How to Hire a Doctor?

How to Hire a Doctor

Doctor staffing is a crucial task. When it comes to hiring doctors for different wards and areas of specialization, it is advised to contact medical doctor recruitment agencies. Be it hiring full-time doctors or locum doctors, getting expert assistance from doctor staffing consultants helps you prevent a number of issues and troubles arising due to short staffing or talent gaps.

Quality can never be compromised when it comes to doctor staffing. Reliable doctors are needed for saving the lives of the people and adding years to their lives. The right balance of experience and subject knowledge is the key to hiring a doctor. Get the right insights into doctor staffing from experts working at experienced medical recruitment agencies and the best best medical locum agency.

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Doctor Staffing in Hospitals

1) Calculating Doctor Staffing For OPD

For the Out Patient Department (OPD), a significant number of doctors are needed. A range of doctors is needed who have specialized in various fields such as dermatology, pediatrics, physiotherapy, orthopedics, cardiology, and many more. Even general physicians are needed for treating the patients.

As per your clinic or hospital’s OPD capacity and patient flow, an estimate has to be made as to how many doctors your facility can accommodate. The medicinal knowledge of the doctors should be sharp for OPD functioning as swift diagnosing is needed.

2) Calculating Doctor Staffing for Different Wards Per Speciality

Doctor staffing for the wards in the clinic and hospitals is different from that of OPD. The existence of wards such as ICU, CCU, burn ward, general ward, SICU, NICU, PICU, etc., demand specialized doctor staffing. The calculation should be done on the basis of the wards and the services provided. The doctors should be hired in such a way that medical teams may be formed that work in a coordinated manner. The specialty of the doctors plays an important role in the doctor staffing for the wards.

3) Calculating Doctor Staffing for Emergency and Critical Care Units

At the hospital, a separate accident and emergency unit functions round the clock to treat patients with different types of medical and surgical needs. One cannot assign OPD and ward doctors for emergency and critical care units at the same time. This is why exclusive doctor staffing for emergency and critical care units is needed.

Knowledge of preliminary and special treatment along with operations of machines like ventilators, defibrillators, etc., should be known to them. Even using special medicines like anti-venom should be known to them.

4) Calculating Doctor Staffing To Meet Monthly Temporary Staffing Needs

The schedule of doctors in a hospital cannot be constant throughout the month. This is why calculating doctor staffing to meet monthly temporary staffing needs is important. Fatigued doctors cannot be compelled to carry on with their duties, and in a 24-hour work system, there needs to be backup staffing.

5) Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Requirements About Doctor Staffing

Doctor staffing needs to be done in accordance with the rules, regulations, and standards as prescribed by the regulatory board of the concerned government and medical bodies. The infrastructure to employment ratio needs to be maintained. One cannot keep employing uncountable doctors if there is no place to accommodate them for practicing.

How do Medical Doctor Recruitment Agencies help?

Working with a medical doctor recruitment agency will only enhance your doctor search. Read through the following points to understand how such agencies help.

1) Assistance With Doctor Workforce Planning and Hiring Models Preparation

Medical doctor recruitment agencies help you with the planning of the medical staffing as per the needs of your hospital.

Workforce planning can give your medical establishment a heads-up in attracting top-notch medical talent. As a result, patient care improves drastically. These agencies work to prepare a hiring model that works the best for you. You could need on-demand recruitment, contingency hire, retained search, and many search models.

2) Assistance With Succession Planning Based on Attrition Rates

Attrition rates in the case of medical doctors are as high as forty percent. As there is a vacant position in your hospital, the medical doctor recruitment agency will guide you with the smooth succession.

It is well-understood that sensitive posts of doctors cannot be left vacant for a very long time; hence quick action needs to be taken. When you are in touch with the recruitment agency, even before the position gets vacant, you have doctors shortlisted to hire.

3) Finding Talented Doctors From Nationwide Doctor Talent Pools

An efficient recruitment agency has deep connections within the nation and also abroad. As a result, there is no scarcity of talented doctors. Hailing from a rich working background, you could find the best talents for your hospital with agencies that have connections branched out to major cities and medical hubs. Doctor talent pools are created by them in their database, and there is no dearth of candidates.

4) Assistance With Contractual Doctor Hiring

In your hospital or clinic, you need not only permanent doctors but also contractual doctors who offer specialized treatment. Short-time work offered by such doctors brightens the brand value of your hospital. Recruitment agencies offer assistance to you by connecting with them. They even offer help when it comes to framing contracts for such temporary hiring.

5) Assistance With Background and Reference Checks

Doctors who are potential employees at your hospital should be checked regarding their education, work experience, criminal history, etc. While doing that is difficult for the management at the hospital, a recruitment agency takes care of it. They suggest candidates who have been checked and even have their references verified.

What’s The Best Medical Locum Agency

1) Guides Locum Doctor Candidates To Correctly Understand Position-Based Challenges and Duties:

When a doctor at the hospital is on leave or, due to unavoidable circumstances, cannot perform his or her duties, it is the locum doctor that takes place.

The best medical locum agency takes care to make the candidates understand the duties and challenges of the position. It can be rigorous for the hospital to explain it all one by one to all the candidates, especially when there is a need for a substitute doctor. Therefore, a medical locum agency is vital for taking the role of that guide. Moreover, the positional challenges vary from institution to institution.

2) Offers Complete Information – Employer, Region, Visa, Legal, Etc.:

The locum agency offers in-depth information to both the candidates as well as the authority that is looking for hiring the locum doctors in regards to the process of recruitment.

The transparency is maintained by the agency about the details of the employer, the worksite, legalities, visa arrangement, clauses, etc. The best locum agency does all the flow of information without bothering the parties.

3) Offers Guidance To Understand Complete Hiring Process:

The locum agency is equipped with trained individuals who guide all the people involved through the hiring process. The selection criteria, steps, whether there is an interview, group discussion, case studies, panel discussions, etc., are involved or not is informed by the agency. Even if the hospital is not sure about what steps to include in the recruitment process, the locum medical agency comes to the rescue.

4) Helps Locum Doctor Candidate With CV Formatting Based on Employer Needs:

A professional medical locum agency assists the candidates in developing an informative and crisp CV. On the basis of the requirements of the job positions they are applying for, the agency walks them through the formatting guidelines.

An eye-catching CV is definitely a winner in the eyes of the authority responsible for recruitment. Usually, reputed agencies only work with candidates who are presentable and have the potential of carrying forward the name of the hospital, even though the work is a temporary one. Therefore, a well-curated CV is expected from the candidates with the help of the agency.

5) Assistance With Background and Reference Checks:

Medical locum agencies make sure that only those candidates are shortlisted and suggested to the hospitals that have been thoroughly verified. Temporary or substitute employees should be checked with precautions as they work for a limited period of time and hence can cause a breach.

Checks with respect to educational qualifications, referrals, testimonials, criminal history, subject knowledge, etc., are carried out. Their reputation in the medical society is also looked into. Professional license verification is the most important thing that cannot be overlooked. All of it is taken care of by eminent medical locum agencies.

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