How Do I Find And Hire a Good CXO For a Startup?

A Chief Experience Officer can change the face of your startup by enhancing customer experience. The CXO reports to the CEO, COO, and CMO and leads the team accordingly. With the help of CX Management Technology and Practices, a CXO uses analytical findings to enhance customer experience. By retaining existing customers and attracting new customers, your startup is bound to grow. Find out the best approach and methods of identifying and hiring a CXO.

A Chief Experience Officer is a C-level executive hired by a company or startup to ensure that the clients or customers have a satisfactory experience while availing themselves of the services of your company.

A smooth relationship between the client and company is what every company aims for. This is why the position of a CXO Officer is important. Typically, it is the work of the CXO to report to the CEO, COO, or the CMO.

It is the work of a Chief Experience Officer to ensure positive interactions happen between the customers and clients with your company.

The hiring of a Chief Experience Officer in your startup could prove to be excellent as a CXO works for looking after the main element of the company, i.e., the clients. Improving the customer’s experience has the biggest advantage of retaining them.

The CXO builds a trustworthy base for the customer. Another advantage of hiring a CXO is better advertising. An attractive strategy to smoothen customer experience means to decide on an attractive advertising plan.

Hiring a CXO is often one of the most misunderstood C-level recruitment tasks for many startups. One of the reasons is that owners are often confused about whether they need a marketing expert, a sales expert, or someone with account management skills. But CXO hiring should not be done from this perspective.

If you are wondering whether you need to go for such C-level recruitment, then find the right and most relevant information on this subject shared by expert C-level recruiters.

Do You Need a Chief Experience Officer For Your Startup

According to experienced C-level recruiters, considering these questions and framing the right responses will help you decide whether you need to invest in CXO hiring. If yes, then when should you hire one.

1. Is Your Startup’s Revenues in Millions of Dollar Resting on Customer Retention?

It is said that retaining the existing customers is economical as well as easier for a startup. Therefore, if your startup’s revenues add up to millions of dollars on the basis of your retained customers, then hiring a CXO will help. By mapping and analyzing the customer’s journey and needs, a startup has to expand the business.

If your company aims for customer retention due to the high revenue, it means they are already looking to provide the customers with an excellent experience of the service. So maybe hiring a CXO is important. The CXO held in the building a reliable relationship between the customers and company.

2. Does Your Startup Need to Invest a Huge Amount on CX Management Technology and Practices?

If your startup is looking to invest a considerable amount of money in customer experience management and technology, then hiring a CXO is a must. What amount to invest and in how many phases to invest is advised by the CXO.

In this way, not only will there be a check on inefficient spending of money but also for creating better CX and its management. Ideas like better communication mean such as website communication tools, push notifications, etc.

The CXO also makes the call if the investment of a huge amount is even needed for your company. Maybe the phase is not right, or maybe there are some other factors that may not lead to a positive return if a huge amount is invested.

3. Do You Need To Move Towards Customer-Focused Growth Over Product-Focused Growth?

Customer-focused growth aims to develop products and services as per the needs of the clients. On the other hand, product-based growth means finding customers as per the features of the product. It is a CXO who decides if your startup needs to adopt the former or latter approach.

A Chief Experience Officer needs to see the outcomes in both cases. Customer-Focused Growth is measured with various measures such as Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score.

However, product-focused growth requires a different strategy that is also devised by the CXO. The need to decide what strategy is to be adopted is the CXO’s call.

4. Do You Need to Improve Customer Experience At Every Touch Point?

A touchpoint is a point where direct customer interaction takes place with the company. For instance, the company’s website, brochure, product page, store branches, etc., are examined as a touchpoint. Improving the customer experience at every touchpoint of the company helps in the retention of the existing customers.

However, every touchpoint does not need to be improved if those are Customer-centric enough. The decision to Improve customer experience at certain touchpoints or all is ultimately taken by the CXO. The certain points where the startup witnesses the most customer interaction, however, is always improved by the CXO.

5. Do You Need to Enhance Customer Loyalty and Referrals?

The CXO looks into various customer loyalty programs to help the customer find something catchy about the services of your startup. To make interesting referrals and other schemes, the CXO discusses with the team what are the trending ways to make the customers feel valued.

Tips To Hire the Right CXO For Your Startup

The following are some tips to hire the right CXO for your startup. A recruitment agency will further help you have a smooth hiring experience.

1. Be Clear About The Metrics and Business Performance Areas You Need to Improve Through CXO Hiring

Introspect the reasons why your startup needs a CXO. If you consider that your startup could offer a better client experience, then you definitely need a CXO. Business performance highly depends on the customer’s response and behavior.

Metrics like sales revenue, net profit margin, monthly or annual website traffic, etc., can be improved with the help of a CXO, as more customers are attracted by the strategies of customer experience enhancement.

2. Include an External Advisor For CXO Interviews – Introduce CXO Hiring Best Practices And Avoid Subjective Judgements

When it comes to hiring CXO for your startup, consider having an External Advisor who can guide you for fruitful CXO Interviews. The Advisor should be an expert at improving customer experience.

Educate yourself about the various CXO Hiring Trends with the help of a recruitment agency. Avoid assessing the candidates on the basis of Subjective knowledge they possess. As the position of a CXO requires more planning as well as spontaneous decision making, Assess them with situational questions.

3. Assess Practical Achievements and Track Records of CXO Candidates – Choose Performance Over Academic Achievements

Look through the CVs and profiles of the candidates and assess their records. They should ideally have a rich experience and milestones at their former workplace. With the roles they played previously, they should be able to make your startup grow.

4. Ensure Shortlisted CXO Candidates Have Practical Knowledge of CX Technology Implementations and Management

There are numerous Customer Experience Software Platforms that are used to improve the business. A competent CXO should be familiar with such platforms and software. CX Technology related expertise should be verified during the hiring process.
They should also know the implementation of the strategies and findings with the help of these platforms such as Zendesk, IBM Tealeaf, etc.

5. Find Out CXO Candidates’ Understanding of Customer Analytics – Identify Training and Learning Areas

Customer behavior should be a forte of a CXO. They use the data collected with the understanding of customer behavior and use it as Customer Analytics. They should be well trained in this area of work. Their prior experience should reflect their contribution towards Customer Analytics. The insights of the work should be well comprehended.

During the interview and screening stages, test how candidates will implement their practical knowledge in Enhancing the customer experience with the help of the analytical findings.

6. Conduct Detailed Background and Reference Checks

For a C-level executive search, background checks are mandatory. Try to verify the testimonials they have presented to the company. Look For criminal records and unpleasant experiences in their name.

An efficient recruitment agency helps startups to carry out background and reference checks. Do not skip this crucial step as your whole startup’s reputation is at stake.

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