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Global, Local Virtual Assistant Services in The USA, Canada, India, The UAE and Europe

As a Virtual Assistant Recruitment Firm, we help you find skilled, capable, certified professionals to serve as your virtual assistants.

Hire Virtual Assistants In New York, California, Illinois, Or Other US Cities. Hire a Virtual Assistant from India, the UAE, South Asia, The UK, or Canada! Find professionals with the technical skills, knowledge base, linguistic skills, experience levels, and industry exposureConnect With Us To Hire Qualified, Expert Virtual Assistants From Any Domain! you prefer.

Connect With Us To Hire Qualified, Expert Virtual Assistants From Any Domain!

Finding a virtual assistant is a very easy task, but have you always found competent virtual assistants who enable you to increase efficiency and productivity while being available at all times when there is a need?

You might need online virtual assistants or dedicated virtual assistants for any domain – sales, marketing, customer services, website support, blogging and content writing, accounting, social media management, or any other work. Finding professionals with the knowledge, training, certifications, experience, linguistic and soft skills becomes a huge challenge or too expensive unless you find the right virtual assistant recruitment agency.

Alliance Recruitment Agency helps organizations find and hire virtual assistants that are best-suited for their needs in terms of services quality, efficiency, budget, time-bound deliverables, and reliability.

Our virtual assistant recruiters use intelligent hiring models and approaches, fine-tuned over 11+ years of experience, that help you make your virtual assistant hiring an enriching experience.

You could be anywhere in the world, but if you are looking for virtual assistants offering services from locations that increase your benefits, working with a virtual assistant hiring agency like ours makes a huge difference. We help you hire a virtual assistant in the US, Canada, the UK, EU countries, India, the UAE, and South Asia. Our services make hiring and contract management easy, effective, fast, and reliable.

Let us know about your virtual assistant service needs and goals.

  • Are you seeking remote, work-at-home, or online virtual assistant services?
  • Are you planning to hire a virtual assistant for recurring work or ongoing projects?
  • Are you looking for a virtual assistant agency that offers a supervised work environment?
  • Are you looking for dedicated virtual assistants based at a virtual assistant agency?

Our agency helps you find virtual assistants and virtual assistant teams that match your business needs.

  • Task- and Time-Based Virtual Assistant Services
  • Project-Based Virtual Assistant Services
  • Contracting With The Right Virtual Assistant Services Provider
  • On-demand Virtual Assistant hiring (on a case-by-case need basis)
  • Building Cross-Border Virtual Assistant Teams

For talented virtual assistants, we are a source of inspiration and motivation. We offer information, insights, and guidance to well-trained and certified virtual assistant professionals. Association with us enriches the experience of employers and virtual assistant job seekers or virtual assistant companies.

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Finds You Virtual Assistants Who Deliver Outstanding Services – Our VA Recruiter USA, India, UK, And UAE Teams

We are not a company that offers you the services of a fixed staff. We are a recruitment agency with a presence in 25+ countries and have a huge talent pool network of virtual assistants across industry sectors. We help you find professionals or teams with any level of experience and expertise.

You might be looking for graduates in California with experience in financial analysis or post-graduate candidates in Europe who specialize in case study writing. You could be looking for experienced virtual personal assistants in India for your top management or virtual marketing and business development assistants in Dubai with knowledge of email marketing, CRM entries, and report generation.

Our Services Are Comprehensive And Targeted At Helping You Achieve The Outcomes You Specify.

  1. We have practice-area-focused groups of virtual assistant (VA) recruiters who quickly understand the business-specific requirements of your company and frame search processes accordingly.
  2. The extensive experience of our VA recruiters enables them to know quickly.
    • which candidates have the right aptitude for a given role
    • can fit into your business scenario, and
    • Have a track record that is more useful and relevant for your company.
  3. A wide network of talent pools enables us to quickly find the right virtual assistant talent.
  4. Our VA recruiters help employers improve their hiring models and approaches, making hiring easy to manage and outcome-oriented.
  5. Our capacities in virtual assistant recruitment help you streamline and optimize your virtual assistant hiring for different areas of specialties.
  6. Our experience covers companies of all sizes across diverse sectors.

Whether you seek to hire online virtual assistants, dedicated virtual assistant teams, virtual assistant companies, or professionals working from home, find the best options out there for your organization.

