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Alliance International is a global IT recruitment and IT staffing services provider offering industry-specific software and tech staffing services.

Hire locally or globally, recruit dedicated developers or project-based software teams, or find IT manpower for new product development without delays or any hassles. Our talent outreach covers millions of candidates in 30+ countries. Recognized for high-quality IT talent sourcing, we are among the best IT staffing agencies in the world.

We help you hire software architects, programmers, web developers, UX designers, and testing engineers, counting 100+ roles across software, app development, IT technical, data science, cybersecurity, and Cloud engineering domains.

Case Study

Alliance International has created thousands of success stories for clients. Through our excellence in IT staffing and IT recruitment services delivery, we enabled companies to grab lucrative opportunities.

Find out how we helped clients

  • Achieve impossible targets
  • Win new business deals
  • Launch complex operations
  • Find brilliant top leadership candidates
  • Significantly increase revenues

Have a look at our case studies.

Best-Fit Software Team Placements for a Large-Sized IT Company

CFO Hiring For Software Company Leading To Successful M&As, 100% YOY Revenue Growth

IT Staffing Services For IT Companies

Specialized Corporate IT Staffing Solutions Of
Our IT Recruitment Agency

Specialized Consultancy and IT Talent Solutions For Building Corporate Center of Excellence

Hire Business Intelligence Experts, Hire Business Process Analysts, Data Scientists and Analytics Team, Hire AI and Automation Engineers, Hire Business Process Automation Managers, and many other roles.

Specialized IT Staffing Services For Corporate IT Departments

Hire IT Directors, Hire Cyber Security Directors, Hire Solution Architects, Hire IT Network Engineers, Hire System Analysts, Hire Help Desk Teams, Hire Data Stewards, and many other roles.

Specialized IT Talent Solutions For New Operations Launch

Hire IT Directors, Managers, Engineers, And Technicians for new office launch, new manufacturing unit setup, or new retail unit setup.

Technologies Covered

microsoft sql server

Strengths of Our IT Staffing Service Partnership

50+ Years

Combine Experience




Countries Served


Promises Delivered


Top Level Positions

Highly streamlined and optimized process for IT Staffing

Virtual recruitment expertise -  reducing 50%-80% hiring time

Full hiring support capacities - identify, assess, screen, hire, and onboard

Vetted database - 1000000+ professionals, 100+ vendors in 30+ countries

Fast project scalability - expand teams at any time

High flexibility - expertise to meet changing client business needs

Affordable IT talent sourcing models - reducing 40%-70% hiring costs

Affordable IT talent sourcing models - reducing 40%-70% hiring costs

Affordable IT talent sourcing models - reducing 40%-70% hiring costs

How You Benefit From Our IT Staffing Services

40-70% cost savings
50%-70% time savings
High ROI
High Talent Quality
Fast Candidate Pool Generation
Speedy Replacement
Quick Project Launch
Increase in Scope of Solutions
Easy To Scale Up / Down
Outsource Securely
Fast Business Expansion
International Expansion Support
24/7 Support
100% Compliance
Diversity and Inclusion Support

Esteemed Customers


Video Testimonials

Video Testimonial - Gary Morris

We provide this international company with onshore and offshore manpower services at many global locations. Click to discover the outcomes!

Video Testimonial - Martin Albinson

Our services to this global company cover headhunting for top roles and recruitment across positions. Click to know about the client benefits.

Video Testimonial - Matthew Anderson

We provide RPO services to this company, enabling them to get high-caliber candidates for various roles. Click to discover the client experience.

How to get started

The fastest way to get fully-vetted, assessed, right-fit candidates for any role, in any numbers.

Specify core competencies, best-match traits, culture-fit aspects, duties, and business needs.

Find candidates who score high on all job-based tests and screening rounds.

We help you schedule interviews and extend job offers to selected candidates.

Get optimum support with onboarding new hires!

  • check-assesse Top 3.5% Talent Network
  • check-assesse 100+ High-in-demand Tech Skills
  • check-assesse 70% First Interview Selection Ratio
  • check-assesse 98% Job Acceptance Ratio
  • check-assesse 2X Employee Retention Rate

Find out what it takes to run a franchise recruitment agency.

Discover recruitment franchise options; send a formal business proposal.

