Search Consultancy

At Alliance recruitment agency, we believe that job hunting need not be that difficult. We make your search easier than it actually is. Our search consultancy recruitment agency fills a major void in the marketplace by connecting individual talent to the right job possibility. Whether you’re seeking freelance or full-time opportunities, we are the right door to knock. We have a team of excellent specialist recruiters hiring people, who will determine the future success of their potential companies.

Our job hiring figures have substantially increased year after year placing tens of thousands of candidates in right openings. We have a strong assessments program to determine the true potential of skilled individuals. The program also incorporates training in financial literacy and professional development to cater to the growth of already hired employees for their long-term career stability. we as a search consultancy from the beginning of our journey, we have provided training support and guidance to the young job seekers.

Search Recruitment

Alliance recruitment agency has been in the search recruitment agency field since a long time now. We have always placed skilled individuals in right places and collaborated with our clients, enhancing our value and building long-term partnerships. As their trusted partner, we have strong hiring process in place with the best track record we are proud of. We follow a robust 3 step selection process.

A look into our hiring process:

In step 1, we gather our client’s requirements in order to communicate the benefits of joining your organization to the potential candidate clearly making sure that it turns into a successful hire. Along the lines of job requirements, we search the market for relevant profiles, assess and interview them. During the whole process, we ensure to keep you informed through weekly reports.

In step 2, the interview process is conducted in two parts. In the first, we match the education, professional experience and personality profile with our client’s requirements and in the second by assessing specific challenges which are typical of the position. Once shortlisted, we then share the candidate’s profile with the client.

In step 3, we ensure to avoid any discrepancies such as confusion in the internal process of our search recruitment as to who is involved from the interview process until the final stage, so that their input counts. We see that the entire hiring process is as smooth as possible collaborating with you at every step of the way.

Search Agency

At our search agency, we put our hearts in getting the job done. Our team of expert recruiters carefully selects candidates making an unbiased decision mapping them to right opportunities creating a win-win-win situation for all.

Our mission:

It has become our mission to close unemployability gap to supply qualified workforce and build loyalty, reputation, unfailing partnerships and business harmony with all the companies we work with. Time and again, our mission has helped our business operations, especially their continuity during periods of hardship. The many brands we have worked with have helped us achieve our mission in every business transaction.

We hire mostly for:

  • BPO/ KPO
  • Construction and Facilities Management
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Professional services
  • Maintenance and Infrastructure
  • Legal
  • Finance

What’s in it for you?

As a client, you will enjoy the mutually beneficial experience and stop worrying about finding the right talent and skilled workforce for many years to come as we aim to become your long-term trusted hiring partner.

Whether you’re just out of college or an experienced individual, with our search agency you will get a better offer. We can also help you align your career on the right track with positive guidance and consulting.