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What is Joomla:

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is also the most popular website software. Across the world, there is a vast community of Joomla Developers and volunteers who develop user-friendly, responsive and multi-lingual websites using Joomla. Built on a model–view–controller web application framework, Joomla can be used independently of the CMS that allows you to create robust online applications.

Joomla Web Developer

If you are clear about the outcomes that you expect from your website, chances are that a Joomla developer will help you reach them. A Joomla developer possesses similar skills as that of a typical web developer; the only difference is they are more into specific solutions and customization. Here is a list of skill –sets that they possess:

    • Knowledge of extension: A Joomla developer is highly technical and knows how to create custom extensions for Joomla.
    • Template skinning: Joomla developer knows HTML and CSS and how to skin a template and make a replica. Here, the role of sound designer also comes into play who knows how to create a good design in Joomla.
    • Web designing: They are expert in creating custom designs and can alter existing designs. Their prowess is evaluated in designing ability.
    • Site Builder: The Joomla developer utilizes their extensive knowledge of extensions and templates to build sites using already created solutions. Such developers prove beneficial to small businesses.
      A Joomla developer who possess all of the above skills are a real asset to the organization.
  • Hire Dedicated Joomla Developer

    You can directly talk to the developer and explain him your specific requirements and the expected outcome

    You only pay as per the hiring model you choose, therefore sometimes you pay lesser price in comparison to what you pay to a Joomla development company

    You will find them more flexible and a dedicated Joomla developer will focus solely on your project

    Though they work virtually, you can still monitor their performance and give them feedback while they execute your project

    While virtual Joomla developers are required by all business type, it is particularly beneficial if your project is relatively small, and your requirement of a Joomla developer is minimal

    Alliance Recruitment Agency: Your trusted outsourcing partner

    Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the trusted outsourcing companies to hire a Joomla developer. We offer the best Joomla developers pan world and our candidates are adept at adjusting to various cultures and geographies,.

    Following are the reasons why you should choose Alliance Recruitment Company:

    100% Client Satisfaction:
    There are thousands of satisfied clients who have benefitted from our virtual assistants and trusted us for their outsourcing requirements. We have delivered hundreds of successful Joomla development projects till date.

    Database of proficient Joomla developers
    A reliable database of qualified and experienced Joomla developers to choose from. They fit well into your project requirement and work on thin deadlines. They are efficient and works well with clients from diverse geographies and culture. They possess a rich portfolio which you can browse before finalizing the right candidate.

    Flexible hiring model:
    Flexible hiring models that are based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly models. You can choose your model and can get it customized too. Our solutions are very cost-effective and we map candidates based on your specific requirement. A hiring model ensures that you never pay more than the actual cost of your project.

    Performance Management:
    Monitor the performance of your virtual assistant on a daily basis through daily task report and give feedbacks wherever necessary. You can raise any query or doubt in case you feel that the project is deviated from its desired path.


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