Everything You Need to Know About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Are you among the skeptics who doubt recruitment process outsourcing or RPO? Do you feel it is just another outsourcing trend about cost-cutting goals?

Here is a blog that gives you the facts.

Yes, RPO has become a common activity for most big organizations, Fortune 500 companies, global businesses, and startups. It is in the SME and mid-size business sectors where more RPO skeptics are found, as far as our experience goes. We have worked with over 10,000 companies, and that does make our experience significant, if not hugely massive.

Your skepticism about RPO and RPO companies is not altogether unreasonable, but the misconceptions could be removed. Let us get into what is recruitment process outsourcing and its benefits.

For those contemplating RPO, find out all about RPO and what benefits partnering with a top RPO company offers.

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What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The word outsourcing simply means sourcing out an activity, operation, function, or task. You have a small firm, but you source out work related to accounting, financial reporting, or tax management unless you need to hire a full-time employee.

In the same way, organizations that need to hire 100-300 people every year find it difficult to find talent through in-house recruiters who depend on employment websites, general recruitment marketing, and campus placements only.

RPO companies, on the other hand, are approached by millions of graduates and experienced professionals. They solve all kinds of recruitment challenges experienced by their client companies of different sizes and sectors. The level of expertise, talent access, and recruitment technologies that these agencies have to enable them to search, track, interact with, screen, and source the right-fit candidates for a position.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, is a strategic way of managing recruitment to overcome challenges of talent gaps, skill gaps, and unavailability of resources for specific projects and initiatives.

When and how can you leverage RPO for business growth?

Finding people for digtialized business services, Cloud network management, app development, digitalized engineering processes, digitalized manufacturing and supply chain processes, new business processes, AI and data analytics, and other fields has become a challenge that very few in-house departments are able to overcome but RPO companies are doing it quite efficiently.

As businesses become global, there is a continual need for finding remote teams, building offshore offices, and developing cross-border teams. An organization’s investment in recruitment will keep on increasing to meet manpower needs, but it might not result in good human capital investment.

This is where RPO companies and their services make a huge difference. With the help of RPO recruiters, your company can fill positions with the right talent while ensuring fair and compliant processes and less time to hire and cost per hire.

When is partnering with RPO companies a necessity?

The huge momentum in talent mobility has changed the way people with specific talents can be found.

Your company in the EU might easily find IT experts in Scotland compared to northern France. Your hospital in the US will be able to fill all doctor and nurse positions on time by sourcing talent from global locations – Canada, the UK, Australia, and India – compared to Montana or Ohio. Your UAE business unit can quickly hire French-speaking business process analysts or web developers in Mumbai, compared to Marseille.

RPO companies or recruitment outsourcing companies are the hubs where active and passive job seekers, trained and certified personnel, highly skilled and experienced professionals, remote workers, and other talent reach out to.

Competent recruitment outsourcing companies gather extensive talent access across geographies over the years and become experts in fast-paced recruitment, tech-enabled recruitment, hard-to-find talent acquisitions, and large volume recruitments for specific sectors.

Specific Benefits That Can Only Be Had Through RPO – Based on Feedback Gathered By a Top RPO Company

Recruitment outsourcing companies enable you to find people for any long-term or short-term function, task, project, or program speedily and more efficiently than in-house recruiters who have a fraction of the resources and expertise.

Successful employer brands often seek a top RPO company to enrich their human capital base. With the support of a resourceful RPO partner, they are able to tap into talent pools and find eligible, high-performing candidates for positions that take a long time to fill without any assurance of good talent acquisition.

Some key benefits worth noting down:

Recruiters With Industry Expertise

A top RPO company will provide you with the services of RPO recruiters who have enabled thousands of technical and general placements in the industry sector.

Higher Right-Fit Candidate Hiring Outcomes

A top RPO company has talent databases covering millions of professionals and access to niche external talent pools. They have expertise in tech- and insight-driven techniques to locate, identify, attract, and source the right-fit candidates.

Geo-Specific, Vast, Diverse, Screened Talent Pools

If you need to hire people from different global locations to fill positions in your cross-border teams or offshore teams, RPO is the ideal option.

Compliant International and Offshore Talent Sourcing

Hiring in-house recruiters at global locations might not make much business sense. Hiring expert RPO recruiters specialized in 100% compliant recruitment services for particular geographies gives huge business benefits.

Between 30-70% Reduction in Time To Hire

Partnering with a top RPO company enables up to a 70% reduction in the time to fill positions, as they can find best-suited talent within hours/days/weeks.

Significant Cost Savings (20%-60%)

You can easily cut down on the investment in the recruitment infrastructure and technology upgrades, the man-hours spent on talent acquisition, backfilling rates, and other cost-intensive recruitment tasks.

Connect With Great Talents


Recruitment process outsourcing allows companies to reform and optimize the recruitment processes that were not very productive or outcome-oriented but dipping deeper into your budget. You can always consider RPO when finding the right manpower for any position or division is creating more losses than benefits.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global recruitment services company. Over 12+ years, we have completed around 20,000 recruitment projects for over 12,000 clients. We are among the few global RPO companies that offer manpower services to organizations across 50+ industry segments in 30+ countries.

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