5 Tips for Recruiting Talented IT specialists

Tips For Recruiting Talented IT Specialists

If you are an IT company and meeting constant talent needs is a big challenge for you, the chances are that there exist gaps in your hiring process or strategy. This blog contains five important tips which are generally overlooked by IT employers. The first step to an enhanced recruitment process is to identify the gaps and change your approach. Find out how you could compete with ease in the highly competitive IT industry.


IT companies thrive on their recruited talent, making recruitment a crucial part of every IT company’s success. Recruitment is not only one of the most time-consuming processes, but it comes with its own set of challenges too. The only constant factor in IT recruitment is the change in hiring trends and methods. IT recruiters need to explore new techniques and ways to address their talent needs.

Often while recruiting top-IT talent, demand always outweighs the available talent – there are more vacant positions in the industry than credible employees. Add to that the tough competition amongst IT companies to grab the most talented employees.

More and more tech professionals are switching to freelancing or remote working, creating a void for 9-5 employees. Also, start-ups, SMEs, or rising companies struggle to get noticed, completely overshadowed by their established counterparts. The overall monetary compensation of an IT specialist is rather high. Along with the additional cost of arranging the recruiting process, it takes a toll on an IT companies’ budget.

To overcome these challenges, collaborating with an IT recruitment agency is the easiest solution, but here are some tips every IT recruited must know to enhance their overall IT recruitment experience.

Five Tips to Make IT Specialist Hiring Easy, Quick, and Relevant

Increase Access to Different Talent Pools

Having access to huge, diverse talent pools is always an advantage when it comes to meeting the dynamic needs of talent acquisition. From where do you source your manpower? If you are dependent on 3-4 sources and largely depend on recruitment and placement portals and websites, your chances of forming brilliant teams of capable IT professionals is clouded with struggles.

Be open to a range of talent sourcing options. If your company offers specialized IT solutions for a niche market, you might not need professionals from across domains, but you might require specific talent very frequently. Your capacity to accept projects with different scope depends on your ability to scale up these projects with efficiency. It is worth finding out if an IT staff augmentation service provider might not solve a majority of your recruitment problems with ease.

In case your business growth and expansion depends on your ability to manage diverse projects for different domains, you need to have a strong talent pipeline for temporary and permanent roles. Partnering with agencies specialized in IT company recruitment for a wide range of domains and industry segments could solve almost all your manpower challenges.

Improve Abilities to Attract Specialized Tech Talent

If you are an IT sector company that needs to hire professionals with hot skills, niche talent, or highly specialized expertise, recruitment would seem like tricky, difficult mining endeavors. You might even be losing a number of projects which you could have undertaken if only you could have got experts for those 4-5 specialized roles. This is where your manpower or talent acquisition needs to be unusually strong and strategic.

Find out from where you could easily hire such talent on the go and scale up and down as per changes in workload and project volume. There might be outsourced service providers or offshore teams ready to offer services as dedicated consultants or resources for short-term and long-term talent needs. An established IT recruitment company could help you find the best-fit outsourcing service company that is reliable and has strong business continuity practices.

When it comes to retaining your permanent roles, there is a totally different factor to be considered – your workplace environment and work culture. Do you make your existing employees feel welcomed and valued for their efforts? Do you have a very objective, comprehensive performance management system?

Investing in your people, creating a system that fairly evaluates their contributions, and maintaining a flexible and employee-friendly atmosphere also plays an important role in employee satisfaction and retention. One of the key outcomes of such practices is you could maintain a loyal employee base, and your employees will become your brand ambassadors in recruitment. You could develop a strong referral network through your existing employees.

Find a Hiring Partner To Support Long- and Short-term Specialized Skills Requirement

If you are a high-volume recruiter with a placement goal of 30-100 candidates per month—all of which must be searched, identified, screened, evaluated, and moved through the hiring process, finding and hiring talent becomes an everyday challenge. On the one hand, your company needs to constantly increase and improve manpower sourcing and identification. On the other hand, you need to manage this large volume of recruitment without compromising the quality of candidates.

Just leveraging the counted resources at your disposal might not be giving you good hiring outcomes. On the contrary, poor quality hiring would be leading to an increasing attrition rate, which ultimately leads to increased hiring costs and workload.

Placing the entire responsibility of hiring on your HR would force you to constantly increase HR budgets without any significant change in the hiring outcome. This is where partnering with the right IT recruitment company makes a dramatic difference. You could search “top IT recruiters near me,” and find out what are the different types of recruitment solutions and services they are offering.

An IT company recruitment team or agency that offers comprehensive recruitment support is the one to go for. They will help you maintain a healthy talent pipeline through the use of expert strategies and approaches. They will not only source you talent within a minimum time, reducing hiring cycle time but also help you hire on the go, whatever be the number of manpower needed, irrespective of domain and specialized knowledge needs.

Instead of partnering with any company that responds to your search for “IT recruiters near me,” do a detailed assessment before you tie up with one. A competent IT company recruitment services agency will support diverse staffing and hiring models. Such a company will be totally capable of fulfilling short-term, long-term, project-based, offshore, inshore, and any other recruitment need.

Be Open to Remote Hiring

Remote hiring opens up a limitless talent pool for employers. It is also a convenient option for start-ups, SMEs, and big companies to find manpower on a hire-by-need basis. The difficulty is in finding the right remote teams inshore or from global locations. You could search for “remote IT recruiters near me.” Find out a company or an agency that has the capacity to find you reliable, competent, and brilliant remote teams.

Enhance Virtual Recruitment Capacities

It is one thing to hire remote teams and quite another to maintain a strong virtual workforce. If you are looking to hire virtual teams for permanent roles, you would need efficient virtual recruitment tools, techniques, and technology, as well as virtual team management systems.

Developing a centralized communication system and a good platform for collaboration can improve the experience of virtual teams and help you retain and grow such teams.

How Can You Transform Your Specialized Skill Hiring Process?

1. Invest in Relevant Interview Techniques

Interviewing is an oft-repeated and common part of any recruitment process. It is worth consulting with an IT company recruitment specialist to assess whether you have the relevant interview strategy, methods and management techniques.

For example, you would need an intelligent, outcome-oriented interview management system where the goals, target, methods and scoring criteria of every interview round is specific and enriched.

2. Identify and Use Digital Assessments

You could invest in your own digital recruitment assessments software and platform or partner with a specialist in IT company recruitment digital assessment. Specialists would have their own online and offline assessments for supporting technical interviews, technical tests, non-technical tests, etc. Recruiters can also create their own tests and incorporate them through the platform.

Having an efficient digital assessment system will help IT companies with large-scale recruitment needs manage a healthy talent pipeline with ease.

3. Do Not Take Reference and Background Checks Lightly

Reference and background checks are crucial factors of an employment process. They reveal a lot about a potential employee. Background checks save an employer from various risks – such as hiring candidates involved in fraudulent activities or with drug abuse problems, having fake certifications, etc. A number of companies have faced lawsuits or a corporate investigation in the absence of inefficient background checks while hiring.

4. Test Behavioural Traits

This may be a key factor to determine whether the candidate could adapt to the company’s work culture or not. Test the communication and collaboration skills of the candidate. The candidate’s reliability, time management skills, and accountability are as important to project success as their knowledge.

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