Driver For Hire

Driver For Hire

Drivers are in constant demand ever since the online cab booking business has picked up pace. Many online cab booking and offline tourism firms are looking for a driver for hire. Searching for drivers is not as easy as it seems because the firms can’t take out enough time out of their busy schedule to assess the capabilities of the jobseekers.

Moreover, the requirements of various firms vary in terms of driver’s recruitment based on their need and operation. Transportation firms look for a heavy commercial vehicle driver, the tourism industry looks for a cab driver, the hospitality industry calls for personal drivers, and so on.

Hence, to hire the perfect driver for a particular job, a dedicated agency in face of recruitment companies are required to rope in their expertise. These recruitment companies/agencies with an extensive database of different kinds of drivers for hire, pick out the best in sync with the roles and responsibility of the requirement floated by the firms.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers client-centric and cost-effective worldwide travel staffing solutions to its clients in a comprehensive, dedicated and time-bound manner. A comprehensive database of commercial, personal, and professional drivers from pan-India and abroad helps us in serving the needs of our domestic and International clients seeking a driver for hire.

Hire Drivers – Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International has placed a good number of drivers as per the need and requirements of the client. We offer the best solutions to meet all your “driver for hire” requirements while assuring a nominal charge of service delivery.

You can expect the following benefits when you choose Alliance as your recruitment agency:

  • Medical and skill test of the potential candidate
  • A thorough analysis of candidate’s background
  • Assistance to select candidates in terms of license renewal
  • No cost to be paid by the job seeker
  • 24 x 7 working on solution processing
  • Regular updates in regards to the progress in the recruitment process
  • Experience of serving firms across the globe

Seeking a Driver for Hire? Here’s how we help you

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been helping businesses to meet a range of driver-based recruitment needs. Our clients include hotels, resorts, hospitals, logistics firms, transportation firms, cab agencies, corporate offices, and multinational companies. Finding a driver for hire is not as simple as connecting with a driver database and selecting a few candidates, not when you need certified, reliable, and skilled drivers who can speak the language you prefer.

Connect with us and find skilled drivers with the competencies and licenses you need.

  • Send a Service Request

    You can send us a driver for hire service request through an email, a telephone call, our online messaging system, or form. Our customer support will reach out to you very quickly, and a recruiter will contact you. You can discuss your requirements through a free, no-obligation consultation. Our pricing is very competitive and transparent, with no hidden fees or commissions.

  • Search and Connect

    A recruiter is assigned your “driver for hire” project. Based on whether you need permanent drivers on a salaried or contractual basis, or to fill a temporary position, and the various specifications for the type of license, work permits, previous records and recommendations, language and linguistic abilities, etc. we frame our search. A network of connections and a robust database built over ten years help us find suitable driver profiles within a short time.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Our “driver for hire” recruitment teams are dedicated professionals, committed to delivering high standards in carrying out your hiring needs. From the first point of contact, when we understand your requirements, to the shortlisting of candidates, every process is carried out in an efficient manner. The candidates we source are ones who meet all your specifications.

  • Documentation and Background Checks

    When you are looking for a driver for hire, and the candidate needs to have strong communication skills in a particular language, a large number of candidates might not be from the location you are based in. In such cases, the documentation process gets longer as there is quite some paperwork to check. Also, background checks, in general, are the best way to ensure the reliability of candidates from multiple perspectives. Our recruiters manage all these needs brilliantly.

  • Consulting and Advisory

    We have helped numerous businesses worldwide frame efficient driver hiring processes and get access to talent pools that help them fulfill all their “driver for hire” needs on time.

  • If you are a qualified driver looking for a job, register as a job seeker or put forward your requirements.