Contact us for virtual assistant hiring!

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Hire Virtual Assistants From Any Domains

You have your work tempo, your work culture, and your unique work management systems.

Will virtual assistants you hire be able to understand these practices and deliver on goals as promised?

There is usually no way of finding out.

But through our services, you can!

Our virtual assistant recruiters dig deeper into client business strengths and weaknesses and the track records of virtual assistant professionals to get key insights into traits and attributes that matter to you.

Alliance Recruitment Agency ensures that clients and virtual assistant job seekers are both satisfied with their business relationships. We conduct interviews, discussions, reference checks, etc., to find out details that are relevant and valuable for employers and virtual assistants with regards to seamless work management and performance.

We are not a virtual assistant agency that will overemphasize the skills of our professionals – we are your virtual assistant recruitment partner who works with you to enable you to hire outstanding talent.

What Are The Functions For Which You Need Virtual Assistants?

  • Virtual Assistants For Data Entry, Database Entries, Records Entry, etc.
  • Virtual Administrative Assistants – HR, Legal, Departmental, etc.
  • Virtual Personal Assistant, Virtual Secretarial Assistant, etc.
  • Virtual Executive Assistants – Top Leadership, Heads of Divisions, And Others
  • Virtual Sales Assistants – Sales Lead Generation, Order Book Updates, etc.
  • Virtual Marketing Assistants – Email Marketing, Market Research, etc.
  • Virtual Content Marketing Assistants – Blogging, Blog Management, White Paper Writing, Case Study Writing, etc.
  • Social Media Virtual Assistants – Scheduling, Writing, and Managing Posts, Profile Updates, Tracking and Replying To Comments and Queries, etc.
  • E-commerce Virtual Assistants – Customer Support, Customer Experience, etc.
  • Specialized Virtual Assistant Talent – Business Analysis, Marketing Intelligence, Graphic Design, Real Estate CAD, Accounting and Finance, etc.


What Are Your Virtual Assistant Talent Availability Needs?

  • Different Weekly Plans (Full-Time, Part-Time, Partial)
  • Monthly Plans
  • Hire-on-Demand Plans – Request-based, Project-based, etc.


What Are Your Requirements Based on Work Management?

  • Back-up support
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Monitoring and tracking system
  • Real-time video chat and messaging
  • Mobile app or Web-app-based service support

Other requirements…

Our company ensures that our clients are able to find virtual assistant professionals who understand your work culture and values.

Are you searching “virtual assistant companies in the U.S.” or “virtual assistant companies in India” or any other country?

Connect with us! We will help you find virtual assistant companies that meet your requirements perfectly right in terms of talent availability, costs, infrastructure, track records, and other factors.

How To Hire The Best-Suited Virtual Assistants or Virtual Assistant Teams?

Let Us Get in Touch For Virtual Assistant Hiring!

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a company with a network of talent resources worldwide. We are trusted by about 9,000 clients across the world for our talent acquisition and recruitment solutions.

Over 11+ years, we have gained deep knowledge of the talent and manpower needs of organizations of different types and industries. Our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, large organizations with global operations, global startups, SME businesses, not-for-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and others.

We have specialized teams for different geographies. Our US recruiters are connected with thousands of virtual assistants in different locations in the US. We also have a strong base in Canada, the UAE, the UK, and India.

These are some points worth noting about our agency.

  • Fast Search :With our market knowledge, active connections, and a wide presence in different professional communities, we are able to help employers find the best-match candidates for their virtual assistant positions.
  • Background-Checked Professionals: Our VA recruitment teams conduct thorough screening through documentation checks, background checks, and reference checks, etc., to ensure that your virtual assistant hiring risks are prevented.
  • Superior Talent Base: Our VA recruiters have access to local, national, and international talent pools of virtual assistant professionals with varied expert levels, excellent track records, and good client feedback.
  • Affordable Services: We make virtual assistant hiring cost-efficient in various ways. Our pricing packages are also quite reasonable and transparent
  • Outstanding Support: For every query you have or any difficulty you face, you will find fast responses from our team.
  • 24/7 Service Availability: You can reach out to us anytime and be assured of fast responses.

Hire virtual assistants through our agency!

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