Recruitment Agency Uk

Recruitment Agency UK

Are you looking for a dependable Recruitment Agency in the UK? At Alliance International, we are offering the most reliable services of manpower recruitment. We are basically an Indian company based at Ahmedabad but we have our branch offices at many international locations to help the candidates in those countries to search for their dream job. We have become one of the preferred recruitment agency UK with the extent of our related services.

Our agency also functions as recruitment consultant Leicester due to our expansion of service area. We figure among the best recruitment consultant UK list also. At Alliance International, we have a vast experience in sourcing of manpower and serving some of the biggest industries worldwide. We prepare the correct linkage between the most potential and able candidates with the best industries that have different job roles to offer.

Recruitment consultant Leicester

We are also functioning as a recruitment agency Leicester since the last few years. Getting a reliable Leicester recruitment agency is difficult, but with Alliance International’s services, this problem has been mitigated to some extent.

One of the best options for the employers

In case you are an employer and you are looking to engage a UK recruitment agency for hiring someone who can bring in extra value to your team, we will be the right choice for you. We can give you better talents for your roles in comparison to other headhunters London. We source the manpower from a wide range of areas.

Having our presence in multiple countries, we can get you manpower from different foreign nations too. We have a large network of our branches all over the United Kingdom. The consultants who are working for us are highly experienced and skilled. They can bring in the best of the talents with the rich experience that they possess. We can fill up your vacant slots with the most befitting candidates. Our experts can help you recruit all types of profiles to be it permanent, temporary or based on contract.

We offer Career advice to candidates

The candidates during applying may not be aware of the exact method of applying for a job. We impart the right career advice to the candidates that can help them to get the dream job. We extend our advice regarding the CV preparation, preparation to face interviews, to start working for a job, resignation process and facing the exit interview.

Our inputs can help the candidates to present themselves in a much better and professional manner during the interview process. The training for the grooming is most important. It often happens that a person having all the required knowledge for a job role only because of the lack of presentation and behavioral skill.

We have rich experience

Alliance International has been in the business of recruitment for decades. We know the ins and outs of each sector of business and the types of manpower requirement in the different domains. Our employees have themselves stayed in different industries for a long period. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK for foreigners, we have tie-ups with the major companies that have their establishments in the country.

The candidates can be highly benefitted as our experienced employees can easily judge your skill level and place you in a job befitting your qualifications and experience. We have placed thousands of candidates over the years. We have a very high level of satisfied candidates. We have placed them over the years.

Unmatchable services

Though there are many local recruitment agencies who claim to provide manpower services, their standard of services cannot match that of Alliance International. The rates at which provide our services are most competitive considering the level of services we render. We take up the responsibility right from the sourcing of the candidates till the final joining of the candidate at your premises.

With years of confidence, we can claim that we can compete with any other recruitment agency in the UK. In case a person leaves within 3 months of joining, we provide the free replacement for the position. If you consider us as your recruitment partner, you remain totally hassle free from this tedious process.

Why to choose us

  • We are charging reasonably for the services that we offer. The other agencies that are operating charge much higher.
  • We have good experience in this domain. This makes others to beat us in this arena.
  • Our agency has good contacts in different industries that allow us to place the candidates easily.
  • We also maintain rich databases with varying profiles that enable us to handle manpower requisitions easily.
  • Our experts understand the profiles and the related necessities. We are able to source the best fitting candidates for each vacancy.
  • At Alliance International, we achieve 100% customer satisfaction in our services. We believe that the clients’ satisfaction is our success.