Executive Search Recruitment

Every company has requirements of top level executives, who are crucial for a company’s growth and development. So the hiring of such professionals becomes all the more important as they are involved in key decision making in the company.

Companies are always looking for top executive search recruitment agencies, who can understand their requirement of hiring and deliver high quality of candidates.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is among the top executive search firms, having operations in India and abroad. We know the pressure every company goes through while trying to hire the right talent. Alliance Recruitment Agency offers the most validated search approach and has deep understanding of industry specific job roles.Our client relationships range from large corporate to medium sized companies and smaller companies; our business is equally split between Global and Indian companies You can surely depend on us for all your global executive search recruitment needs.

Global Executive Search

We have our branches spread all over the world and are counted among one of the best worldwide executive search firms. We can source talent locally as well as from any part of the world. We have a deep understanding of the international market and the diverse culture, pay packages challenges and other factors that come into play, while sourcing international candidates. We have developed a niche in international executive search recruitment since a long time now and have become a trusted name among our international clients.

International Executive Search India

We are among the best executive search India. At present, we are offering specialized solutions to more than 15 industry sectors.
We manage a very limited number of engagements and prefer retainer ones. Engagements are one to one and bespoke, and each client is provided with a dedicated consultant with deep industry knowledge and extensive networks. All our consultants have deep knowledge about the different recruitment verticals and are specialized in Global executive search and recruitment.

Our goals:

Ultimate Customer Experience

While offering services to the clients, our primary goal is customer satisfaction because for any business, success depends on its customer’s experience and for that, we try to adopt new methods and technology, so that we can offer something new and reliable to our clients. If they are not satisfied with the quality of our services, then they will not make any deal in the future.


We work as a business partner for our clients, to understand their business needs and to help them in every step of the recruitment process.


To fulfill our client’s expectations efficiently, we put all the possible efforts, and for that, we avoid making wrong promises to clients as well as to the candidates. We also prefer to establish clear communication between all the three parties including our company, clients and candidates.


Our international executive search recruiters are committed to delivering high quality services to both candidates and clients by appropriately understanding their needs.

Executive & Senior Management Search
We follow a systematic approach to identify and select qualified senior-level executives or professionals. Our executive search international recruitment experts are specialized in their core areas and hunt top level executives with desired skill sets. In the initial stages, our senior consultants take telephonic/F2F interviews of the candidates. We send a detailed assessment sheet to candidates and conduct an IQ & EQ test for each candidate. The filtered candidates are later sent to the client for further assessment. We continuously coordinate with the candidates and the clients during the entire recruitment process, till the position is filled.

Our executive search international handhold the candidate post hire process as well till the onboarding stage, giving him/her all relevant details regarding the client’s company culture and other details.

Partner with us today for all your Global executive search worldwide requirements. We are at your service anytime!