Hiring employees in Canada: What you need to know

Hiring Employees In Canada

Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best recruitment agency in Canada. The agency enables companies to meet their manpower needs and related business goals. From staffing to top-level executive search, companies entrust Alliance with all their hiring requirements. Alliance is equally committed to helping millions of professionals in finding career opportunities.

The firm provides professionals with a range of services to help them connect with the organizations where their skills, experience, knowledge and potential can be utilized to the optimum. As a global recruitment services provider, apart from our offices in Canada, we also have a presence in the USA, the UK and many countries across Asia. Our recruiters enable companies worldwide to meet their recruitment needs for in-house, remote and offshore manpower resources.

Role of Recruitment Agencies to find Talent

A recruitment agency is an intermediary between the candidates looking for a job and the organizations looking to hire skilled professionals. Recruitment agencies could be small businesses or national or international companies. They offer assistance with some phases of the recruitment life cycle or for the entire process, depending on their resources and capacities.

Big recruitment enterprises have specialized teams of recruiters, taking care of recruitment activities for different sectors. Their experience, outreach, databases, partnerships and networks allow them to find the right talent for any organization much more quickly and cost-effectively, and makes recruitment processes more outcome-oriented and hassle-free for client companies.

Key Roles of Recruitment Agencies:

The primary role of the recruitment agencies is to hire the right candidates for the positions that need to be filled. Candidates trust their recruiters for getting job opportunities that fit with their expectations. Similarly, the organizations or companies trust the recruitment agency to find the right candidates for the positions they need to fill. Until the candidate is offered the job and starts working with the company, the recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between them.

Some of the key responsibilities of recruitment agencies are listed below:

  • Communicate with the clients to get a clear idea of hiring requirements and organizational goals.
  • Research into the client’s organization and develop and implement fruitful strategies based on the client’s requirements.
  • Research on the job market and client’s competitors.
  • Create a perfect job description and related documents.
  • Find prospective candidates using various channels.
  • Find and approach active as well as passive candidates.
  • Advertise vacancies.
  • Prepare candidates for the interviews.
  • Conduct confidential interviews.
  • Present shortlisted candidates with their profile summaries.
  • Develop sustainable candidates leading strategies.
  • Build long-term relationships with the clients.

How to Recruit Rising Talents

Finding the right talent is the most vital challenge for an organization to fulfil its vision and mission in a particular period of time. Alliance Recruitment Agency follows the following steps to hire candidates for the specified role:

Look for Someone having Commitment to Their Career

Alliance looks for candidates who are committed to their careers. Career commitment ensures the long-term commitment of an employee. The candidate who is serious about their future will be strongly dedicated to the work. Alliance recruiters check candidates’ interest on the job by asking some confidential questions. The senior recruiters also check the tenure of the experienced candidates. They gather feedback from the previous companies to check the loyalty of the candidates towards a firm.

Choose Efficient Recruitment Technology Systems

Alliance chooses the right recruitment services to find out talent. In order to avoid interview complexity, recruiters use tools to simplify the process. The tools include video interviewing, Internet sourcing, mobile recruiting tools and application tracking systems (ATS) to shortlist the talents in a short period.

Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills

There are hundreds of assessments available for testing the excellent learning and analytical skills of the candidates. Assessment tests focus on various aspects such as general intelligence, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the capacity to learn new things. With the help of these tests, recruiters can check the ability of the candidates to adopt new things and innovative ideas, and competency to deal with the challenges. A recruitment agency needs to understand the assessments and be able to support the same, wherever possible.

Check Compatibility

To assess compatibility, a number of aspects need to be verified. Starting from profile matching to skills scoring, culture fit assessments, there are a number of requirements. A good recruitment agency needs to have the resources to understand and support these processes.

Recruiters can check the compatibility of the candidates by the below-mentioned 4 ways:

  1. Standardized assessment
    A recruiter needs to check whether the candidates have the skills and knowledge to perform the various functions associated with a role. For checking these factors, there are various pre-employment assessment tools available.
  2. Situational judgement tests
    There are various online and offline tests to judge situational judgements in relation to job functions, whether these are sales, software development, business intelligence, engineering or digital marketing.
  3. Ask the appropriate questions
    The recruiters should ask the right questions to the candidates, depending on the role for which they are hiring. Asking the right questions helps the recruiters to identify whether the candidate is an organizational fit or not.
  4. Check References When Recruiting Employees
    Candidates’ references play a vital role in the hiring process. Validating the candidates through references helps recruiters to know more about candidates abilities and to verify a number of matters mentioned in their resumes. The most important thing is, recruiters have experience in validating the experience and skill sets of the candidates.

