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Founded in 2010, Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the premier executive search firms, specializing in the recruitment of country managers for organizations at all stages of growth and development. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are more than just a team of expert executive recruiters. We are thought leaders that are well aware of the leadership challenges faced by employers, especially in the context of multinational corporations. That is why we are here to offer you exceptional country manager hiring solutions, that can get you the ideal business leadership that can handle all your international operations.

Alliance – Connecting you to the Executive Talent you Deserve

Our purpose is to help our client organizations develop and achieve their business targets by connecting them with the top executive talent in their industry, who are capable of handling their business operations in a foreign country or a specific region. Many of our clients consider us as “dedicated problem solvers” as we always connect them with the best executive talent and business leaders when it is a much-needed requirement of their organization. Alliance is here to help at all times.

Alliance Recruiters – Helping Companies Grow, since 2010

As a leading country manager employment agency, we advance careers by contributing our experience and competence into the executive staffing industry. Through active networking and building trust with a wide pool of senior executive professionals, we have the formula to connect you with the ideal candidates that can fill in your country manager vacancies. The candidates that we deliver have been fully vetted against your skill, qualification and experience requirements to ensure that it will be a perfect match for the position and organization.

Partner with the Expert Country Manager Employment Firm

If you are looking to hire a country manager for your company, trust none other than our experts at Alliance Recruitment Agency. We are dedicated to connecting you with the best leadership that you deserve.

Country Managers – Hire The Best Candidates

No organization wants to go through expensive failed executive appointments, especially when related to a key position such as a country manager. If you are looking for recruitment assistance for roles such as a country manager, hire the best through our services.

Defining The Position

Our recruitment consultants work closely with your hiring managers and other key stakeholders to get a clear idea of your hiring needs by conducting a deep study on the nature of the country manager position and the overall culture of your organization. This will allow us to determine the technical competences and the personality traits of the ideal candidate.

Development of a Recruitment Plan

No position or organization is the same – therefore our teams will put together a unique recruitment plan, designed exclusively for your country manager appointment. We will lay out strategies on candidate sourcing, screening and interviewing, that will allow us to identify, attract and deliver the right candidate for your open position.

Candidate Sourcing

Our strategic alliances and strong relationships with vast networks of senior executive professionals, operating across various industries and sectors enable us to attract the top candidates of your industry. Our use of social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook allows us to find candidates that match your skill, qualification and experience specifics.

Interview, Screen and Finalize

We will conduct extensive interview sessions and screening processes to ensure that the selected candidates possess the technical competences as well as the personality traits, that match the requirements of the position. Finally, we will provide a small group of the top candidates, where you can decide who will be filling in the open country manager position.

The Country Manager Employment Agency You Can Count On

Alliance country manager employment teams have a broad range of critical duties and responsibilities. Therefore we evaluate the following operations from all candidates to assess whether they can handle your position effectively.

Management of an Entire Country/Region

The candidates considered for this position should be capable of managing operations, developing business and increasing overall profitability in an assigned region/country. Therefore we assess the ability of the candidates to manage all operations in a specific region, from growing profits, revenue, cash flow and achieving quality targets.

Knowledge of Budgeting and Business Plans

A key part of the role of a country manager will be to agree on annual budgets and produce detailed business plans. Our recruitment consultants evaluate whether the candidates possess the necessary technical competencies to understand and agree to a budget and produce business performance reports on an annual or quarterly basis.

Talent Recruitment and Management

A country manager will definitely have to be engaged in the process of recruiting and managing staff. As part of our rigorous candidate vetting process, we will assess the ability of the candidates to manage a large workforce including recruitment of new employees, performance monitoring and reviewing and mentoring and training.

Managing Client Relationships

Managing client relationships and interacting with clients is a big part of a country manager’s job. Therefore it is an essential element of our process to evaluate the skills of effective communication of each and every candidate

Alliance Recruitment Agency Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Country Manager Candidates

To effectively handle the role of a country manager, a candidate should possess a standard set of qualifications and skills. We can guarantee that the executive candidates that we deliver have the right expertise to fill in your country manager vacancies.

A Degree or Equivalent Qualification

We deliver candidates only with a degree or an equivalent qualification, mainly related to finance as the country manager job requires a solid understanding of budgeting and financial planning to agree to annual budgets and to produce financial and business performance reports on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis.

Possess General Business Sense

A candidate considered for the position of a country manager should possess strong business skills and have an understanding of how a general business operates. We will always make sure to assess whether the candidates hold a proven track record of exceptional business acumen through extensive evaluation, profiling and referencing.

Industry Expert

A country manager should have an in-depth knowledge of his/her industry and a clear idea of the products and services that your organization delivers. We will evaluate the candidates’ familiarity and knowledge of your operations and sector.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Companies are continuously looking for dynamic talent to place in key positions of their organizations and we are here to deliver them with the best. Leading multinational corporations and global companies throughout the world continually come to Alliance Recruitment Agency as they have no doubt that we will always identify and deliver them the ideal business leadership of their mind

Commitment to Excellence

The secret to our success is our commitment to excellence. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our executive recruitment consultants and professional headhunters are always focused on providing you with the right candidates that match your technical as well as personality requirements. At Alliance, we will never rest until we get you the candidate of your mind

Access to Vast Networks of Professionals

As an executive search firms who has been in the industry since 2010, we have built strong relationships with vast networks of senior executive professionals, operating across various industries, sectors and domains. This enables us to attract the candidates that match any of your skills, qualification and experience requirements.

Leading Executive Recruitment Agency

As a leading executive recruitment agency, we are dedicated to serving the country manager staffing needs of our client organizations. We guarantee that each and every candidate that we deliver has been rigorously vetted against your requirements and specifics and will be a perfect match for the position as well as your organization.