How to Find, Hire a Good CFO for A Startup?

How To Hire A Good CFO For A Startup

Finding a highly capable and talented CFO is tough for most businesses, and the challenges only increase for startups. Find out all about startup CFO recruitment in this blog. You will definitely be surprised when you will compare your plans with the best approaches suggested by top CFO headhunters.

To gain the attention of financiers, investors, and other bodies, a well-versed Chief Financial Officer is needed to represent your startup and maintain a healthy relationship.

To find the most professional Chief Finance Officer (CFO), a CFO executive search is the apt step to be taken. Senior executive recruitment experts help you in identifying the right CFO for you but also guide your startup in the hiring process.

Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer (CFO) is a C-level executive officer who is responsible for looking after and managing the company’s or startup’s finances. He or she is the authority for financial planning, management of financial risks, maintenance of records, and financial reporting.

The CFO has to report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) about the finances of the company, and under the CFO, other finance leaders like the finance director work. The CFO has to work in coordination with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) when it comes to cost-benefit analysis, budgeting, and many more areas of work.

If you are considering hiring a CFO, here are some facts, suggestions, and tips shared by top CFO headhunters and senior executive recruitment experts.

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The Best Pre-CFO Search Methods Used Worldwide

As a startup, diving into a CFO executive search by calling in candidates may be too quick. There needs to be certain steps followed prior to the actual search steps. The following are a few of the best Pre-CFO search methods used worldwide by startups.

1. Create A CFO Recruitment Panel at Top Management Level

A recruitment panel should be formed to frame the entire recruitment process. A team of members who are competent to focus on the needs and shortlist the candidates must be gathered.

The panel could include the CEO, COO, a few other members of the top management, and the HR director. However, the panel should not comprise an excessive number of people. Doing so may lead to contradictory opinions and more confusion. It is ideal to have more than three members on the panel.

The panelists’ individual roles must be decided as per their expertise. You could also consider having a CFO from another company as a guest panelist.

2. Select A CFO Interview Panel Comprising Finance Experts

You could have a CFO interview panel that comprises finance experts. They are supposed to verify the candidates’ knowledge about the subjects of finance and test them regarding real-life finance problems and decision-making.

The panel should include people who are finance leaders with the ability to dig into CFO candidates’ previous roles and find out how relevant is the candidate’s knowledge and track record for achieving the company’s goals. Needless to say, the financial experts should be able to verify the depth and extent of the CFO’s knowledge on various fronts – financial management, audits, risk assessment, compliance, etc.

3. Prepare CFO Profile, Key KPIs, And KRAs for The Position

A CFO Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable superior-level measure of financial and business performance. The identification of the KPIs and KRAs of the CFO position has to be done well in advance, as it even acts as a checklist or reference for the recruitment team and various panelists.

The Best CFO Search Methods Used Worldwide

There are various ways in which CFO executive search firms conduct CFO talent searches.

1. CFO Market Talent Mapping

Market Talent Mapping is an important process for startups seeking to analyze and decipher the occurrence of talent across their markets.

In the case of CFO market talent mapping, the startups are able to recognize the skill level and expectation of the candidates for the position of the CFO, as well as illustrate the spatial spread of talent and where to find the appropriate candidates.

It is specifically useful for businesses entering new markets which want to understand the location of potential talents. The biggest benefit of market talent mapping is it helps to understand the incentives to attract the best talent.

2. CFO Competitive Search and Market Intelligence

CFO competitive search is a useful search method. Rigorous market intelligence strategies give the best chances for identifying and recruiting CFO candidates. The study of attitudes and ongoing trends in the market is vital for enhancing recruitment techniques.

A competitive CFO executive search can only be efficiently done with the assistance of a CFO executive search and recruitment agency. Their CFO headhunters know the right steps to take that can attract professional candidates from the best places.

3. CFO Search on Online Recruitment Platforms

In the 21st-century scenario of recruitment, most things have shifted to the online arena. Even CFO search has started to operate on online recruitment platforms. There are online CFO search platforms that help you find CFO talent based on a given criteria.

But only CFO executive search will only get you names and profiles. You would need to conduct all other processes for this senior executive recruitment process on your own, like candidate outreach, candidate engagement, discussions and virtual meetings to attract the right CFO talent towards your organization, etc.

4. CFO Search Through CFO Headhunters

CFO headhunters provide you with swift services without compromising the quality of the shortlisted candidates. Moreover, for a high-level recruitment search, it is always advisable to collaborate with a headhunter.

CFO headhunters or CFO executive search experts source you the best-match CFO candidates within a short time frame – candidates who are ready to go ahead with the recruitment process at your company.

The Best CFO Recruitment Methods Used Worldwide

The following are the best CFO recruitment methods that can be adopted by startups.

Designing Visually Impactful CFO Profile and Job Description for Sharing with Candidates:

For a professional and talented individual, who is worthy of being a CFO, to be interested in the work position at your startup, an interesting work profile has to be presented to them.

They should be made aware of what are the benefits of being associated with your startup. The future growth potential of your startup should also be shown to them. A visually impactful CFO profile can be shown by the recruiter and also via the website of your startup.

CFO Interviews Based on Presentations, Consultations, Site-Visits, etc.:

To know more about the abilities of the potential CFOs, the interviews for recruitment should not be one-dimensional.

The candidates are to be interviewed on the basis of the presentations they have to put forward, consultation knowledge, site visits, etc. The interview panel must therefore consist of people who have sound knowledge regarding finance, the company’s financial affairs, etc.

Analysis of Interview Recordings:

Doing any analysis of interview recordings is guaranteed to give 3x better insights into the candidate and all that was said and presented by candidates. This helps the management of the startup reflect upon the whole process of the interview. Parameters such as subject knowledge, practical knowledge, experience, body language, and many more can be looked upon with the help of the recordings.

Compensation Benchmarking Before Fixing Terms of The Offer:

Compensation benchmarking is a well-ordered approach for collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data on salaries. For CFO recruitment, it compares an organization’s CFO pay rates with those of other companies. It is always recommended not to go below the market average, especially when you find an outstanding candidate.

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