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Whether you are in need of a team or an individual, fully managed service, or just to fill a vacancy for your construction project, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency, one of the leading construction recruitment agencies Birmingham. We have been providing construction recruitment for over a decade and are well aware of the ins and outs of the industry and truly understand the importance of an efficient and effective workforce for a construction firm.

Our global presence along with the worldwide network of qualified and skilled personnel working with leading enterprises helps us to reach highly talented candidates for your recruitment needs. We are highly competent to take care of your international business objectives as well. When you choose us as a construction recruitment agency in Birmingham we assure you that you will be delivering your next construction project in time with the right staff we will recruit for you. So whether you are constructing a tower, shopping complex or a corporate building rely on Alliance Recruitment Agency for your next hire.

Best Construction Recruitment Agency in Birmingham

Today construction projects are going on every site and this makes the role of construction recruitment agencies in Birmingham and the UK vital to provide the best manpower resources to construction firms. As a leading construction recruitment agency in Birmingham we lead the competition too and work day in and out and try our best in each sphere of our services. Leveraging our experience in construction hiring, we develop applications and tools that speed up searching, filtering, sorting and shortlisting processes. For example, when a team of engineers, drafters, project managers or other construction professionals are required for a hospital redevelopment work, we use our data mining capacities to identify and list candidates with the right background, certifications, technical skills and linguistic abilities for a region.

We provide construction recruitment solutions to meet diverse needs including but not limited to Construction Managers, Contract Managers, Design Managers, HVAC Project Manager, Site Manager, junior and senior engineers, among others.

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When you assign us a job, we put ourselves in your shoes and start our search to recruit the highest caliber candidate for your business.

Our multi-structured technology-driven recruitment process includes the following steps:

  • Comprehensive Approach: Our consultant makes a detailed needs analysis of your construction firm hiring requirements. We note down the skill, experience and the responsibility, etc. you are expecting from a candidate. Comprehensive job descriptions are prepared by our experts and we craft a customized recruitment model as per your requirement.
  • Search: We start our search for a potential candidate, leveraging our enriched centralized database and various leading online resources that provide a diverse range of candidates. Our seamless networking across the globe in an industry also helps in contacting passive candidates. A pool of qualified candidates is built thereafter.
  • Shortlist and Screening: Our experts thoroughly go through different CVs and also use evaluation tools before shortlisting, and then screens each one on the basis of skills, experience and social attributes.
  • Interview and Final Selection: The first round of interview is conducted by our experts having prior work experience in the construction industry and only 3-5 candidates are referred to the client for final selection. We conduct a reference and background check of the final selected candidate(s). We also ensure the smooth onboarding of candidates and our team remains in contact with candidates for the first 90 working days.

What makes us the best?

We take pride in our construction recruitment Birmingham team for the long lasting relations they have made with various construction firms through the excellent quality of their services. We believe that the unsurpassable dedication to the quality of our expert team and our mission to provide the best recruitment and staffing solutions have made us what we are today.

If you are looking for construction recruitment solutions, we look forward to working with you. Call or email Alliance Recruitment Agency for your next hire. Our incredible team is glad to help you and will not leave your side until you are satisfied.

If you are a skilled candidate and seeking a job in this competitive industry in Birmingham or any other corner of the world, register with Alliance Recruitment Agency and benefit from the vast array of diverse opportunities available for you. Our expert team is highly competent to match you with the best opportunity.