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An Opportunity To Take Alliance Recruitment Franchise In The Philippines

Are you willing to launch a recruitment franchise in the Philippines to make a mark in the dynamic world of recruitment? You can partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey. We are a leading recruitment agency offering the best staffing franchises in the Philippines that enable passionate individuals to thrive in the industry and earn significant revenues.

Know More About Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a reputed organization offering employment opportunities and filling the talent crunch for small and global organizations. Sunny Chawla & Pallavi Chawla laid the organization’s foundation, intending to help businesses grow and fill the resource requirements. In these 13 years, the organization has grown and become a globally known agency. Currently, Alliance Recruitment Agency is India’s leading HR Consultancy, with a team working globally. The company has ties with overseas industries and a large talent pool to recruit skilled manpower on time at a reasonable cost. Alliance Recruitment Agency is a part of AIS Group. The organization has placed around 15,000 Mid-Senior level professionals and served 1500+ clients worldwide. We have strong networks and offices in geographies like the USA, the UK, EU countries, South Asia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, etc.

Types Of Recruitment Franchise For Sale In The Philippines

  • UNIT Franchise Domestic (Work with Indian clients)
  • UNIT Franchise Global (Work with Global clients)

Support We Offer To Our Partners Who Take Recruitment Agency Franchise In The Philippines

Branding & Marketing Support

Alliance Recruitment Agency provides dedicated support in developing recruitment and marketing strategies, advertising materials, and brand guidelines. We also help you promote the brand and implement the best marketing strategies to achieve growth objectives.

Operational Support

Our organization provides operational support to the recruitment agency franchise in the Philippines. The support includes office setup, guidance on daily operation management like payroll processing, reporting formats, requirement & database management, and administrative tasks. We also share recruitment software for technology setup and back-office operations like centralized invoicing & collections.

Training & Onboarding Support

We provide training to support you in comprehending our business model, operations, and recruitment processes. The training covers major areas, including candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, client management, etc. We also offer support to help you learn the candidate onboarding process and its related formalities.

Help With Expanding The Candidate Database

We have an extensively maintained large candidate database. After owning our recruitment franchise in the Philippines, we will offer help for talent pool generation. Our strategies can help you expand your network, kickstart the recruitment process and enhance your ability to match the expectations of candidates and clients.

Business Development Support

Our organization guides you with crafting and implementing business development strategies. It includes tips on building long-term relationships with clients, expanding your client base, and identifying market opportunities. In some cases, we also assist with implementing growth-provoking practices for lead generation.

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

We offer ongoing support and mentorship for concluding operational processes. Through our mentorship programs, we provide access to a community of fellow franchisees to promote idea sharing, fostering collaboration, and potentially generating referral business. Our experts stay active 24/7 to help in time of need. You can contact them through various communication platforms, calls, and messages. They will assist you as soon as possible.

Performance Reviews

Our experts review your performance from time to time and help you improve your growth. The support involves regular communication, site visits, recruitment strategies reviewing, cost optimization, and provide assistance in troubleshooting challenges. Our experts are available to handhold you throughout the process. After investing in our recruitment franchise in the Philippines, you can expect to grow into manifolds within a few years.

Advantages Our Partners Get After Taking Recruitment Consultancy Franchise In The Philippines

Implement Successful Business Models

Over the years, with our experience, we have learned successful strategies to create a distinctive brand image. Our experts will provide training to help you successfully implement them. Through these business models, you can generate 2X to 5X revenues, tread the path of growth and success and match the pace with your competitors.

Build A Reputed Brand

You will be an official partner of the best recruitment franchise in the Philippines – Alliance Recruitment Agency. We are an established and reputed brand. You don’t need to invest in brand building, recognition, and marketing. You will be a known brand and automatically become a part of our national and marketing group program.

Earn Significant Revenues

You can earn a regular income through renewals and services and a higher return on investment. We will share the work once you take our best recruitment franchise in the Philippines. You can conduct interviews to fill these vacant positions. Apart from it, our franchise partners get access to strategies, techniques, and unique resources. You can use them to establish your company and acquire more clients.

Retain Your Clients

After taking our recruitment franchise in the Philippines, you can build long-term relationships with SMEs and industry leaders. Our strategies and reputed name will enable you to win big projects and outgrow the recruitment challenge. Clients will work with you for a long time.

Manage Your Finance Effectively

We offer back-end support and training for various tasks like candidate selection, budget estimation, negotiation, brand marketing, etc. We also teach you to manage finance effectively and expand the business over time with low investment.

Avoid Extra Expenses

After taking our employment agency franchise in the Philippines, you don’t have to invest in recruitment and sales tools. They are a part of our franchise model. You will also get the benefits of leads that Alliance Recruitment Agency marketing experts generate through promotional activities.

