How We Ensured Highly Specialized Technical Hiring for NDT and Ballistics Teams

Technical Hiring for NDT And Ballistics Teams

Sourcing Exceptional Talent Through Headhunting


An aerospace and defence sector company was finding it difficult to recruit NDT and Ballistic team technicians with advanced certifications and 3-5 years of experience. After 7-8 months of effort, they came into contact with Alliance Recruitment Agency. Our specialized headhunting services helped them achieve several important milestones. Here’s the case study.


The client company offered solutions for Aerospace and Defence. An international organization that offered specialized services for defence and aircraft, it had a strong team of NDT and Ballistics technicians and project managers.

The employer was planning to expand its capacities and create a stronger permanent workforce.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • The recruitment objective was to increase its resources for calibrating testing equipment, conducting material tests and providing reliable and detailed reports from their client sites.
  • The client had 10 open positions for
    • NDT Technicians
    • Ballistic Technicians
  • Requirements included 3-5 years’ experience and specialized NDT certification from the USA and the UK.
  • The certifications were essential criteria for hiring as the role-based duties required advanced knowledge of NDT and Ballistic technologies.


  • International Certifications: The certifications required for the roles were available only from a few centers in selected countries. The professionals who received such training and certifications were usually immediately placed.
  • The client found it too expensive to offer such training for 10+ positions. The positions could only be filled by technicians who had already acquired the certifications.
  • Specialized Experience: The roles also required highly specialized experience years following training.
  • The client was not able to fill the positions, which were open for 7-8 months.

The Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency combined its network resources, deep industry outreach and extensive research to recruit 10+ technicians within a few months.

  • We appointed an aerospace recruitment manager for the recruitment project.
  • The manager consulted with the client using our 360-degree approach to understanding client context and position-based requirements.
  • Based on inputs from the consultative approach, the manager selected a headhunter team of four members with specialized experience in technical recruitments for the industry.
  • We already understood that it would not be fruitful to follow the recruitment strategy the client had adopted, which involved inviting applicants through specialized media channels.
  • Our headhunter team tapped into our networks to understand the shortest route to finding such qualified manpower for NDT and Ballistics.
  • We forwarded the client a finely framed and detailed candidate profile questionnaire that would provide us with sufficient information to prepare detailed profiles covering the most minute details.
  • Our headhunters prepared a market and talent mapping plan that covered competitors from different countries.
  • We prepared our own talent profile per position based on our best-match candidate identification plan. The profiles were sent for approval from the client-side.
  • Our headhunters identified candidates, took time to understand their motivations and what could inspire them to make a move and consider the open positions at our client company. Accordingly, we consulted with the client to agree on matters related to compensation, the monetary and non-monetary benefits package, holidays, etc.
  • Based on our inputs, the client’s HR prepared an attractive job description and employer branding material that could be used to easily connect with the best-match candidates.
  • Our headhunters executed a carefully planned and timed candidate approach and engagement strategy, narrowing down on 30+ profiles of candidates from different global locations.
  • We received interest from around 20 candidates, and following a screening process, 17 were shortlisted and sent to the client.
  • Our headhunter team used their time-tested communication skills to break the ice between employers and potential employees and scheduled interviews.
  • Our headhunters also conducted background checks and documentation checks of the 15 candidates selected in the first round of interviews.
  • Constant communication occurred between the employer and potential candidates for a month, and our headhunters were always ready to coordinate for different recruitment processes.
  • We got a list of the final shortlisted candidates for the client, and our headhunters guided the selected future employees to successfully complete their hiring process.

Outcomes for the Client:

  1. The client was highly satisfied with their future hires.
  2. Timely hiring helped them win an important contract.
  3. The NDT and Ballistics technicians offered very positive feedback following a month of recruitment.
  4. Our recruitment solutions had cost the client 30% less than the recruitment investment made through other methods.

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