recruitment consultants in south africa

Recruitment Consultants in South Africa

Avail, the services of a recruitment consultant South Africa if you are looking for a job there. If you are looking for recruitment agencies in South Africa, Alliance International can come to your help. Alliance International is a recruitment agency that serves global clients. We have already earned a name as a dependable recruitment consultant in South Africa now. Our recruitment agency South Africa is doing great by placing candidates in this country. We come in very handy for candidates all over the world who are looking for a job in South Africa but also to the local people in South Africa. We can be a great help considering our experience in this sector for a long period.

Recruitment Agency South Africa

Alliance International is a top recruitment agency in South Africa currently. It has an excellent record as a placement agent in this country. This agency is approached by people who want to work here. South Africa presents great opportunities for work. The economy of the country is developing further. It is also quite warm to the people who are coming from other countries. People prefer to stay and work here. The conditions are peaceful with no hostility here. Alliance International is slowly spreading wings to other countries around also.

We help you secure overseas jobs also

Though there are other local job agencies in Johannesburg, we have made a mark with the standard of our services. We have established the linkage with all the major industries that are located in South Africa. We also have our branches outside South Africa. This helps us in securing jobs for the job seekers across a wide range of industries. Though there are other recruitment agencies in South Africa for overseas jobs, yet we have the largest hold considering our spread globally. So, we have become a preferred recruitment agency for both the employers as well as the job seekers.

Get the best manpower

We are dealing with all types of manpower ranging over diverse domains of industries. We have the consultants who are working for us for the sourcing of candidates who have rich experience in separate fields of work. This enormous experience of theirs helps them in finding out the best-suited candidates with the good depth of core knowledge for the positions that they are being looked for.

Our services which we offer

You will avail total hassle free services when you count on us. These are some of the services that you would be enjoying:

  • We check the reference of all the candidates. At Alliance International, we do not forward a negative resume.
  • We would charge a nominal percentage of the package of the person. We charge quite low rates.
  • You have to pay quite reasonable fees after the negotiation for temporary staffing.
  • We will handle the responses.
  • Our experts will check the credentials of the candidate
  • We will also check for Criminal backgrounds.,
  • All educational qualifications will be checked. On finding any false certification, the candidate will be removed from the list.
  • Rampant headhunting process will be done to get the best profiles. We have a rich database for reference.
  • We will conduct the interviewing and the screening process. The final bunch of the best candidates found would be forwarded to the clients.
  • We also cover the activities of outsourced recruitment and HR functions

Openness of services

One of our strong points is the transparency of our operations. This has made us one of the preferred recruitment agents in South Africa. We maintain the best of the relations with our client companies. All payment procedure is absolutely clean with the entire break-up of the services provided to all the clients. In the case of a selected candidate failing to join, we take the onus upon is and arrange for a speedy replacement. If a joined candidate leaves within 3 months, we will again arrange for a free fill up of the vacancy.

Alliance International has made a strong mark in South Africa. The candidates find the services of ours very satisfying as we make it possible to join a dream company of theirs by creating the most important link between the potential candidates and the leading firms in South Africa. We always have a pool of candidates who apply to us for a better job change.


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