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Education Recruitment Consultant

All leading educational institutions need the services of a good teacher recruitment agency to get quality teachers. At Alliance International, we are providing assistance to educational institutions for their needs in educational recruitment. You have to search for a dependable education recruitment consultant. Getting a proper education recruitment agency often poses a problem. This is an area where not many reliable teacher recruitment agencies exist. We will give you the options of recruiting some of the best talents as teachers in your schools. It often happens that schools look for good teachers, but the Recruitment in Education is a tough challenge as most of the candidates that are available abundantly do not meet the standards as desired for. We are offering the global services for our customers.

Teacher Recruitment Agency

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Our teachers play a vital role in our lives. You can just remember the days when you were at school and how the teachers brought you up. They are the persons who instill the values in our lives. They are the persons who teach you the principles which you need to follow for the rest of your lives. You simply cannot deny the effect that these teachers have had in your lives even after you have left your school days far behind. So the teachers have to be essentially persons of an exemplary personality with a high system of values.

A responsible task to perform

A teacher recruitment process is a more sensitive issue as compared to the vacancy fill up of any other position in any other type of job. This job is a job of fulfilling moral responsibilities. A teacher shapes up the characters of the future citizens of our country. The education that they impart them today will be the deciding factor on what type of person they will turn out to be when they grow up. So being a teacher is not just another profession. It is the fulfillment of a social responsibility.

At Alliance International, a noted educational recruitment agency, we do this job of selecting the right persons as teachers for shaping up our future society. Selecting a quality is tougher than selecting employees of other industries. Teachers have a greater role and responsibility to the society. How a teacher shapes up the students today will have an impact on the society of the future.

Our Experience in Educational Recruitment Industry

Alliance International is discharging its Education recruitment services for a considerably long period. Being in the education sector for a long time, we have had the opportunity to earn rich experiences in this field. We have been working closely with a large number of schools. These schools are very much different from each other considering the diverse sectors in the Boards, mediums, and the locations. Our experience has taught us to judge the requirement of each school differently. We have made a mark with a personalized approach to each of the schools as our clients. This unique approach of ours has made us a reliable agency for many schools in our country.

Making the right choice for the candidate – Opt for right Recruitment in Education

Whenever a school approaches us with the need to fill up a vacancy at their school, we try to go to a personal level and interact with the school authorities to understand the exact requirements so that we do not make a mistake in sourcing the right candidate for the role. We are quite aware that the job we are doing may have long-term impacts. The candidates that we will be supplying will remain responsible for the shaping up the characters of our children. Apart from our profession, it becomes our ethical responsibility for getting the most suitable persons who would have a passion for teaching and love for children.

Our experienced recruiter’s team can meet your needs

We are handling the sourcing of teachers at all levels in schools. It may be the nursery classes, the elementary, secondary and the senior secondary schools. We have a team of recruitment specialists who have the required knowledge and the skill set for choosing the right candidate for the vacancy as notified by a particular school. There are requirements of teacher for a permanent role or may be for short term duration. The dedicated team for the education sector has a wide experience in sourcing candidates for diverse classes of schools. We are absolutely committed to searching and sourcing the best available talents for your school.

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How can we help out the teachers

There are many teachers who approach us for a placement. We offer the following services to the teachers who look for a suitable job through our services.

  • We offer both permanent and temporary teaching services which you are free to choose from.
  • There are both options of a contract or a permanent job. There is no charge to be borne by you if you get placed through our services. We take the charges from the recruiter.
  • To avail our services, you need to register yourself with us. The registration process is absolutely free and quite simple. You can either register online or by visiting us in person. We are also there to help you out during the registration.
  • We will do the job of CV preparation for you. Many people are not very good at CV preparations. We have expert CV writers who will either brush up or rewrite your CV. This will make the presentability of your CV better for the recruiter.
  • Once you register with us and receive a call for an interview, we take the responsibility to prepare you for the interview process. There are certain industry norms that you have to be aware of. We will take part of the grooming process.
  • The rates of pay for the services we facilitate for you are all competitive ones.
  • We are dealing in expat teaching recruitment services also.
  • Our services are available for you all round the clock.


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