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A good head-chef is not just a brilliant cook but also a great team leader and manager. The high-pressure situation in a commercial kitchen calls for a professional who is level-headed, passionate, as well as hard-working. We as a chef employment agency recruit the extremely talented hospitality professionals who understand the food business and also love their profession.

Alliance Recruitment Agency understands the value for talent in the hotel industry, we offer you a chance to hire the best talents with our chef employment agencies. We also offer temp chef recruitment who act as contract-based talents or relief chefs. This allows you to employ a pipeline of talented individuals while reducing your overhead prices. We work on the integrity of the business and strive to create a safe and trustworthy environment for all parties involved.

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Alliance Recruitment Agency takes three major steps while recruiting executive chefs for big commercial kitchens. First, we understand our client’s needs- i.e- cuisine specialty, size of the kitchen, work culture, and other benefits they will offer their employees, like free meals and accommodation. Next, we dive into our huge database of talents to find the ideal candidates.

Lastly, our chef agency near you match all requirements to the needs of the candidate. Only those we feel would not just survive in your kitchen but also thrive and make a difference to your business, are sent for a personal interview with your company.

For head-chefs, we insist that they must have a culinary background, i.e – a degree from a known institute, five years of experience in a commercial kitchen. We understand that an executive chef is not limited to just his cooking-skills, he/she must be a good leader and have effective communication skills.

We are The Executive Chef Headhunters Who Know How to Grow Your Business

Today the hospitality industry is booming globally. Head chefs of any restaurant today must possess a variety of different skills and talents. Making the best out of ingredients, capturing local flavors with modern techniques, and plating are just some of the skills Alliance Recruitment Agency looks for.

The reason head-chefs and executive chefs are in high-demand is that a successful restaurant is known for its food taste, than any other reason. Customers spend a lot of their resources looking for the ideal spot, the best interiors, and excellent management staff but if the quality of food is below par no-one will visit your restaurant again. People will readily wait in long lines to taste simply extraordinary food. At Alliance Chef Employment Agencies we partner with extraordinary talents who can transform your business and make you a big player in this highly competitive industry.

We as an executive chef headhunters agency help you find the best executive chef for your hospitality business with ease, we also make ourselves available through the entire hiring process. So that it is easy for both clients and candidates.

Hire The Talent Your Hospitality Business Deserve

Our recruitment team has a good working knowledge of the food industry. Our chef agency near you train our headhunters so that they can understand the business needs easily before recruiting for the hospitality industry. We understand that each hotel has specific requirements in terms of cuisine, the local language, and the ability to manage a team. Bigger commercial kitchens have about 10-15 people running around at all times. A head chef must be able to manage each of these individuals while also cooking the best dishes.

For smaller cafes, you may need an innovative chef that can come up with dishes that make your cafe popular in your local region. Each kitchen demands different abilities and Alliance Recruitment Agency has the knack for finding you the perfect fit. We work for all types of establishment and what makes us different is our dedicated executive chef headhunters who work tirelessly until you find the perfect executive chef for your business.