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Human resource assistants are the backstage associates who ensure that your HR department runs smoothly at its optimum level. They play a major role in easing the lives of many HR directors, managers and other executives by helping them accomplish various HR related assignments. They are actually the glue that holds your HR department together by getting themselves involved with nearly all programs and services related to human resources. You should have the right human resources assistant recruitment experts such as the recruiters at Alliance Recruitment Agency. We are here to connect you with the best of professionals.

We are your HR assistant hiring pros. Our HR and recruitment assistant hiring services are focused on identifying and attracting well experienced and talented HR assistant candidates who will be at your organization for a long period of time, all aimed at making a perfect match. Our teams of expert HR recruiters have deep insights into the field and know the ins and outs of the market that enable us to connect you with the top HR assistant personnel. If you are an employer on the lookout for a human resources assistant recruitment agency that you can trust, look no further than the professionals at Alliance Recruitment Agency.

The Experts in HR and Recruitment Assistants Hiring

While the well known duties and responsibilities of HR assistants are built around administrative roles, we believe that the role of an HR assistant has evolved into more advanced tasks in the modern business world. Therefore we aim at helping you recruit HR assistants who have the ability to effectively engage in recruiting, hiring and training new talent and handle other complicated administrative tasks of a typical HR department and its executives. We offer HR assistant hiring assistance for a variety of roles in talent acquisition, employee engagement, training, payroll and benefits management, grievances and employee exit management activities, among others.

As one of the leading HR and recruitment agencies since 2010, we have developed a vast network of HR professionals, working within the various ends of the industry. Whether you require one HR assistant or a group of HR assistants, we have the expertise as well as the resources to find talented HR assistant candidates in any area of human resource talent. Since we follow a collaborative approach to HR recruitment, our teams will spend their time getting to know your business well, so that we can connect you with the ideal HR assistant candidates that meet your technical as well as personality requirements.

The Best Human Resources Assistant Recruitment

Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best place to come to for your HR assistant recruitment needs. Contact us to submit a staffing request and we will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your specific hiring needs and requirements. Our team of expert hr manager recruiter teams will not rest until we find the perfect candidates for your vacant positions.

  • Clarification of Client Requirements – It is not all about job descriptions and requirements on paper. We are interested in getting to knowing all the finer details of the open position and the personality traits that you expect from a candidate. Therefore our teams will spend a great portion of their time, studying and understanding the nature of the open position and your organizational culture.
  • A Custom-made Solution – Once we have completed the study of your position and organization, we will get together to develop a recruitment plan designed exclusively for your HR assistant staffing operation, which will be used as a guiding tool in the rest phases of the process. From the initiation to the completion, all the recruitment strategies to be followed will be planned at this point.
  • Candidate Sourcing – Now that we have developed a comprehensive recruitment plan and have a deeper understanding of your recruitment needs, we will initiate the candidate sourcing process. Through the help of our extensive human resources talent network and online targeted promotional marketing campaigns, we will source candidates that are suitable for your position.
  • Interview and Evaluate – Our HR recruitment assistant consultants will rigorously interview and evaluate each and every candidate to assess whether they have what it takes to handle your open positions effectively. Apart from assessing their technical competencies, we will also take measures to evaluate their personality traits to ensure that we are recruiting the perfect candidate for your open position.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Are you seeking a competent human resource assistant recruitment services agency to help you manage your HR department? Individuals who can handle your administration work and help you with your talent acquisition and payroll tasks as well. If so, Alliance Recruitment Agency is the right place to come to. Partner with us and let our team of expert human resource recruiters hire your next successful HR assistant.

  • Collaborative Approach to Recruitment – Unlike other staffing agencies that follow generic recruitment plans and strategies with every one of their staffing assignments, we are focused on delivering a more personalized service to our clients. Therefore we will conduct in-depth discussions with your hiring managers to offer customized HR assistant recruitment solutions for your needs.
  • In-depth Candidate Research – Prior to reaching out to potential candidates, we will conduct a thorough research and analysis of the right type of HR assistant that matches your position, so that we will only deliver candidates that are suitable for the vacancy. This ensures that we will not supply your hiring managers with tons of irrelevant resumes that are not relevant to the open position.
  • Extensive Talent Network – Being in the HR recruitment industry since 2010, we have developed strong and effective working relationships with a broad pool of human resource professionals. This enables us to identify and deliver the right HR assistant candidate that matches your skill, qualification and experience requirements faster and better than conventional approaches.