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Hire Silverlight Developers

The world is shrinking due to excessive use of technology and every business is vying for the little internet space. There are millions of websites trying to gain the attention of their potential customers and striving for more and more visitors as it eventually leads to more business. But in such a crowded business space, it is essential to make a mark and stand out. For this, every company needs a classy and professional website with a lot of features and functionalities. Microsoft Silverlight is one such platform which is a cross-browser and cross-platform implementation of .NET that develops active interactive applications for the web. It is a fantastic platform for creating media-based and business-focused applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. Due to this, Silverlight developers are in huge demand, both on a domestic and international level. Business owners ask for Silverlight developer specially when they need a very interactive and feature-rich web application.

Hire A Certified And Experienced Silverlight Developers
Skill-sets of Silverlight developers:

  • Project Management
  • Mobile application development.
  • Multimedia Applications Development
  • Silverlight Control development
  • Survey application and interface development
  • Presentation Development
  • Resource and Event management solutions
  • Web Widgets development
  • Rich Internet Application(RIA) development

Technical expertise of a Silverlight developer includes:

  • Java
  • Dot net
  • Ajax
  • C++
  • WPF
  • HTML

Hire Silverlight Developers from Alliance International Recruitment Agency:
We are one of the finest recruitment companies in India that offer dedicated and qualified Silverlight developers for your diverse project needs. We are trusted by thousands of domestic and international clients and we offer systematic and value-added IT staffing services.

Reasons why you should choose Silverlight developers from Alliance Recruitment Agency:

  • We facilitate virtual Silverlight developers for your projects who provide customized business solutions to match your business type.
  • Our Yii developers are highly qualified and experienced and possess technical expertise that is expected from a Silverlight developer.
  • They have hands-on experience in multimedia application development, survey interface and application development, mobile application development, Silverlight control development, resource and event management solutions and so on.
  • Our Silverlight developers are proficient in integrating animation, vector graphics and multimedia. Use of Silverlight technology is required by businesses where there is a need for languages like Visual Basic, ASP.NET, C#, Ruby, and Python, etc.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has highly-qualified Silverlight professionals dealing with clients having cross-browsing and cross-operating system platforms.
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency offers you the best Silverlight consulting service highlighting the Application development life-cycle which primarily ensures the best quality result contributing to the business needs of the client.
  • Dedicated Silverlight developers normally work with only one client at a time in Alliance.
  • Silverlight developers are available to you by email, chat, Skype 24X7 to resolve your query and for effective communication to keep you updated with regards to your project.
  • A massive pool of talented and qualified Silverlight developers to manage domestic as well as off-shore clients
  • We offer best in class quality services in the market, at affordable rates. We have multiple hiring models to provide you, so that you can choose the most suitable one
  • Clients can conduct personal interview to select the desired team member
  • We have earned the trust of thousands of clients across the world
  • Easy hiring process which begins with understanding your project requirement, selection of the right candidate as per your need, finalizing a single candidate as well as we flexibility in making payment as per the hiring plan selected and starting the project

Contact Us today for utilizing the expertise and experience of our competent Silverlight Developers and see your project soar through the sky, at lesser cost and time.

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