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Alliance International is a recruitment and staffing company that is providing its cv sourcing services to customers all around the globe. It is also providing support for other HR services to all types of business, small startup companies to the giants in the field. You can outsource all your recruitment needs to us. Get resume sourcing services from us. Our experts can handle all level of manpower needs. This will enable you to save a considerable amount in the recruitment process. After getting the resume sourcing support from us, you can really feel relieved. Your HR people can save a lot of time. They can do other fruitful activities in that time.

Resume sourcing services

We are resume sourcing job specialists. Getting the right CV for a position often becomes a tough challenge. We can handle this challenge easily on your behalf. We maintain a wide range of database. This forms the major source of our CVs. We keep updating this list on a constant basis. Being specialized in these forms of jobs, we do not find it much problematic. You can rely on us for finding the most suitable resumes from our company.

All levels of CVs are handled by us

The major spade work that has to be done in the recruitment framework job is the CV Sourcing for the vacant positions in a company. When you are engaging us as your recruitment partner, you have only one job to do. Tell us the job descriptions of your vacant slots and the desired competence level of the candidates. The rest will be taken care of by us. The requirement can be at the junior level or the top level positions. We have the capacity of handling candidates of all hierarchies. We can get the best candidates for you to select as per your organization’s need.

Our staff can do it skillfully

Once we get to know the job descriptions of the position and the required competencies such as desired qualifications, experience, etc. we start our CV sourcing services process. We have our internal database which is quite rich. This serves as an excellent reference source. Apart from this we also source the requisite CVs from online job portals. We have subscription accounts with some of the biggest online portals that supply us with a diverse range of candidates. After getting the CVs, there is a huge job of segregating the most relevant from the not so relevant ones. This is a time taking process. Our skilled executives whandling scores of CVs very fast.

We also handle advertisements

Since we have a significant online presence, we too receive applications online. We post the vacancies whenever we come to know the same on our site. We get a good number of resumes on our email database. These can have higher relevance as people apply directly for the vacancies advertised for. In case you want us to hire candidates from the open advertisements, we would be happy to carry out the entire process for you. We select the most widely circulated dailies for placing the ad for the appointment. Subsequently, the entire process of CV collection, to sorting and interview arrangement will be handled by us.

We leverage the social media

Another potential area for sourcing of CVs is the social networking sites. Nowadays chunks of recruitment are taking place from the social media. With the widespread usage of the web, people connect with each other on the web professionally. The sites such as Linkedin can be rich sources of potential CVs. We have our accounts on these sites also. The advertisements of the vacancies we are receiving from your end are displayed on these social networking sites also. After getting the CVs, we find out the candidates who are actively searching for a job change. The inactive members can fetch no positive response.

Get the cream list

The job does not end here. The shortlisted CVs are taken, and all the persons who are interested in joining your organization have to be determined. The initial screening has to be done by us so that what you get are the best of the lot for selection purpose. We ensure that the final shortlisted ones are the cream that can be available at that particular juncture. Avail our best resume writing service and get rid of the tedious CV searching processes.

Presently we are offering CV Sourcing Services for following Countries:

  • Recruitment for Angola
  • Qatar Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Mexico
  • Tobago Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Chile
  • Recruitment for Argentina
  • UAE Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Djibouti
  • Recruitment for Kazakhstan
  • USA Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Middle East
  • Recruitment for Venezuela
  • Trinidad Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Brazil
  • Recruitment for Peru
  • Russia Recruitment
  • Recruitment for Tanzania
  • Recruitment for Algeria
  • Canada Recruitment
  • Recruitment for UK
  • Recruitment in South Africa
  • Recruitment in Singapore