened up a new dimension of remote working practices. Companies need guidance in order to hire the best recruits and manage them successfully, in times when more and more employees, as well as recruiters, are adopting remote working. Here’s all the help you seek. These 11 simple methods of recruiting the best talent and managing it with ease, is all you need to know in order to build your own remote workforce.


Believe it or not, remote work is the future of the employment sector. The definition of remote work is not just limited to working from home, but it also includes working from anywhere. The pandemic has just played the role of a catalyst in expanding the number of employees under remote service.

As predicted by Forbes, 50% of the American population would work remotely, and across the Atlantic. Europe has experienced a rise in the remote workforce from 7.7% up to 9.8 % in the previous decade. Many successful and big companies have already offered their employees the option of working remotely. This flexible work arrangement has ample benefits for the company, along with its employees.

A number of scenarios demand remote work and prove it to be more beneficial than regular office shifts. Be it when a company or organization plans on branching out overseas, trying to cut down the infrastructural cost, wanting to outsource a certain amount of work, or just try out remote working. Hiring a remote workforce is tricky. There are certain things that employers need to keep in mind while hiring remote recruits.

Here are some key factors a remote IT recruiter needs to keep in mind, plus some tips on remote recruitment management too. These tips are from years of experience with our remote recruitment agency. So keep reading!

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A Guide on How to Hire and Manage Remote Employees.

Step 1: Attracting the right kind of skill set

If you are planning to hire, remote employees remember that hiring and managing your remote workforce is the second part. First, you need to have the necessary resources to attract remote workers.

1) Brand yourself effectively across major digital platforms

Do you know exactly how remote employees search for work? If your answer is on online platforms, then you are absolutely right. Remote recruits prefer to work digitally, so that’s where they find their ideal jobs too. And if you are hoping to hire the best of remote recruits, then it is essential for you to have a strong digital presence. Posting your job vacancy on online job websites is just the beginning. You need to invest more of your time and money in making your business stand out on a number of digital platforms. People worldwide are daily users of various social media apps; they have access to the internet and all the facilities provided by it.

Make use of social media and various other online platforms to make yourself known. Have your account on social media apps and showcase your company or organization to the world. This is the only effective and easy way to hire talent from the opposite side of the world for your company. Promote yourself online as much as you can. Create your website where potential candidates, as well as clients, can visit and have access to your services or products, where they can visit to know more about you.

2) Describe your work ethic

Remote employees would want to work with you only when you are a legitimate employer. There are a lot of fake recruiters in remote working, especially a lot of freelancers encounter such bogus recruiters. You need to present your company or business in a professional manner.

Presenting your work style, your employment policies, your estimated salary packages, your daily work schedule, the amount of flexibility and freedom provided to your employees, your management policies, etc., are some of the many things considered by a candidate before working with you. Make sure all of this is available on your website or on whichever digital platform you approach your potential recruits with.

3) Testimonial of current employees

If you are an established or semi-established company, you are likely to already have some employees. Few smiling faces of your happy employees on your website speaks volumes about your company. Future recruits are likely to judge your company based on the word of your employees. A small video of your happy remote workers may seal the deal with the new ones.

Recruits are likely to believe fellow workers and their experience while working with a certain company. So make sure to add the testimonial of your employees while reaching out to new recruits.

Step 2: Do’s and Don’ts in the actual hiring process

Now that you have successfully seeked the desired candidate it’s time to hire them. But you need to keep these basic things in mind while hiring them officially.

4) Be clear with your job titles

While posting a job application online on any digital platform, be exceptionally clear. Mention the job title properly with simple words, avoid words like a wizard, guru, etc. Employees are likely to apply for a job saying “Vacancy for Web Developer” rather than “Hiring a Web Wizard.” It makes you appear more professional. Don’t forget to add a brief job description.

Also mention your requirements like qualification, needed skill set, completion of any additional course if need be, age, any particular region, etc. This will narrow down the number of applications you receive, and you will only get applications of candidates that fulfill all the given criteria making your work easy. Also, mention if there is any special clause of your company or business first-hand, so as to give the candidates a better picture.

5) Review received applications and then shortlist

When you start receiving applications, they may come in bulk. This is when you have to filter out the applicants who don’t fit your key job requirements. Whether you are a remote it recruiter or a remote executive assistant, you need to keep an eye on some details in a resume. Things like the candidate’s previous experience, career progress, past achievements, qualification, etc., will give you a clear picture of the candidate.

Send a confirmation email to the selected candidates, schedule dates for interview and screening.

6) Interview and Screen the Selected Candidates

This may be the first chance for employers to communicate face-to-face with their recruits. Schedule a video call or video conference in order to interview the candidate. In a 20-30 minutes video interview session, ask strategic questions. To find if the candidate fits the job description, to reveal their skills, qualification, and enthusiasm for working remotely.

While speaking with the candidate, make sure you have a predefined set of questions. Avoid too personal questions; instead, ask smart questions. Take notes of their answers immediately. This will later help you in deciding which candidates to select.

7) Refer to the References

Checking references is an excellent way to gain quick insights into the candidate. Ask your top candidates to submit at least 2-3 references. Give them a quick call and make sure you are hiring honest employees.

Verify the candidate’s past experience, qualification, skillset, work ethic, etc. Doing this will give you a clear idea about the candidate and help you to proceed with the hiring procedure. You will be able to make rational decisions.

8) Don’t Forget to Draft a Contract

Now that you have finalized the list of candidates you want to hire, it’s time to handle the legal part. To seal the deal, you need to draft a contract. It could be a little tricky considering you may want to hire an overseas employee, but that’s where the legal professional steps in. To even out all the odds and draft you a contract suitable to both the parties.

Lay out all the terms and conditions of your company and business. State all the additional clauses in the contract as well (if any). Ask your candidates to provide legitimate photo IDs and any such legal identification documents as per your requirement. This will ensure that you are hiring a good candidate

Step 3: Regular Management and Handling of the Remote Employees

Here are a few points to remember while managing your remote workforce.

9) Keep the communication flowing

Communicate with your remote employees daily, be it just regular check-ins or conference meetings. Be approachable. Remote executive managers should establish multiple means of communication between them and the remote recruits as well as between the remote team itself.

Provide all the necessary information they need. Be available to solve any query that arises. Communication will make your working smoother.

10) Provide support and encouragement

Support your employees and try to understand them. Be flexible with the work schedule. Encourage them to work hard. Some positive criticism is always welcomed. If your employee is going through tough times, provide a listening ear, and support them while maintaining a professional distance.

Working remotely sometimes leads to stress, frustration, and loneliness. Try to help your employees out of such situations by promoting conversation.

11) Celebrate special occasions and success together

Working remotely shouldn’t mean you do not get to bond with your employees as normal office workers would. Celebrate special occasions and festivals via video call or with the help of applications like Google Meet. Try to connect with your employees and be a part of their success.

Encourage such get-togethers every month if possible. This will boost team spirit and help employees forget about their stress and worries and enjoy themselves for a while.

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These are some of the matters to take into account before you contact a remote IT recruiter or remote executive assistant recruiter. And if you just want to employ remote recruits without the hassle of going through the whole finding and hiring process, you can always ask for our assistance.

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