Run a background check

Alliance checks the background of a candidate while they get selected for the job. Background verification is essential to fulfil due diligence and avoid liability. Background verification also highlights the criminal history of the candidates. With the help of background verification, recruiters also get to know the activities of the applicant in the previous company.

Basically, BGV(background verification) gives a full picture of a candidate. BGV is often used as part of processes that lead to maintaining a positive and drug-free environment in the workplace. At the same time, it verifies the educational background and certificates of the applicants.

Prescreen Your Candidates

Pre-screening interviews by recruiters act as a good filter mechanism and saves the client interview and selection committees’ time. The prescreening team will only present candidates whose expectations and goals, and skills and experience meet with the client company’s requirements.

Ask the Right Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions are powerful factors in hiring a candidate or the specified job role. These interview questions help the recruiters to separate desirable candidates from the average candidates.

Benefits of Partnering with Alliance Recruitment Agency in Canada

Faster hiring

Alliance Recruitment Agency is among the best recruitment agencies in Canada. Through their services, companies are able to reduce time and costs associated with recruitment and staffing activities. Alliance finds out the eligible candidate for the given position faster than any other agency in Canada. The company has a vast database of candidates and networks with other recruitment companies across the world, which helps clients to optimize talent acquisitions activities.

High-quality candidates

Alliance Recruitment Agency helps client companies meet with high-quality candidates. They arrange a large talent pool of prescreened and referenced candidates for the companies. Alliance recruiters are expert in interviewing. The agency deals with a huge number of candidates on a daily basis. They can easily understand both candidates’ needs and the company’s requirements through best-practice methods.

Specialist recruitment knowledge

Alliance Recruitment Agency has a good number of recruiters who have strong recruitment knowledge and are specialized in recruiting for various sectors. The company has a strong human resource team, as well as technical recruiters, who can easily spot the right talent for the desired position.

They are very experienced and have special knowledge of recruiting top-level positions for an organization.

Alliance recruiters are also known for

  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Big picture thinking
  • Intuitive listening
  • Patience
  • Reliability
  • Proper body language
  • Networking
  • Time management
  • Knowledge of various hiring techniques
  • Tech focus
  • Aptitude for learning
  • Social media skills

Focus on serving the client

Alliance focuses on its client’s requirements. The Alliance Recruiters focus on finding the right talent for the companies rather than providing an average level of applicants. They examine the applicant’s knowledge, ambitions, skills, aptitude and skills and present the best candidates before presenting their profiles to the clients.

Extended outreach

We are connected with various talent pools and help Canadian companies with their local, regional, nationwide and international recruitment needs.

Knowledge of the market

Alliance recruiters always stay updated about the advanced recruitment process and roles all over the world, and their knowledge and competencies make them among the best recruitment agencies in Canada. The agency also keeps clients updated about hiring complexities and current market trends to provide a quality service.

Why Choose Recruitment Services From Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance is a global recruitment agency and offers outstanding services. Clients appreciate Alliance recruiters for their:

  • Ability to deliver experienced and skilled candidates for different job roles and from different industries
  • Capacity to help with local and global recruitment
  • Competency to speed up recruitment processes
  • Ability to maintain the commitment with the clients
  • Care about clients’ needs.
  • Experience in manpower services
  • Access to a high database of jobseekers.
  • Capacity to deliver compatible and committed employees.
  • Strong network with local and international recruitment providers.
  • Quality and experience
  • Ability to moderate the process to support employee needs.
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  1. Who are recruitment consultants really working for? The recruitment service agencies and consultants work for their customers. They basically have two customers: clients and candidates. A recruitment consultancy can not be successful without any of their customers. They genuinely work for both the clients and candidates.
  2. What is the best way to connect with a job seeker? There are several ways to find and connect with job seekers. But the best way is to call them directly. Another effective way to communicate with job seekers is by sending them email and letting them know about the vacancies.
  3. What are the tools recruiters use to make the process more efficient? Consultancies use different kinds of tools to improve the recruitment processes. The tools are gamification, video interviewing, Internet sourcing, collaborative tools, mobile recruiting tools, application tracking systems (ATS), and so on.