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Gurgaon or Gurugram is one of the most sought-after job locations across India. The city has seen a spurt of growth in jobs and recruitment throughout the past few years. A pioneering location, Gurgaon was one of the first Special Economic Zones in India; providing organizations with various incentives and a host of modern civic facilities to set up their offices in India. The city is within the National Capital Region of Delhi, and comprises of world-class facilities including the very best in public transport, road and air connectivity. The city boasts of some of the most prolific companies and start-ups operating across the world, and has become the ‘Operations Capital of India’. Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the leading executive search firms in Gurgaon; providing organizations and prospective job seekers with a plethora of services.

1. Executive Search:

As a leading executive search firm in Gurgaon, Alliance Recruitment Agency provides organizations with top-notch executive search facilities in various industries such as finance, financial technology, banking, retail, fashion, IT, automotive, construction, infrastructure development and various others.

2. Professional Resume Writing:

For prospective job applicants, Alliance Recruitment Agency provides professional resume writing services to candidates, which provide an in-depth and detailed resume focussing on current trends for various industries and domains.

3. Project-Based Hiring:

As a leading executive search firm in Gurgaon, Alliance Recruitment Agency not only provides full-time hiring services for organizations, but also provides project-based and contract based hiring services. These services are tailored to match the requirements of the esteemed clientele with domain-specific and time-specific requirements being the core focus.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has carved a niche as one of the leading executive search firm in Gurgaon, with the sole aim of connecting organizations with the best and the brightest talent for their requisite domain.


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