Recruitment Consultant Usa

Recruitment Consultant USA

Alliance International is a global company that is supplying manpower to many countries. It has a significant presence in the USA as a leading recruitment agency as well as in India in top cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. We are helping place candidates in United States firms from all over the world. We have become a reliable recruitment consultant USA through the special efforts which we put in the recruitment services. Our agency has already earned a name among the US-based companies. We are one of the trusted us placement consultants in providing the best-talented manpower from across the globe. We partner with the US-based companies to fill up their vacancies.

We also help different job seekers who are present in the US to get a job there. Our agency is one of the professionally managed USA job recruiters who is working to meet the requirements of the clients. We act as a link between our client companies and the potential candidates.

We take charge of the full cycle of recruitment for USA Companies

At Alliance International, we take up the challenge of sourcing the most suited manpower for your industries just as a partner. We try to increase the productivity of the recruitment process at an incredibly low cost. You can be at ease after hiring our services. The complete It recruitment services would be a responsible and accountable exercise.

We figure among the top in the list of recruitment agencies in the USA. Our activities are totally client-centric and we work in the direction as desired by our clients. We are in charge from the first activities of the sourcing of the candidates till the candidates get selected by you and come for joining. We ensure that our clients have to face no hassle during the intermediate process. Their job will entail regarding telling us about the vacancy that has to be fulfilled and then commences the joining formalities when the candidate who is selected comes for joining. The candidates will also find the process of recruitment very streamlined. There will be no miscommunication. It will be a single-window approach that will make the entire process of communication easier.

Why go for our recruitment services in the United States

Create value in your manpower strength

When we do the recruitment as Recruitment Agency USA, we ensure that we create value for you with our endeavor for searching the best talents for you. It does not include only the filling up of vacancy with matching resumes. The persons that are sent should fit into the culture of the organization that they are being sent to. Our initial process of filtration takes care of these activities. We ensure sending the best suited profiles. Any misfit in the organization can spell harm to your company in the days to come. Our long experience in the field of candidate searching, sorting and shortlisting have made the job easier for us.

Get the best services at the most competitive costs

  • We charge very nominal rates in comparison to other recruitment agencies in the USA for foreigners.
  • No charge is taken for new sources recruited in-house
  • There are no costs to be borne for overhead.

Higher Revenue

  • All round the clock recruitment process is on.
  • You can get critical manpower at lower costs.
  • We use the latest tools for recruiting and source number of candidates.
  • You can get to have certain allied services at the same cost itself.

Highly flexible services

  • The in-house persons can devote more of their time for greater value-added jobs.
  • The team of recruits may be scaled up or down as per the industry demand and the orders in hand.
  • We can tap in newer places for good manpower and help our client companies.

You can ask for allied HR services also at affordable rates.

Obligations of contract

We are not at all rigid in the terms and conditions of the contract. At Alliance International, we offer lots of freedom in easy cancellation and renewal of contracts. We do not believe in putting too much of bindings on our clients as it strains relationships. This flexibility has many of the clients to stay back with us.

We believe in long term partnerships

  • Thorough understanding of the business process of the client.
  • Suggesting ways of improvement of the recruitment process.
  • Transparent in our dealings.
  • Competitive rates make clients think several times to dissociate from us.

Industry We Serve

We serve the recruitment and staffing needs of Call Center / BPO / IT Industry, Garments And FMCG Industry, Milk and Dairy Industry, Office Administration, Education Industry, Electronics and Electrical industry, Mechanical and Plumbing, Food Industry, Fabrication and Erection industry, Banking and Finance Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Medical and Hospital Industry, Marine industry, Oil Fields and Refineries, Petrochemical Industry, Power Plant Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Road and Highway construction and Logistic industry.


Q. What is a recruitment consultant? A. A recruitment consultant is a link between a firm who are willing to hire staff and aspirants who are looking to start a career. Alliance Recruitment Agency ensures that our clients don’t have to face any problem during the entire recruitment process.

Q. Which is the best recruitment consultant in the USA? A. Alliance Recruitment Agency caters to recruitment needs in multiple sectors and we act as a link between our clients and applicants. We look after from the initial stage of recruitment to the final shortlisting of candidates. 

Q. How do I find the best recruitment consultant in the USA? A. To avail excellent recruitment services, firstly set your norms and then start looking for brilliant recruitment consultants that satisfy your needs. We work according to the requirements of the clients and provide them seamless recruitment service.

Q. What is the T&C to start the work on our recruitment profile? A. When you start working with us, you need to follow some strategic principles of developing long-term and transparent relations with the client. We provide various recruitment services and we assure that we build value for clients with our best attempts for hunting the best talent for your business.

Q. How much do recruitment consultants charge? A. Generally, the charges of a recruitment consultant depend on what type of service you need and what are your requirements. To know more about our consulting charges approach our sales team.

Q. How quickly can I expect to hear from a recruitment consultant after I have selected the agency? A. We are 24/7 available and offer quick responses. You can hear from us within 2-3 business days after you have sent us a service request or inquiry.

Q. How to apply on your website? A. Applying on our website is easy, you can directly connect with us through our website, and you can also post your vacancy and apply for the vacant position. You can make an appointment and have a talk with them and share your requirements. We also have a chatbot feature where you can solve your queries related to our service.

Q. Do you take charges from the candidate? A. We do not charge candidates nor do we ask for any extra charges during the complete phase of the recruitment process. 

Q. What happens if the employee leaves? A. We offer 90 days of free replacement if the applicant leaves the company suddenly. We will help you to find a brilliant successor or replacement and we strive to give the best service to our clients. 

Q. How do you handle candidate referencing? A. Candidate referencing is meant to locate the reliability of each potential candidate before shortlisting. We have wide experience in performing detailed reference checks and it also helps in obtaining more information about the candidate.

Q. What does a recruitment administrator do? A. A recruitment administrator works in an HR department and handles all administrative work related to manpower sourcing and recruiting activities. Their roles might extend to update companies’ latest policy and management support.

Q. Is it worth signing up for a recruitment agency? A. Hiring a recruitment agency helps you to optimize your overall recruitment costs, and outcomes, while enabling you to source manpower at any time and in any number based on your business needs. If you would like to have a detailed view of the particular benefits, and cost factors, get in touch with us to know more about our services.

Q. How can I talk to a recruitment agency? A. When you select the best agency, begin by making an appointment with them. Introduce yourself and give some information about your company. We are one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in providing brilliant talents as per your business requirement.

Q. What is Alliance Recruitment agency? A. Alliance Recruitment Agency is a recruitment consultant in the USA, attempts to help businesses put together a staff of highly efficient, and skilled employees, and also cater employees by opening up new vistas of job opportunities for them. 

Q. What are the top 3 skills of a recruitment consultant? A. Given below are the top 3 skills of a recruitment consultant: Problem-solving – The ability to solve problems is an essential skill, those recruitment consultants who are capable of solving the problems such as urgent hiring, management skills, and handle strong relationships will thrive in recruitment.

Teamwork – Most of the time recruiters often share the workload and will work in combination on projects or with clients. They will share leads and strong applicants and support a colleague who is struggling to find the right fit for their clients. 

Negotiation – Negotiation is the main part of the role of the recruitment consultant. This is in both negotiating terms with your clients over a recruitment approach and relating costs to them, and also when a candidate and client are negotiating things like salaries and job offers. 

Q. How do I find a good recruitment agency? A. The initial step is to clearly define your long-term and temporary recruitment needs. This will help you in seeking the right agency, with the experience and abilities to satisfy these needs.

Just contact us to know more details and avail our stupendous services.