How to Hire a Mobile App Developer? (A Definitive Guide)

How To Hire A Mobile App Developer

A Definitive Guide To Help Hire Productive Mobile App Developer Teams

How many times have you tried to hire mobile app developers but faced inefficient results? Find out the best approaches to hiring mobile app development team members for any type of project. Get insights into the best practices when partnering with companies offering services like mobile app developers for hire or iPhone app developers for hire.

Mobile application development has become an activity that almost every company in many sectors invests in. Many media reports mention that the global mobile workforce is expected to cross 1.90 billion people by 2023. With such a growing market, the demand for skilled developers is also increasing day by day.

You might be an app development company frequently facing talent gaps and issues. You might be an organization looking for online companies offering mobile app developer for hire services. You might be an innovative entrepreneur planning to launch an app-based business.

Whatever be the reason behind your app developer hiring needs, searching and finding the right talent at the right time is a challenge for most employers. It takes lots of time, money, and effort, but when such efforts don’t guarantee the best, it is time to revise your hiring strategy and approach.

Find out how to make talent acquisition for mobile app development projects super-efficient. When to partner with companies offering services such as Android app developers for hire or iPhone app developers for hire, or any other mobile app developers for hire? Let’s start from the beginning, the pre-hiring stage.

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Steps Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

Define The Type of Mobile App You Want To Develop

The hiring team should be able to share a clear description of the type of mobile app the company wants to develop. For example, an e-commerce app selling 20 products of a toy company in New Zealand.

Prepare a Requirement Document – Target Users, Key features, Outcomes, Functions

The next step is to prepare an app development product requirement specifications – the target audience, an estimate of the number of users, and the key functions and features. This will help in determining platforms, scalability requirements, app development framework, etc. The relevant talent pools can be accordingly identified.

Note Down Everything About Platforms, Connectivity, Databases, etc.

The most popular platforms used are Microsoft Xamarin, Flutter, Adobe PhoneGap, Sencha, etc. Noting down this information for every app development project and using it in the recruitment decision-making leads to better outcomes. From the outset, a recruiter can identify what kind of knowledge and expertise levels are needed.

Identify Scalability Needs

Whether you are planning the expansion through mobile apps or you are a start-up, you must have scalability plans for your app. As once you launch your application in the market, millions of consumers are going to use it.

Accordingly, you can find third-party outsourcing partners offering mobile app developers for hire. These companies have different divisions and are able to source iPhone app developers for hire or Android app developers for hire.

Define Your Team Size – Permanent, Temporary, Ongoing, Etc.

  1. Programmers

    For simple app development projects, you might need 4-6 programmers, but for bigger size apps, you might need a team of 10-20 programmers for managing various aspects from UI, complex features, query management, sound, etc. e.

  2. UX Designers

    To design a user-friendly app after conducting research on user preferences. All this is done by UX designers who become the voice and advocate of users while also considering the goals of a company.

  3. Graphics

    Aesthetics that optimize the usability of an app are the responsibility of graphic designers. You might need 2-3 graphic designers to ensure different matters such as typography, symbols, animations, themes, etc., for a simple app.

  4. Sound

    When it comes to apps such as games, education, e-training, etc., sound effects and management are critical, and such projects require that owners hire mobile app developers specialized in sound and music.

  5. Testing

    Apps are tested regularly to debug and improve them, and this would help users use the app longer.

  6. Maintenance and Security

    An app that ensures high security and maintains information securely attracts more users towards it if thought from a business perspective. However, security is a must, and the app’s core features must be maintained to avoid bugging.

Set Your Budget

While you determine how long you want to keep your team around and for what tasks, you must also consider the cost per hire and for each person in it.

How to Hire The Best Talent For Your Mobile App Developer Teams

1) Partner with a Reliable App Recruitment Agency – Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a highly trustworthy agency that does its best to find highly efficient and skilled professionals for businesses and satisfy the employer by finding the perfect person for their job.

Our methods are transparent, cost-effective, and extremely professional. You can use our services for any kind of talent acquisition model.

Hire mobile app developers temporarily for selected projects or partner with a vendor offering staff augmentation support or services such as dedicated Android app developers for hire.

2) Choose Target Geographies from Where to Hire Teams

By looking for talents, you might as well consider the locations with a high number of these talents who are willing to work for rates that are agreeable.

Usually, most companies hire remote developers in Eastern Europe, Asia, or South America. If it matches your requirements and if you have no problem with the time difference and culture, then there is no barrier between you and successful project outcomes in terms of cost and performance.

3) Find The Right Talent

Sometimes to hire the best people, we must put ourselves in their shoes or research about their job, understand the basics about how they work.

By doing this, you would be able to figure out how to spot talented developers who would finish the tasks perfectly. In this way, you would also be in a position to set criteria to judge each developer and fish out experienced ones from the list.

A developer must be driven with creativity and dedicated in order to meet the needs.

4) Frame The Right Contracts

Remember the four requirements that a contract must have: offer, consideration, acceptance, and mutuality.

Make sure to include the payment times and outline the work and the time they need to dedicate to your app development project. A contract is only right if it is agreed on both grounds and if the client and the developer are both satisfied and benefit from the project.
Also, to avoid copyright issues, you must include this in a clause while framing a contract which would save you from your ideas being stolen or a project being claimed by someone else.

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