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Real Estate Executive Search Firms

One of the key factors in the growth and development of a nation and its GDP is real estate industry. The entire industry is divided into three key categories: housing, commercial and retail. While the housing industry has overall lower contribution in the industry; the other two segments are witnessing rapid growth all over the world, due to the growing consumer and business requirements. Alliance Recruitment Agency provides real estate executive search facilities to various organizations across the world.

As a real estate executive search firms, Alliance Recruitment Agency has a large network of international recruiters who are committed to providing top-notch services to an ever-growing clientele featuring some of the largest real-estate organizations. With a proven track record for success and delivering utmost customer satisfaction, we are one of the leaders in real estate executive search firms across the globe. Our company has a global presence with offices in major locations including the United States, United Kingdom, the Middle East and India.

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, the recruiters are chosen for their ability to connect with the most sought-after professionals and industry leaders; well versed in the movement of the industry with hands-on experience in the same. With an established knowledge of the market and possessing links with key market leaders; the company has access to the best and brightest in the field. In addition, with superior profiling of industry segment experience, we provide the best individuals for the client’s requirement– be it housing, retail or commercial.

Executive Search Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is considered to be one of the most challenging industries to work in, for a variety of reasons which includes high net value of the offering and the ever-changing requirements of the consumers. For real estate organizations, possessing a high quality negotiator who understands the customer’s perspective has always been essential. Alliance Recruitment Agency is closely aware of the challenges faced by the industry and provides impeccable executive search real estate industry.

Executive Search Offerings

We provide a wide array of services for organizations to find the best talent for their specific requirements in various positions in the real estate industry.

1. Engineering Positions:

The real estate market has a constant requirement for top-notch engineers, especially structural engineers, site engineers and planning engineers. In addition, housing real estate organizations require the services of a specialized design engineer who can oversee the interior and exterior designs of apartments, condominiums and villas.

2. General Manager Positions:

The general manager is one of the key personnel in a real estate organization. He is in charge of sales, marketing and managing customer satisfaction. Alliance Recruitment Agency provides the best real estate virtual assistants for general managers, assistant general managers (AGMs) and deputy general manager (DGM) positions.

3. Business Development Managers:

The business development managers or BDMs focus on generating revenue through sales for the real estate organization. Alliance Recruitment Agency has direct access to some of the best BDM professionals across the world. These professionals are not only well versed in the industry, but also know the eccentricities of their respective markets and key consumer needs.

4. Civil Engineering Positions:

For any real estate project, one of the key personnel is a civil engineer who is responsible for the construction plan and ensuring that the project is in accordance with construction rules and regulations laid down by the municipal bodies. Alliance Recruitment Agency provides the best real estate executive search for civil engineers across the globe.

With the correction of the real estate market across the globe in the late 2000s; there has been an increase in demand for creative and forward-thinking personnel with the ability to take charge of the market and lead it to new heights. Many real estate companies across the world rely on our company to look for the best and the brightest in the industry to create a world-class executive team for their businesses. Let us build yours today!