How to Recruit Physicians for Hospitals and Clinics?

Recruit Physicians For Hospitals And Clinics

With a high demand for physicians in hospitals and healthcare facilities, it has been a tough job to find the perfect physician. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for physicians has increased much more than before across hospitals and huge private clinics. Strategic moves have to be planned for hiring the best. The physician staffing methods need to be revised to make the right call. Rather than taking up the pain of looking for efficient physicians, hire an excellent physician recruiter to find competent physicians in a timely and efficient manner.

Doctors have always been the backbone of human society. During the Covid-19 pandemic, without their constant support, the world would have been all over the place.

Hospitals face a huge problem when it comes to physician staffing and physical therapist hiring. With physicians getting appointed in large hospitals, a vacuum gets created in other places. It is observable that hospitals have been recruiting physicians by pushing their staffing positions by 40% to 50%. There is also a backup team ready to assume the working positions in case the full-time physicians fall sick. As we step into 2022, the situation remains the same, not only for hiring doctors but also for physical therapist hiring.

Here are some tips provided by experienced physician recruiters to improve your hospital’s efficiency in physician staffing and physical therapist hiring!.

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Take the Right Strategic Moves

Before starting with the hiring process of physicians for hospitals and clinics, plan on what steps you would take. The right strategic moves save time and somewhat guarantee to choose the right candidates. The same steps are also relevant for physical therapist hiring.

1) Improve Your Hospital’s Physician Recruitment Marketing

The physician recruitment marketing of the hospital should be done in such a way that physicians and other medical professionals are interested in applying to work at your hospital. The perks of working at your hospital should be highlighted.

It can be done via advertising on various platforms such as newspapers, pamphlets, or even digital marketing. It even includes the brand marketing of the hospital. To keep the potential candidates interested, strategies like campaigns via e-mails and blog posts, newsletters could be used for physician recruitment marketing. Presenting the facilities and position is to be done favorably to attract physicians.

2) Create Engaging Career Pages on Your Website

The career pages of your hospital on the website should answer specific questions of physicians for working at your organization, like- What makes your hospital or practice special? What are your hospital’s values? Why do physicians want to work there? The career page should talk about opportunities and medical practice elaboration with the help of appealing graphics, short yet precise statements, the unique selling point, details of practice, specialized medical departments, and contact details.

3) Prepare Impactful Hospital Employer Branding Materials for Physicians

Employer branding is an approach that not only results in improving the hospital’s reputation as an employer but also improves human resource management. These factors influence physicians’ perception of a hospital’s attractiveness as an employer. It includes an attractive salary, opportunity to develop knowledge and skills, the possibility of implementing innovative medical procedures, good working conditions, the opportunity to work with specialists, etc.

4) Research to Understand Compensation Benchmarks

Due to the high demand for physicians, the compensation offered plays a very significant role. It determines which hospital or health center takes the forefront as the preferred place to work for.

Healthcare establishments face the persistent issue of losing skillful employees to their competition. They also struggle to hire required physicians. Hospitals should be clear about the right compensation for a specific role; otherwise they end up either paying higher or lower salaries.

The width of the salary range is determined after the survey and usually, the salary offered should be the midpoint of the range. The competency and profile of the physician must be a match to the chosen figure.

5) Partner with Physician Recruitment Agency with Wide Database of Physician Talent Pools

A physician recruiter is the most convenient agency to hire a physician. With the database of physicians, it is beneficial for hospitals and clinics to get in touch with a physician recruiter.

These agencies carry out the whole process of recruitment. The team of experts looks into CVs and matches them with the needs of the hospital. They also carry background checks. In this way, the hospital saves on time and effort.

Refine Your Physician Staffing Methods

In the following ways, a hospital or clinic could refine its physician and medical staffing methods.

Reach Out To Target Physicians on Different Mediums

One could consider hiring physicians by reaching out to them on different mediums. It could be through common contacts, social media networks, medical association programs, partnering with a medical college, posting an advertisement in the newspaper, or with the help of a physician recruiter or recruitment agency. Before doing so, understand clearly your medical facility needs what kind of a physician- an intern, resident physician, attending physician, head or chief physician.

Interact With Them and Find Key Career Motivations

One needs to interact with numerous physicians to know about their medical practice style, intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, their thoughts on the present healthcare facilities of the town, etc.

One’s values reflect upon the work ethics one adopts. Interaction in the form of personal interviews and informal discussions helps in knowing more about them. When a physician is motivated in his field, the service quality provided by him is also superior.

Use Analytics To Shortlist Best-Fit Physician Candidates For Your Hospital Or Clinic

The best-fit physician could be shortlisted by using analytics such as cost for hire, i.e.the expenditure on hiring the physician, offer acceptance rate, first-year attrition, quality of hire, selection channel effectiveness.

Adopting a marking index for shortlisting is one of the best ways to narrow down on physicians. One can create their method, like allotting weight value to varying criteria such as subject-knowledge, the number of years in the field of medical practice, testimonials by senior doctors, journals published, conferences attended, etc. The total index of each physician could be compared for better results.

Let Expert Physician Recruiters Conduct One-to-One Initial Interviews with Selected Candidates

Physician recruiters have top-notch physicians in their database. They conduct not only one-on-one initial interviews but also do it keeping in mind the needs of the client. To carry out an interview in the initial stage helps in eliminating the ones who do not seem apt for the hospital or clinic. To hand over the interviewing responsibility to a recruiting agency means to have a team to take care of it. Usually, such teams consist of experienced agents who have worked in the medical field for a long time.

Create Super-Engaging Follow Up Material

The follow-up material could be created in terms of e-mail, hand-out, or questionnaire about working with the concerned hospital or medical institute. Doing so gives the recruiter or hospital more details about which physician would be apt for their hospital.

The interaction that took place prior to this step would give the physician an idea about what may follow. Hence, the physician may change their minds. They may also be directed for a second round of interviews or group discussion.

Shortlist Physician Applicants Who Display Long-Term Commitments

Such candidates should be shortlisted who show signs of long-term commitments towards his work and the hospital. The job of a physician is a crucial one and the development of a healthy relationship reflects their devotion and dedication to the profession as well as the medical center.

If there are observable short-term numerous employments, then it could be a reflection of the fickle-mindedness of the physician.

Conduct Intensive Second Round of Interviews

The second round of intensive interviews should be carried out where the practical knowledge of the physician should be tested. The panel of interviewers should definitely consist of head physicians.

Cases should be presented to them and asked about the diagnosis and their approach to treatment. It should be longer than the first interview and should not be informal at all. Their plans for uplifting the medical facilities at the hospital should be asked. A physician who is patient, confident, optimistic, and knowledgeable should be selected.

Get Background Checks Done

A series of background checks should be conducted. A physician should have a good reputation in society. Checks for criminal records, unethical practices, cases of misbehavior, wrong diagnosis should be carried out. Usually, the physician recruiters do the background checks without making the clients do it themselves.

Only after getting a green signal after the background check, the physician can be hired. After the background check is done, decide about the work schedule and seal the deal by creating a contract with your physician.

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