4 Unusual Techniques to Find and Recruit the Top Talent

The critical building blocks in any company are its employees, and how successful the company is determined by the diverse talent pool it has been able to hire, nurture, groom and retain in its long journey of evolution. HR and HR recruitment agencies have to review their hiring strategies continuously to attract top talent and find innovative solutions to the problem. Here are four such Techniques.

Employee Referral Incentive Programme

  • Many companies in the process of depending entirely on Manpower staffing agency for cold calling prospective candidates often overlook that the vast pool of internal talents can be an ideal source of referrals.
  • Effective employee engagement initiatives by companies have not only helped in retaining top talents by keeping them motivated but have also assisted in pulling in their peers from competition or campus by word of mouth.
  • Employees tend to remain in touch with fellow professionals working in various organizations, throughout their career, not only to socialize but also to keep themselves updated on the current trends and opportunities in the job market. They can be the fastest and the most accurate source of information on the right candidate or the best talent available.
  • A rewarding incentive program supported by employee engagement initiative can give unexpected results in hiring top talents.

Communicate directly with the Dream candidate

  • The Top Talents are the most sought after in the job market and also the most protected by their current employers. The candidate you want is comfortably placed in his current job and is passive towards any change at that moment.
  • A competent manpower consultancy services company or HR can shortlist a list of ideal candidates after a thorough research on their career achievements and their social media profiles before reaching out to them directly through a direct mailer or even better a handwritten proposal for employment.
  • The idea is to let the candidate know how much you value his skills and experience. The direct approach can result in enticing the candidate to come out of his passive state of mind and take an active interest in your offer and organization.

Highlight yourself as a Career Destination

  • Top talents don’t look at salaries or perks as the sole motivation for switching jobs. Other factors like work culture, work life balance, entrepreneurial environment, career and learning opportunities are equally and sometimes more critical in influencing their decision to join an organization.
  • The traditional approach of advertising vacancies in job portals has become ineffective in addressing these requirements while attracting the top talents. Instead, a corporate video or podcast can be an out of the box way to highlight the entrepreneurial culture and opportunities within the organization to draw the attention of prospective employees as the ideal place of career destination.

Pickup Talents from Unlikely Places and Professional Meets

  • Finding the right talent in job fairs is proven to be fruitless as the top talents would hardly be present there being passive job seekers. However, a more practical approach would be to be a sponsor of events where like- minded professional meet to exchange ideas.
  • Even professional networking sites are more useful than the traditional job portals. Being a sponsor or a participant the company can highlight their organizational culture, career opportunities, and vacancies to prospective talents.
  • The time taken to reach out and identify potential candidates is lesser and more accurate than the traditional job site advertisements.
  • The initiatives can range from hosting group interactions or be a sponsor to a research paper to participating in professional community-centric activities can give access to a large pool of talents from where the ideal selection can be made with the least margin of error. It also helps in judging candidates communication skills, group behavior, their area of interest and intellect and if he is the best fit for the organization going forward.

In a highly competitive environment where both employees and employers are seeking out the best fit for themselves and the never quenching thirst of expansion, the ability of an organization to find the right talent and attract him to join is a daunting task and needs innovative approaches. The faster and smarter you are the chances of winning is higher.