Finance Recruitment Agency

Banking Recruitment Agency

There is a large requirement of banking recruitment services in the banking industries. Getting the proper banking recruitment agency can be a challenge for many industries. If you are looking for a reliable finance recruitment agency, Alliance International can be the right choice for you. You must contact us if you want to get your needs fulfilled. We have a very wide network of several banks. Whenever a vacancy will arise, we will get notified of the vacancy and accordingly search the best suite profiles for this job. Our members will come to know of the diverse banking and the financial jobs that are available for them. Applying for them is also very easy.

Finance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International provides the most professional financial recruitment services to the major banks. It is now looked up to as one of the top finance recruitment consultants providing the best available manpower.

Banking Recruitment Services

At Alliance International, we also have a bunch of experienced banking recruitment consultants who can take care of all your banking needs. We also serve the requirement of foreign banks recruitment all over the world.

Finance Recruitment Consultants

There are a large number of financial professionals that are available in the market. Alliance International is there to take up all the responsibilities of sourcing the most apt manpower for the banking and financial industries. Our experience allows us to identify the right talents. They will be the ones which can drive the entire operations of your organization.

A huge range of jobs is available

The jobs for the banks and the financial sectors that are dealt by us are not always the permanent type. There are many jobs which are of temporary or contract type. You need to know which type of job you are applying for. There are huge requirements for many financial jobs and this demand can only be met through the contract type jobs. Companies too these days want to run trim. Many of the jobs have been the reflected images of others. You can choose from the range of the jobs that bank recruitment agencies are offering to the job seekers.

Range of job types

Whenever there are issues with foreign banks recruitment, they can turn to us for their manpower needs. We maintain a huge database from which we can shortlist some suitable candidates and send to the employer.

We deal with a large variety of jobs:

  • Back office jobs
  • Internal audit and compliance related jobs
  • Jobs of institutional & investment banking jobs
  • Jobs related to Project management
  • Hiring for Product control activities.
  • Recruitment of CFOs
  • Retail banking, private and business banking jobs
  • Jobs dealing in Risk – credit, market and operational

Why would you choose our services

When you are running an organization, identifying and retaining the best talents are always a real challenge. At Alliance International, we know your manpower needs and the challenges faced by you in their retention. We would take the pains of making this search happen and would act as a bridge between your company and the candidates in question. We have some of the best hiring professionals who can source the best finance outsourcing recruitment who can work for your company and help it to achieve the organizational goal. They are highly skilled in the sourcing of the best-suited person industry wise.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons why you should partner us

  • All the consultants that would be working on your manpower needs are salaried employees and they work as a team. They will bring the best for your company. There is no commission system available.
  • We conduct our operations for our clients all over the world.
  • We have a seasoned experience in this field.
  • Our consultants belong to the same domain which helps them in identifying the right candidates for your business needs.
  • We keep our consultants trained and there is a huge investment in the training and development activities.
  • We have established a high brand ourselves. Make association with this brand also.
  • Whenever we put an ad on your behalf, we ensure that it gets the weirdest publicity.
  • We have a developed software system for the management of the candidate’s applications

What makes us different from other agencies?

When you choose us as your recruitment partner, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. Our experts are from the similar background of the profiles they look for. This makes them understand the roles of the profiles much better. Whenever we are notified of a vacancy that we have to fill, we try to get a full understanding of the job position. Our representatives would sit with your person to perceive the roles in totality. Then it becomes quite an easy top source the desired manpower. We have an extensive database from which we can bring out the related profiles also.

During the sourcing process, we perform the following steps:

  • The work history of the job seeker is evaluated
  • Conduction of personal interview
  • Knowledge base will be checked by tests
  • Checking of the reference check of the candidates will be done.
  • Checking the equability level of the candidates.

We are committed to providing the best recruitment solutions to our customers. The financial recruitment sector is a boiling sector. Since there are huge opportunities that are available in the different industries in this area as well as in other states; there is always the fear of losing the experienced talents. The external pull factor is quite strong and the salary figures are also encouraging. We take the onus upon us for searching suitable job roles in your organization. We are confident of providing the best roles for your business.