International Medical Recruitment New Zealand

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Global Medical Staffing New Zealand

As per current critical scenario in healthcare industries, the employment rates are growing at a rapid pace, and hospitals are planning to hire new employees. For executing this plan efficiently, medical staffing agencies are becoming more and more significant than ever. We, at Alliance international, are the leading recruitment agency offering global medical staffing New Zealand and medical facilities around New Zealand from a long time. Our medical facilities cover everything from the largest metropolitan hospitals to the smallest rural clinic. If you are a health service provider or hospital in New Zealand and looking for medical staff, then your search ends here. Whether it is about one doctor or twenty doctors you need, we have the right medical staffing team, right experience, and the right people on our side to help you out.

International Medical Recruitment New Zealand

The consultant team at Alliance international has done extensive research into the timeframes involved with the processes, and we understand how much work goes into the recruitment of medical staff. We offer reasonable rates and don’t charge for any upfront fees, infers that we don’t invoice you until your candidate has started work. We have successfully facilitated many contracts for high profile and hard to fill roles. We would be glad to explore your short or long-term requirement of international medical recruitment New Zealand. The medical staffing we represent to you can facilitate any or all of the following on your behalf:
  • Exact recruitment of doctors or other medical staff locally or globally to meet your requirements (including CV collection, credentialing, pre-interviewing, reference checking and proof of qualifications)
  • Registration in the significant category with the Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Describe the positions, create advertisements and other marketing campaigns to help fill your opening
  • Retention and recruitment training seminars for your HR team
  • Guidance on hiring an international medical staff and your options with Immigration New Zealand
  • Suggest organization for MRSA clearance testing in line with NZ regulations
  • Assist you with all relocation issues (including bank accounts, health insurance, etc.)