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Global Scholarship Program

The Alliance Recruitment Agency has introduced a global scholarship program to recognize the importance of education and to offer support to children who wish to continue their education at a two-year university or college.

This scholarship program intends to offer financial support to students who aspire to become future leaders in every niche and industry. In addition to monetary support, the scholarship program winners will benefit leadership development training, face-to-face mentoring, and development sessions to gain the necessary knowledge and tools and become future leaders and decision-makers.

About the Global Scholarship Program

Our Global Scholarship program has been designed to offer educational support to people to promote economic opportunity. We associate with students across the world to empower them with education and training required to succeed in the present technology-driven global economy.

Students who determine to achieve their educational goals despite obstacles or challenges are ideal applicants for our Global Scholarship program. We drive them to better study subjects that will position them to be successful at in-demand careers in the future. We aim to foster critical thinking and leadership skills into scholars and desire to offer them support to make this world a better place for community leaders.


  • Scholars can acquire the skills and knowledge that employers demand in the national and international job markets.
  • Students from across the world can select their proven, career-focused program from their preferred college or university.
  • The program brings some of the industry experts and hr services to the campuses and lets winners gain insights into values and details of their preferred subject.
  • Our scholarship program is open to all fields of study. It is awarded not on the basis of financial need or academic achievement, but the winner is selected by a random drawing.
Global Scholarship Program - Alliance Recruitment Agency