Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency

Executive Assistant Recruitment Agency

A good executive assistant is the rock every manager and senior executive depend on for all their administrative activities from calendar scheduling and writing expense reports to handling travel arrangements. They also act as a liaison between a top executive and the rest of the company. Having a highly skilled executive assistant enables you to focus 100% on your profitable pursuits, while your EA handles all the administrative tasks for you. Here at Alliance Recruitment Agency, we recruit only the best executive assistant candidates who are truly qualified and capable of increasing productivity through the right administrative support.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been providing executive assistant staffing services since our start in 2010. We have successfully filled quite a few executive assistant positions in various leading corporations, brand new startups and not-for-profit organizations throughout the world. We have placed executive assistant candidates at organizations in India, the UAE and other countries in the Middle East, the UK and severa EU countries, and the U.S. If you are interested in hiring an executive assistant, we are a leading executive and administrative assistant recruitment agency that can find the perfect candidate for your EA position fast and easy.

The Best Office Support Recruitment Agencies

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we understand how valuable your time is to you. Therefore, we guarantee that the time you will save by having our executive assistant recruitment agency find you the right candidate will be worth your while. Trying your internal resources to hire an executive assistant can incur unnecessary costs and may take up a lot of your valuable time, without ever finding the right candidate for your business. Through our years of experience as an executive assistant search firms, we have the expertise to find the top executive assistant candidates through our vast network of professionals engaged in various industries.

The primary goal of the specialist in the executive assistant recruitment agency at Alliance Recruitment Agency is to search and providing the highly-qualified candidates for your organization to meet the specific needs. With our years of experience in the executive assistant search firms industry, we understand that every executive assistant position is unique. Regardless of the nature of your organization and the specifics of the opening, we have the formula to find the right candidate that fits your organization. Contact us to reach out to our executive assistant recruitment agency to discuss your needs and specifics. Our teams are always available to help you find the right professional for the job.

Alliance Executive Assistant Search Firms

Administrative assistant recruitment agency executive is the backbone of any office and we have been one of the top office support recruitment agencies for the past 10 years. Our executive recruitment consultant begin the process with a thorough analysis of your organization and the open position, which will help us better identify the right candidate that matches your needs and specifics.

Development of a Recruitment Plan

We conduct a deep study of the specifics of your position that needs to be filled, which will help us through the rest of the recruitment process. Based on the understanding of the study, we will plan the candidate sourcing, interviewing and shortlisting techniques to identify the best candidate that suits your organization as well as the open position.

Candidate Sourcing

We follow many prospective candidate sourcing channels to fill up your single executive assistant position. Our main channels include social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, targeted direct mail strategies and the most powerful – our vast proprietary database including prospective candidates and our joined forces with industry professionals.

Interviewing of Candidates

Just as every other step of the process, we conduct customized interviews tailored to your specifics. Our recruitment consultants will continually evaluate the candidate against your requirements while interviewing and after. We will also make sure to assess the character traits of the candidate, apart from the technical, reporting and communication skills.

Recommendation of Candidates

Once we wrap the interviews, background checks and the shortlisting, we will recommend a pool of candidates based on our evaluations. We will offer strong recommendations for each candidate as to why we felt he/she will be a good fit for your organization. You could then make the final decision by selecting the person who fills the open position.

Administrative Assistant Recruitment Agency: Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

At Alliance, we are an expert office support recruitment agencies, with skilled and effective recruitment specialists who work to the highest ethical standards. Our teams are committed to getting the best executive assistant to your teams. With our expertise, we have the flexibility and the capability to attract the best administrative and executive assistant candidates that suit your needs.

Sound Strategies and Methodologies

We are experts in designing expert recruitment plans and strategies when it comes to executive assistant recruitment. You can count on our well qualified and experienced recruitment consultants to come up with sound strategies and methodologies that can attract the best executive assistant candidates for your open position.

Highly Experienced Recruitment Specialists

We have been in the professional staffing industry for 10 years starting from 2010. Our recruitment consultants have experience working with many leading corporations throughout the world in various industries and sectors, catering to their executive assistant recruitment needs. Without a doubt, our teams are one of the best in the industry.

Multiple Sourcing Channels

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we follow multiple candidate sourcing channels for every staffing service we undertake. Our strong networks with professionals in office support recruitment agencies and employment companies allow us to find the perfect candidate that matches your requirements and specifics. From social media to proprietary databases, we follow them all.