Adapt & Innovate

The staffing industry evolves rapidly, and we will help you embrace emerging trends and technologies, automation tools, and digital platforms to enhance growth. With our assistance, you can adapt to change with time and innovate new strategies that will become the backbone of your business.

Why Take A Recruitment Company Franchise In The Philippines & Become A Part Of Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best recruitment franchise in the Philippines. We are a renowned and trustworthy name in the staffing and recruitment industry. Over the years, our agency has built a reputation for delivering exceptional staffing solutions to help businesses tackle workforce shortages. By becoming a part of our franchise network, you can build creditability, gain clients and escalate growth. We have a wealth of experience, and our experts guide you through the work of setting up and running a staffing agency franchise in the Philippines. Our established name and brand reputation gives you a competitive advantage over other companies in the market. Clients and job seekers trust and favor Alliance Recruitment Agency more than others. As a franchisee, you can tap into our expanded network of clients and candidates, which can help you attract more clients and source qualified candidates for job placements. We have developed proven systems and learned growth-provoking strategies to keep the business running at its best pace. We will share our strategies, ideas, and workflow while providing a recruitment consultancy franchise in the Philippines. We provide dedicated support to our franchises for marketing and advertising the brand. It includes assistance with national and local marketing campaigns, branding materials, and digital marketing strategies. Our franchises can leverage the marketing resources to attract more clients and candidates effectively. We give access to advanced technology platforms that help streamline the recruitment process. These tools aid you in managing job posting, marketing, update tracking, data management, and candidate and client communication. You can also handle employee payrolls, salary, CTC estimation, and other administrative work. Alliance Recruitment Agency handholds you throughout the time. We offer guidance for job marketing, candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing and onboarding, client communication, and other recruitment-related tasks. Our experts provide knowledge and insights to make things easy for you. For these reasons, we are the best recruitment franchise in the Philippines for you to choose from.
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Q 1. Why should I invest in an employment agency franchise in the Philippines?

Ans. In the current commercial landscape, the demand for staffing services is significant. Moreover, businesses have realized the importance of a skilled workforce and are investing a huge part of their revenue in hiring experts. However, establishing a staffing agency in the Philippines is a tough job. Taking the best recruitment franchise in the Philippines can save you from the struggles of the establishment. You will get direct access to the client and candidate network that our company has built over the years.

Q 2. Why should I buy a low-cost recruitment franchise in the Philippines?

Ans. You will get numerous benefits after buying our low-cost recruitment franchise in the Philippines. It offers franchise opportunities within a limited budget. You have to deposit a small amount to become a partner. These modes require fewer resources and offer better gains. We will train you to execute these hiring processes under our brand name and earn significant revenue.

Q 3. Will you share the data of candidates as well?

Ans. We have a large talent pool and connections with skilled candidates. We have expanded networks and put the staffing franchise for sale in the Philippines and overseas for quite a long time. Our experts will share the date of the candidates according to your package price. However, it is subjected to various terms and conditions of the recruitment franchise for sale in the Philippines project. We will discuss these terms while signing the contract.

Q 4. How many positions can I expect in a month?

Ans. We have a wide network of clients as we have been putting the staffing franchise for sale in the Philippines and aligning them with our database. You can expect at least 8 to 10 positions in a month. We have an expanded client network and ties with multinational companies. They require a workforce frequently. We will update you accordingly and share more positions if you can fill them.

Q 5. Will I be able to build my network overseas as well?

Ans. After taking our staffing franchise in the Philippines, you can build a network overseas. Our business is not based in one location only but worldwide. We have expanded networks and enough resources to serve clients from different countries and regions. We will provide these resources and training to help you expand the business and client base.

Q 6. Which industries do you serve?

Ans. We do not follow such specifications. Alliance Recruitment Agency serves all industries across the world. After buying our staffing franchise in the Philippines, you will also get business from various industries. This diversity will benefit your company and improve its growth rapidly.

Q 7. How do you provide training?

Ans. Our recruitment company franchise in the Philippines conducts a 2-day training program in which our experts provide theory and practical sessions. These sessions cover important topics related to the recruitment process. It includes business development, network expansion, admin and recruitment operations, interview process, and administrative work of franchise business.

Q 8. What is your service fee?

Ans. Our service charges for recruitment begin from 8.33% of hired candidate’s Gross Annual CTC. The fees may go to 16.33% of the Gross Annual CTC, depending on the candidate’s position and gross package. Our client pays the amount after 30 days of the candidate joining.

Q 9. Can I charge less than 8.33%?

Ans. We do not prefer to lower our service fee. However, you can go individually and charge according to your preference. We do not hold our recruitment agency franchise in the Philippines from working individually.