Best RPO Service Provider To Grow Your Business

Best RPO Service Provider To Grow Your Business

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business deal between two organizations, where a company gives authority to their recruitment management to their (RPO) service partner company.

RPO service company is responsible for handling the recruitment management (it may be full-time recruitment or project base recruitment). This recruitment management includes the hiring of the right candidates, applicant database, CV sourcing, and data generation related to the recruitment programs. A fruitful RPO program delivers right applicants, adaptability all the while, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why do Companies Choose recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) Solution?

Maximum ROI

This is one of the primary reasons for companies to choose RPO solution; it gives them maximum benefit. The complete result of RPO service is profitable from cost slicing to enlisting management. The financial speculation on RPO service turns out entirely gainful.


Seasonal requirements, urgent hiring, or projects based hiring. These things create a lot of pressure on any company management team. Companies can rapidly get themselves understaffed with these issues. It may be due to various expensive outcomes, an abundance of extra time, or low staff assurance. And a business can quickly come out of these problems hiring RPO service because RPO service provides scalability through full fill the needs of the company at the right time.


RPO suppliers routinely put resources to guarantee that candidates can succeed – from cutting edge VMS stages to information examination devices.

Cost Saving

One of the significant advantages of hiring RPO service is cost-effective. Because they have a team of experts, who helps you to get talented candidates according to the fluctuating needs of the company. They also fill requirements quickly, which is profitability and decreases the measure of HR assets spent on sourcing applicants.

Innovating Sourcing Strategy

With the RPO service model, you get recruiters who parse through countless applicants much quicker. Replace your internal recruiter through their technical recruiters.

Dedicated outsource recruiters

RPO service provider provides you a team of experienced recruiters to handle all the hiring processes. They screen candidates through multiple rounds and then make sure that the right candidate is hired for the seat.

Global outreach

An RPO service provider has a vast knowledge of market trends. They have sources with multiple territories, which helps them to find the right talent for your company. They have our method of marketing your vacant seat like a hot job post in the industry.

End to End

There is a high drop-out proportion of applicants after the acknowledgment of offers. RPO service providers can cure this, with streamlined correspondence between your association and the candidate. This guarantees successful and convenient candidate selections while at the same time keeping up-and-comer experience.

Competitive edge

With productive and exceptionally talented labor, it gets simpler to develop and grow exponentially. This gives you a competitive advantage in the market. If your group is serving clients superior to different groups in the market, your business will develop superior to other people.

Predictive analytics

By having data analysis, they have all record data of applicants. They use that data information to know the professional record of candidates. This helps to find the right candidate for your company.

How RPO Service Provider’s Team Works to Provide the Best Result with Talents Business is Looking for?

The working process of recruitment process outsourcing includes proven steps to provide the best service:

Complete analysis of positions

An RPO service company’s priority is to figure out the full detail of the required positions. They shortlist the candidates according to position requirements. During analysis, they check the work department, experience related to that field, the number of candidates required for that position, and the skill needed for the job position. After checking all these facts, the team approves the candidate profile for that position.

Candidate research

RPO core Team does research programs for the right candidates. In which team will check candidates’ work experience, salary insight, skill, and quality of the candidate according to position and their interest toward company profile. They make sure that the candidate is the right fit for the screen test process.

Screening of short-listed candidates

After that team will shortlist the candidates from the applicant pool that meet the requirement of the position. They screen their work assignment, aptitude score, verbal ability, teamwork, and competency. After going through all these processes, They choose candidates from the final merit list score.

Arranging interviews

After screening of candidates, the RPO team will arrange the interviews round for the candidates. The interview round consists of two phases. The experienced HR related to the same work department takes interviews of candidates. Placement head members take care of the whole interview process. Placement coordinator job is to ensure that every screened candidate gets the interview opportunity, and they keep an eye on the HR work process.

Checking references

The team will check all the references mentioned by the candidates. After verification of these references from that particular person. The team will check the position and experience of that person in the required field; after verification, they approve those references

Issuing job offers

After the interview results, shortlisted candidates get offer letters to their particular address. In job offers, the position, job role, job location, remuneration, benefits, and term policies related to the company are mentioned.

Acceptance and joining

After getting the acceptance letter from the candidates, We ask the company to assign them a joining date. Then the team will confirm their availability through this process. RPO team will submit all the final joining letters to the company.

This whole process of recruitment is managed by the RPO core recruitment team. The team ensures that every process has implemented rightly from candidate research to offer letters.

Below is the list of RPO services that you can hire as a business.


Start to finish RPO can be utilized in a solitary business division, a single market, or a worldwide endeavor. It includes all perpetual contracting services, just as innovation ventures. An end to end, RPO commonly offers the greatest cost investment funds and efficiencies for organizations and normally prompts more noteworthy customer fulfillment.

Project RPO

A project RPO arrangement permits an organization to employ a group of procurement experts to fill a particular need inside an assigned time span rapidly.This involves a quick selection of experts to hire candidates for a company over a specific project.

On-demand RPO

On-demand RPO is like request RPO, but this is for a temporary period.

This includes selection representatives to join your group for a brief period and locate the correct person for the empty positions. This allows companies to fulfill their vacant position quickly, but not profitable like the other two above RPO approach.

Why choose RPO services from Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the best among RPO service providers. We have partnered with more than 500 companies in the past for recruitment process outsourcing. Our RPO solutions reduce hiring cost, save hiring time, brings flexibility and scalability in the process, and deliver maximum return on investment.

Being a leading company in recruitment service, we have dedicated offshore recruiters who find the right candidate for your job positions. Our innovative sourcing strategy includes the latest technology with global outreach. Our RPO services drive end to end recruitment process from predictive analytics to sourcing, competitive edge over other companies, and qualitative candidate that fit organizational needs.


What kind of technology is used in the RPO service?

Technology is changing very fast in this modern era. Our Alliance Recruitment Agency involves the latest technical stuff for the screening of candidates such as automated candidate list verification, merit list calculation software, and talent analytics. Technology makes the RPO process accurate and time-efficient.

The technology systems include

  • ATS ( applicant tracking system)
  • CRM ( candidate relationship management)
  • Resourceful dedicated career sites
  • Network stage for applications