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Executive Placement Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency is among the top executive placement firms, which has its operations spread over in India and overseas. We provide best executive placement services solutions to our clients and are dedicated towards leveraging their business potential to the maximum.

We specialize in Executive Placements, Search & Selection, Middle Management Hiring, Project Based Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. With vast knowledge in various domains, we have been able to successfully deliver executive placement services for all kinds of global and local business industry’s specific demands.

Executive placement agency

We are capable of fast delivery of our services, which has earned us the reputation of being an efficient and reliable global executive placement agency.
We are constantly improvising our quality of service through comprehensive research to reach target job seekers.

Executive Placement Firms – What we promise

  • To work in close coordination with our clients for their global top executive placement firms search requirements.
  • To deliver each and every assignment diligently and with integrity.
  • To provide value-added services during and after every assignment.
  • To adhere to the strict norms of the client’s work culture and their code of ethics.
  • To thoroughly check shortlisted candidates’ work portfolio.
  • To treat each and every candidate with respect.
  • To not poach candidates internally from one client to the other
  • Our Aim
    Our aim is to earn high degree of client satisfaction by delivering extraordinary services

    Industry Verticals
    We have good understanding of various industry domains and this has been reinforced by the appreciation we have received from our clients through the years. Our passion to provide premium executive placement services has enabled us to seek solutions for the most complex demands. Our creativity lies in providing our clients the right kind of workforce; people who are exactly the right fit.

    At present, we are offering specialized solutions to almost more than 15 industry sectors:

    • Automobile
    • Banking & Insurance
    • BPO & KPO
    • Consumer & Services
    • Education
    • Media & Advertising
    • Information Technology
    • Infrastructure
    • Power & Energy
    • Retailing
    • Telecommunication
    • Life Sciences & Healthcare
    • Manufacturing & Processes
    • Financial Services & Consulting
    • Hospitality

    Top Executive Placement Firms – Expert Service Types:

    A) Executive & Senior Management Search

    Our executive placement agency follow a systematic approach to identify and select qualified senior-level executives or professionals. Our recruitment experts are specialized in their core areas and hunt top level executives with desired skill sets. Our senior consultants take telephonic/F2F interview with candidates. We send detailed assessment sheet to candidates and conduct IQ & EQ test of each candidate.

    B) Turnkey Recruitment:

    Turnkey Recruitment refers to the thousand numbers of requirements from clients, especially for junior and middle management levels. It is useful for planning new projects, business expansion and enlarging team size.

    C) Special Head Hunting Assignments:

    Such type of recruitment is helpful in sourcing candidates for top positions. We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to make use of this method in an effective way.

    Our recruitment channels:

    We make use of multiple recruitment channels to reach to the right candidate. Examples of such channels are given below :

    A) Database search

    We maintain a large pool of database at our end. Our executive placements recruitment agency do an internal search of our database first, before utilizing other means of search.

    B) Head hunting & references

    We have a team of expert executive recruiters who are highly experienced & technically qualified in executive placements. They in turn do in depth study about their clients, their products, working process, technical aspects, competitors industries and so on and do headhunt candidates based on these criterias.

    C) Advertisements

    We release advertisement on various job portals, news papers & other sources. It is one of the most effective tool for hunting the right talent.

    D) Social Media

    Our executive placements recruitment agency also look for candidates on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and similar platforms.

    Our Search Methodology:

    We follow a step-by-step process when approaching a candidate for recruitment purpose as given below :

      • Assessment of client needs, business and culture
      • Planning Search Strategy ( Our Search Strategy is developed through a combination of database search, headhunting and selective media advertising)
      • Candidate identification
      • Preliminary evaluation
      • Benchmarking /shortlisting
      • Organizing Interviews
      • Facilitating in candidate selection(discussing offer package with candidates)
      • Conducting Referral checks
      • Follow up with Candidates/Client till candidate joins

      Thus our company is a one stop executive placements recruitment agency. Come tell us your requirement!