Hiring the Right Employee – 10 Red Flags to Watch Out For

Hiring The Right Employee

Hiring the Right Employee – 10 Red Flags to Watch Out For

With the help of IT Recruitment agency, you can hire the best employee for your company and set it up for success. The recruitment agency will sort through uncountable job applications, go through innumerable resumes, and schedule interview only for potential candidates.

But before you announce the final decision, it is essential that you watch out for these 10 red flags when hiring a new employee.

  1. Punctuality–Welcome only those job applicants who are punctual and respect their as well as your time. There must not be space for a job applicant who has come late for the interview or for a meeting during the hiring process.
  2. Check for the References–An employee is always going to hand you his best references. It is your duty to check how he performed his last job. A poor reference would not help you reach a viable decision. If a candidate lists friends or co-workers as references, then surely he has something to hide.
  3. Having No Weaknesses – Every individual in this world is not perfect and sure to have some weaknesses. If the candidate answers that he has no weaknesses, then either he is overconfident or he is still not aware of his flaws. Such candidates usually lack performing well in the organization.
  4. Negativity for past Employees or seniors–Bad mouthing or complaining about former employer or co-workers at a job is an instant red flag. It shows negativity and confirms that the candidate can infect the same to other people in your company.
  5. Lack of Preparation–You must ask questions to candidates about the job, company, and your industry. If the candidate is able to answer even partially correct, then this shows that he has put efforts and is serious about the job. The ones who lack it must not be the best choice for your hire.
  6. Applying for Multiple Positions in One Company – If you have more than one or two vacancies and the candidate has applied for all of them, then it is again an immediate red flag. This is because the candidate might be unfit and unskilled and hence is so desperate for the job. Use your judgment wisely as hiring such a candidate may end you filling no position.
  7. Disinterested to Ask Any Questions–An important thing that an intelligent candidate will do is to ask questions about your company, its work culture, or other aspects. Asking questions is a positive sign that the candidate is an active listener, a keen thinker, and at the same time willing to work with you on a serious note. If they don’t have anything to ask, then this is something to wonder!
  8. Lacking Listening Skills–It is normal for a candidate to get puzzled during an interview. But how would you feel about a candidate who is least interested to listen? A candidate with good spoken skills is welcome, but one with argumentative nature can be a threat to the company. It is because such candidates would never listen to what others have to say. At the same time, they would always argue with their co-worker, juniors, and even employers over one or the other thing.
  9. Poor Communication Skills–No matter what your job profile is. It is essential for a candidate to have proper communication skills. If a candidate is not good at responding emails, misses the scheduled meeting calls, or lacks proper communication skills, then he would always experience issues working in the team. At the same time, he would not be a good source for the company working within departments.
  10. Unprofessional Appearance–If a candidate is dressed unprofessionally, or enters the workplace with an unprofessional attitude, then you might have to be more of a trainer than an employer. Definitely, you would not want to switch your role! More probably, such candidates would not be able to perform in the company under tight deadlines and strict conditions. Hence, an unprofessional appearance is a big red flag to check.

Checking for these red flags during the hiring process is a must. IT recruitment agency can help identifying such red flags more precisely. They even conduct in-depth research about a candidate. Hence, if you don’t have enough time to check for such red flags in a new candidate, then it is always best to hire services of a reputed recruitment agency.