AI Recruitment

Empower Your Recruitment through our Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Assistance

Alliance Recruitment is among the limited companies that offers Artificial intelligence recruitment assistance to small and large businesses across sectors and global locations. We facilitate the organizations to make use of advanced recruitment technology power-driven by Artificial Intelligence. Our wide-ranging cloud-based platform helps you to manage as well as automate the whole recruitment procedure at your organization from the talented evaluation, engagement and identification back-to-back on a single platform.

We take pride in ourselves that many leading corporate, educational institutes and staffing firms rely on our services, which has enabled them to streamline and reinvent their complete talent gaining life cycle through immense intelligent workflows. Moreover, our technology resources successfully address the innumerable complexities faced by contemporary recruiters and provide solutions that are configurable and modular. We offer Artificial intelligence recruitment for almost all kinds of organizations ranging from the clients having only one recruiter to those having global recruitment teams.

Looking for an AI Recruitment Agency Services? Get access to the Best Talent through our AI recruiting solutions

AI is used to lighten the load of recruiters and also helps in finding the best candidate for their specific position and organization. This technology is usually designed for automating the recruiting procedure for repetitive and high volume tasks. We are one of the leading AI recruitment agencies. For superior talent acquisition using artificial intelligence and algorithmic profile matching and screening assistance, you can place your trust in Alliance Recruitment.

Moreover, we are highly appreciated by our clients for our innovative solutions, customer-first approach, and superior technology skills. We offer AI based recruitment and are devoted to ever-increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the field of recruitment. So, contact us for knowing the real-world cases of recruitments and insights into the prospect of recruitment. Depending on the core principles of Intelligence, Analytics and Automation, we offer a variety of hiring assistance that leads to enhanced hiring data management, reporting management, applicant tracking, employer branding, social recruiting, candidate engagement and assessment.

These eventually lead to gaining rich intellectual capital as part of your recruitment outcomes. Furthermore, through complex machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence technology, it is also possible to cut down on attrition and employee retention issues. Using AI is definitely a smart way to recruit. Alliance Recruitment Agency has a presence in various global locations, and especially in the USA, Canada, UAE, the UK, and India.

Use AI Recruiting Solutions that greatly Saves your Money and Time throughout the Recruitment Process

Our automated recruitment software solution has taken the recruitment process to the next level. Reach and find out more about the recognition we receive by our clients.

The AI recruiting solutions benefits are many, some key ones have been mentioned here:

  • Enable fast hiring: Considerably, recruiting AI talent reduces the time interval between hiring and offer approval through the automated talent acquisition AI.
  • Multi-level candidate assessment: AI recruitment procedure attracts the top best talent and efficiently does multi-level candidate assessment.
  • Reduce the cost of hiring : Eliminate repetitive and monotonous tasks through automated AI workflow and thus, it reduces the cost of AI hiring.
  • Single platform: Our entire recruitment process manages via a single platform that helps in liberating the HR staff to focus on some other tasks.
  • 100% efficient recruitment: AI based recruitment makes reports with analytics and infographics and streamlines the recruitment process very professionally.

Flawless Features of our Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Workflow

  • Automatically parses CV data virtually from an unstructured data source.
  • Dynamically matches the candidates as well as scores for every job specification.
  • Shortlist the candidates and then select using a single click.
  • Single dashboard view for internal and external candidates.
  • Job sharing options and social media registration are available.
  • For candidates, there is a full-featured application and search facility.
  • Built-in messaging facility for communicating with the candidates directly.