Three Ways To Make Staff Augmentation Work For Your Company

Three Ways To Make Staff Augmentation Work For Your Company

Staff Augmentation is an excellent choice when a company wants to expand its operations capacities, manpower strengths, and project delivery standards. Success of adopting staff augmentation models depends on a range of factors from your ability to identify the right partner and the insights to make it work. Find out how you could benefit from staff augmentation in a way that your business expansion plans could be implemented in an optimized manner.


Key Points

The staff augmentation model is a practice that involves meeting temporary staffing or manpower needs through a company offering you required manpower any time you require them.

Staff augmentation consulting firms are quickly becoming popular in the IT sector because of the flexible outsourcing strategy that helps IT companies meet talent demand for diverse projects as and when they come up. Offshore staff augmentation is preferred over offshore project outsourcing when an IT company wants complete control over project work and delivery.

The onshore or offshore staff augmentation has become very popular among software development companies, technology implementation services companies, automation solutions providers, and other segments where business expansion depends heavily on their ability to take up projects of different sizes at varied geographical locations.

Offshore staff augmentation has its own rundown of advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to individual HR managers and undertaking supervisors to decide if such a staffing model is the correct one for their particular requirements.

Opting for onshore or offshore staff augmentation helps companies to significantly reduce investment in technology and data infrastructure, talent acquisition and recruitment resources, corporate real estate, and business continuity risk management. The success of your staff augmentation depends on how competent, trustworthy, and expansive your service provider is, the staff augmentation firm that you have partnered with. It also correlates with how you make it work.

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Three Tips To Make Staff Augmentation Successful

1. Evaluate Your Expansion Goals and Temporary Manpower Needs And The Various Methods to Meet These Requirements

At the point when the company is thinking about expansion, the main thing is to figure out the various recruitment needs and how much you can invest in permanent roles and temporary roles with regards to meeting manpower needs.

While it is more or less easier to manage permanent recruitment needs, as these are based on the core skill sets and competencies that you would need across divisions or projects, identifying, meeting, and managing temporary manpower needs is always a challenge. With an expansive scope of staff growth models accessible to organizations, the first step is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of every game plan prior to choosing.

Staff augmentation is proven to work perfectly for project-based employment. You might need anyone from specialists to coders for projects, and with each project, the scope of manpower needs could vary. If you are predicting such scenarios, then going for IT staff augmentation consulting would give you a lot of advantages. It is worth it to consult with a competent IT staff augmentation firm that can manage your local, regional, or offshore staff augmentation needs.

2. Frame an Action Plan

To frame an action plan, you would need to evaluate your current staff to determine the existing deficiencies in terms of talent in the company. An in-depth analysis of the staff is essential in filling those talent gaps. There are a number of roles and positions that cannot be easily filled, while some kinds of projects and scenarios come with a lot of risks, like sudden closure or a decrease in demand for manpower, etc.

You need to study your client business and the emerging trends in solutions management and delivery before framing an action plan for staff augmentation. You also need to choose the type of staff augmentation process that will suit your business demands.

The types of staff augmentation techniques being used in various industries are :

Commodity-based augmentation

This is used when a company does not require any specific skill set but needs to hire reliable workers on a short-term basis for different projects. This type of staff augmentation is apt for roles that need basic skill sets.

Skill-based augmentation

This is done when companies are in need of specific skill sets that come with training and experience. This type of staff augmentation could also be suited for vacancies for skilled and experienced professionals that keep coming up for short-term projects.

Specialized skills-based augmentation

This type of staff augmentation is done when companies are in need of more advanced and refined skills that can be attained only through specialized knowledge and professional experience.

Following a thorough assessment of the staff augmentation model you plan to adopt, you could start with a trial run and see how things can be worked out for enhancing organizational efficiency.

3. Implement Appropriate Work and Result Monitoring Practices

Employees hired through IT staff augmentation staffing models also need to be monitored on various aspects, the ability to quickly learn, productivity, performance standards, ability to deliver on time, etc. The reporting and monitoring of such employees need to be managed through dynamic performance management systems that give you real-time or same-day updates and reports.

If you have a robust monitoring system in place that can help you analyze the impact on project deliverables, delivery standards, number of errors, customer satisfaction, etc., you can have a better understanding of how successfully your IT staff augmentation firm or service provider is meeting your requirements.

Measure Progress On a Timely Basis

It is one thing to adopt a staff augmentation model and manage diverse types and sizes of manpower needs at different levels and times, and another to make it work.

Tracking Progress Based on Goals and Metrics

Organizations should numerically and analytically determine whether the set goals have been achieved or not. The goals of the organizations should be publicized so that everyone in the company remains on the right track, and progress should be continuously measured to evaluate how near or far the team is from achieving the pre-decided targets.

Real-time Communication and Document Sharing

A communication standard for the employees of the organization should be established. Online tools like Google Meet or other platforms enable real-time communication, virtual meeting, and document sharing within teams. Project management software should also be deployed to track the on-going progress. Sharing progress reports with your IT staff augmentation firm is also essential to ensure that both in-house and augmented staff are abiding by the set grounds of communication and expected work dedication.

Transparent Work Management

For every phase of projects, find out if your hired staff is able to comprehend what is anticipated from them, under what cutoff time, and how each task undertaking will be estimated. Managers could make a strategic arrangement with tasks for all colleagues so every individual, in-house or not, can review what tasks should be done and when.

Agreeable Work Atmosphere

It is essential that managers give close consideration to the progress of all the members of the organization and offer required guidance, ensuring that the hired staff have equal access to all resources needed for work management. It is important that augmented staff feel welcome to talk about any issues or alternative techniques with the team leaders, as such practices cultivate a strong, agreeable work atmosphere.

Teams that set and track objectives are more bound to hit targets on time, which makes objective setting critical to performance standards achievement. It is significant that managers give the augmented staff all vital components to finish a task.

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Choose the Right IT Staff Augmentation Partner

Staff augmentation is believed to drastically improve product advancement. However, group leads should make certain that augmented staff are included in meetings, updates, and progress reports so they can know about the changes and share success with the group.

Staff augmentation is an amazing model that companies can utilize to build agility and respond smartly to meet the changing requirements of customers. It’s being utilized progressively across business segments in the IT industry. Staff augmentation consulting is being utilized progressively for varied horizontals, from R&D to customer service, product development to product implementation, and post-service maintenance.

But how do you go about finding your ideal partner for staff augmentation or for offshore staff augmentation?

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