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Fulfil Your Company Job Openings with Recruitment Agency in Jeddah

The job industry in Jeddah is growing in leaps and bounds. Every day, hundreds of job openings come up. However, the market is getting saturated with regard to the resources available. The calibre of a hiring agency lies in finding the best possible resource from amidst the stagnated pool. It is here that Alliance International makes its presence felt as a sought after recruitment agency Jeddah. Our talented consultants have made Alliance the leading recruitment agency in Jeddah.

Recruiting Process Followed By Our Recruitment Agency Jeddah

We have a dedicated team of consultants as part of our recruitment agency Jeddah.

We follow a strict hiring process throughout our different hiring centres across the globe.

  • Understanding the opening: The first step of recruitment procedure is to understand the job opening. Once we receive the opening, the requirement is handed over to the specialized team. We have recruitments for each industrial sector. Accordingly the opening is handled by the consultant for industry specific service. We have special hiring teams for retail, hospitality industry, food sector, health care, technical industry and so on.
  • Sorting resumes: The resumes are sorted out on the basis of the industry type, job opening, skills required, job structure – permanent or temporary. All these factors are considered by our consultants for any job requirement that we receive. This assures an in-detailed service with the least amount of hassle.
  • Processing the resumes: After sorting the resume, comes the processing of the resumes. Each resume is processed after our consultants of the recruitment agency Jeddah carry out a Skype or web cam interview. Only when we are satisfied with the candidate, the CV is sent to the next level.
  • Assessing the soft skills: In the next level, our consultants ask the candidates to visit our office. Here, we access the soft skills of the candidate. Often, it is seen that the candidate has the required technical knowledge but cannot communicate properly. If the candidate fails to impress in this level, the resume is rejected outright. At Alliance International, client satisfaction is of utmost importance.
  • Handing over the resumes to the company: The candidates that get shortlisted in the above segment are finally handed over to company. The company deals with their set of interviews from their end.
  • Informing the shortlisted candidates: Once we have the list of shortlisted candidates, our recruitment agency in Jeddah call them up and convey them the feedback from the company. Here, we also tell them about the documents required from their end.
  • Follow up the candidates for required documents: The next step is to follow up[ with the candidates and make sure that all the documents have been submitted within the time mentioned. If they don’t, our consultants follow up with them till the required documents are submitted.
  • Background check: Once we have access to the documents, our team carries out a background check to find out if the documents offered are fake or genuine. Accordingly, we inform the company about the findings. If any candidate hands over fake documents, they get blacklisted immediately.
  • Be in touch with candidates till they join: The candidates who have cleared all the above steps have reached the ultimate stage. Here, our consultants remain in touch with them till they join the company. There are many candidates who take the offer letter and then refuse to join citing personal reasons. Hence, our recruitment agency in Jeddah follows every rule in the rule book to ensure smooth joining of the candidate.
  • Replacement facility: We have hardly encountered this step. We offer replacement facility to the company if the candidate leaves the organization within three months of joining. This hardly happens. So far we have 100% placement record.

End To End Solutions Is Our Forte

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we specialize in offering end to end hiring solution. Right from understanding the job requirement till the candidates join your organization, our consultants keep in constant touch with the candidates for a smooth transition. To offer the best possible service, our consultants work round the year and are available over Skype, Gtalk and even IMO. Give them a call anytime and from anywhere across the globe. We are here to make your hiring requirement a smooth one.