Give us a few days to assess and respond.

Post approval, launch your business. Get marketing support for fast growth!

  • check-assesse Full-Fledged Training
  • check-assesse Marketing, Sales Support
  • check-assesse Excellent ROI
  • check-assesse Fast Growth

Investigate and discuss all talent acquisition and hiring challenges and bottlenecks

Discover RPO service models and concrete benefits; plan an RPO project.

Upon successful RPO project completion, formalise RPO partnership.

Measure your ROI and benefits through clear KPIs and metrics.

  • check-assesse 40%-60% Savings (HR Costs)
  • check-assesse 40%-65% Less Time To Hire
  • check-assesse Huge Improvements - Quality Per Hire
  • check-assesse Real-Time Visibility Into Hiring Metrics

Specify roles, expertise levels, project needs, ideal test scores, and all key details.

Find a shortlist of CVs and candidate details meeting all requirements.

Conduct interviews and select your ideal candidates.

Sign contracts and fix an orientation. Your augmented staff is ready to work.

  • check-assesse 97% Interview To Hire Rates
  • check-assesse Scale Up Anytime
  • check-assesse 40%-60% Cost Savings
  • check-assesse High-Quality Candidates

Why Partner With Our IT Staffing Agency

Our IT recruitment agency attracts a million software and tech job seekers worldwide from across domains and industry sectors in the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE and GCC Countries, Europe, Singapore, the Philippines, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Australia. Whether you are seeking an IT recruitment agency in India or an IT manpower consultancy for any other country, you will find a one-stop IT staffing solutions center in our company.

We have a wide network of IT recruiters and IT talent pools in India, giving you the benefits of a partnership with the best IT staffing companies in India through a single source of contact. If you are looking for an IT recruitment agency in India for offshore IT staffing, remote IT staffing, IT outsourcing, or IT business setup, we are your perfect partners.
We are considered the most trusted IT recruitment agency in India for thousands of companies worldwide. Our IT recruitment consultants ensure the desired outcomes in all hiring activities. They consider everything from costs, client pain points, and role-based skill needs and experience to culture-fit traits and other attributes that are critical for project success.

Our IT manpower consultancy has a global platform and access to specialized IT talent communities that serve as a huge talent attraction medium. With our franchise networks and partners, our company has built and nurtured enriched structured talent databases that can be easily data-mined.

Using machine learning and algorithmic techniques, our IT recruitment consultants can zero down on IT professionals fulfilling any given criteria of skills, certifications, experience, and traits. Our talent base retains a record of candidate strengths, competency levels, hard and soft skills, linguistic abilities, assessment scores, etc.

Through active and passive candidate engagement, our IT staffing company finds candidates within a very short period of time while ensuring that their certifications, track record, and skills best match your needs. We also help with managing digital assessments, video interviews, and virtual onboarding. Our IT recruitment consultants make every aspect of staffing and hiring beneficial for your company.

A global IT manpower consultancy and IT staffing service provider, we have the resources to source talent from the most strategic locations and reliable, affordable IT vendors that help clients in dramatically reducing hiring costs. This has a great positive impact on project costs and revenues.

Our IT staffing company is always open to help you achieve goals of diversity and inclusiveness in recruitment. Our hiring methods are data-driven and customized to integrate the hiring practices that you specify.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

IT staffing service cost depends on the expertise levels, technology skills, and location from where you hire talent. Our global resources and talent pools help us cut down staffing costs by up to 60%.

Yes, Alliance International offers IT project-based staffing services. We can fill any number of vacancies 10-100+ within a short time frame, thanks to our expert IT recruitment consultants and our talent pools in 30+ countries.

Yes, we have extensive experience and expertise in providing IT staff augmentation services in India. Hire developers, programmers, IT product designers, UX/UI designers, graphic artists, testing engineers, and any other role within days.

Yes, our IT recruitment agency in India has wide experience in international recruitment of Indian IT professionals and talent from 30 other countries. We also help you find expat Indian IT talent with ease.

We fill positions much faster than most IT companies worldwide. We are able to assure 50%-60% time savings while sourcing right-fit candidates.

Important Note for all candidates - Please note that we do not charge MONEY FROM CANDIDATES in return of job offers/interviews. For more information Click Here