Best-Fit Software Team Placements for a Large-Sized IT Company

Best Fit Software Team Placements

Making Skilled Talent Acquisition Efficient


An IT sector company required 20+ web and mobile app developers with outstanding expertise and carried out tough technical screening comprising multiple assessments and interviews. Following the screening of 200+ resumes and 50-60 candidates over 5+ months, they could not select a single one.

The IT company came into contact with Alliance Recruitment Agency. Our IT recruitment services helped them fulfill various business goals. Here’s the case study.


The client company specialized in software development for websites, mobiles, and integrated online and offline platforms. The projects they developed and maintained included e-marketplaces, e-stores, data analytics, specialized social networks, SaaS platforms.

A global company offering software and technology solutions in many countries, the client was planning to create a stronger permanent workforce as part of its expansion goals.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • The recruitment objective was to expand manpower resources for the web and mobile applications division.
  • The client had 20 open positions that needed to be filled within three months.
  • The positions required specialized experience and skills in
    • ROR (Ruby on Rails) Framework
    • MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS) Technology Stack
    • ReactJS
  • Requirements included 4-5 or more years of experience and high levels of competencies in managing application development and website development projects.
  • The future hires would be working on fast-paced projects where quick-thinking and on-demand customization were pre-requisites.


  • Tough Technical Screening: The technical screening involved not just highly technical interviews but assessments such as mock project work and situational judgment technical tests.
  • Less Learning Curve: The company did not find it profitable to provide 2-3 months’ training and choose to select professionals who could start working on projects within 3-4 weeks from hiring.
  • The client was not able to find the right talent who could successfully clear all technical screening rounds despite 5+ months of talent search and interviews.

The Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency IT recruiters were successful in finding developers with the exact combination of skills, experience, expertise level, and problem-solving skills. Our candidates could successfully complete all technical assessments on time. The entire hiring process for 20 positions was completed in two months.

  • The IT recruitment consultant selected to manage the recruitment project had an outstanding track record in hiring for similar positions and roles.
  • Our IT recruitment consultant prepared a best-match candidate identification questionnaire which was filled by the client’s project manager.
  • Based on the inputs from questionnaires for different roles, we developed a custom talent profile per position.
  • Following a strategically done market research, we enhanced our talent profile and search parameters and criteria and leveraged advanced tools to mine our network of databases for candidates with the benchmark and best-match profiles.
  • The job postings on our websites also attracted hundreds of applicants.
  • From 500 active and passive candidates, we selected 60+ candidates and leveraged our own screening techniques to find out who fitted the position-based requirements in the best manner. 40 candidates were then selected.
  • 30 of the candidates chosen by us cleared all technical screening with good results and also scored well in interviews taken by the client’s project managers and divisional heads.
  • Candidate interest towards the employer decreased based on matters related to salary and benefits.
  • We analyzed candidate motivations and what could inspire them to retain roles for the long-term at our client company. Accordingly, we consulted with the client to agree on matters related to compensation, the monetary and non-monetary benefits package, etc.
  • Constant communication occurred between the employer and potential candidates, and our recruiters coordinated on time.
  • A revised term of offer and compensation packages was offered, and 20+ candidates were hired.
  • Our IT recruiters also offered services such as interview scheduling, background and professional reference checks, documentation checks, and administrative work related to candidate coordination and reporting on recruitment processes.

Outcomes for the Client:

  1. The recruitments could help the client confidently sign a few more project deals.
  2. The new hires were able to start with project work on time.
  3. The new recruits played a key role in making a success of several projects within five months of joining
  4. Some of the new hires became dedicated resources for key business accounts.
  5. Our recruitment solutions resulted in 20% cost savings and 60% comparative time savings.

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