Executive Recruitment Thailand

Executive Recruitment Thailand

Thailand’s economy is expected to grow by 4.1 % in the fiscal year 2018-19. Due to the surge in export activities, the country’s economy is getting the necessary thrust. Capacity utilization and acceleration in capital goods imports are pointing towards domestic demand recovery. The business sentiments are propelling due to much needed regulatory reforms and overall policy stability. The country has the potential to grow on innovation front too because of the intensifying structural reforms which can easily lead to greater productivity and thereby better economy. Due to this paradigm shift in Thailand’s economy, companies are heading towards executive search Thailand to accelerate internal growth and give a much-needed boost to their organization.

Executive Search Thailand

Alliance Recruitment Agency provides comprehensive services in Executive Recruitment Thailand as our team has the potential and experience in recruiting executives for the region in myriad industries. Our executive search thailand have served the following industries with aplomb.

Food Industry: Because of the favorable economic conditions and reforms the food industry of Thailand is also on the verge of a big leap.

Assembly hub for cars: The country is the central hub for assembly of some of the top brands of cars.

Manufacturing (Electronics, steel, and locomotive): the manufacturing industry is amongst the best performing industry and requires top-level professionals to lead their team.

Tourism services: Thailand is among the top 10 travel destination in the world and has a flourishing tourism industry. travel recruitment agencies, hotels, food outlets, trip planners are the front-runners.

As the country’s economy is moving northwards, there is a surge in the requirement for seniors/executives, across the business verticals, who can lead the team in the right direction. Our local connection of network being our assisted touch points has empowered us with a large database of the available talent pool. Recruiters at Alliance Recruitment Agency executive recruitment thailand have become a trusted advisor to our clients.