International Job Consultant

International Job Consultant in India

Alliance International is a placement consultancy which is dealing in the supply of manpower to customers all over the world. Though we are based in India, we are offering suitable overseas placement services to different clients located in UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, and London. We are one of the foremost placement agencies in India that are dedicatedly serving the manpower requirements abroad. We have already placed hundreds of candidates from India in jobs abroad. We have the expertise in sourcing the best talents for companies in these countries. We supply manpower for all types of requirement such as long term, short term, permanent and temporary, etc.

Our International Services

Apart from the manpower that we supply as abroad placement consultants, we also facilitate the immigration services to our clients. Along with this, we are also some other additional services that can be of immense help to our clients. These services include the following:

Consultancy for manpower

  • When a candidate gets identified as having the required potential, a proper selection test has to be conducted by the probable employer or his representative
  • We will take care of the total travel arrangements of the candidate, his accommodation, and any other related requirement. We will ensure that the candidate reaches the venue at the right time.
  • Sometimes we get entrusted for the selection and conduction of the examination tests of the candidates. We do so with the help of experts and along with the overall supervisions of the client company.

Orientation Program

After the selection procedure is over, we will carry out the orientation program to make the new candidates familiarized with the different aspects that may be a vital criterion

These are the areas over which orientation training is provided to the new recruits:

  • The inherent work culture of the organization
  • The best industrial practices for grooming up of the new recruits
  • Safety training
  • Training on Labor laws in force
  • Any other relevant topic

Why to choose Alliance International

Let us look at the major reasons behind the choice of this company as the selected one among overseas placement consultants:

We have a rich database of potential candidates who can be hired for international assignments Our staffs are highly experienced in sourcing the most appropriate candidates for all types of job vacancies.

  • We know the requirement patterns of the different international companies.
  • We have the tie-ups with other recruitment constancies that are supplying international manpower.
  • We have the tie-ups with the concerned authorities for carrying out the immigration formalities.
  • We see to the fact that all the international regulations are being abided by strictly.
  • We have the links with the Airlines and Travel Agents for required bookings of tickets.
  • We have tie-ups with good hotels for the arrangement of timely accommodation of candidates.
  • We have the established relations with government authorities and the different Embassies to ensure that the entire procedure is carried out without any obstacle.

Visa Assistance Procedure

Many people long for an International career. They would love to travel abroad and work there for earning a handsome amount. This type of learning is obviously not possible any anyone’s native country.

After the selection procedure is over which is essentially based on merit, the major thing that needs to be concentrated on is the visa procedure for the overseas recruitment. Normal people find this job to be cumbersome. At Alliance International, we try to make things easy for you. We have the expertise in dealing with these compliance matters. We are regularly handling the visa applications of thousands of candidates. Few placement consultants in India can handle visa matters as efficiently as us.

We offer the following visa related services in a professional manner:

  • Visas related to employment purposes
  • Visas related to visiting purposes
  • Visas related to Work Permits
  • We also handle other allied requirements such as
  • Tickets for travel
  • Adequate accommodation facilities
  • Medical Checkup
  • Training related to Orientation Program

We deal with all types of CVs

When a vacancy is notified to us by our client company, the spadework that has to be performed is the sourcing of relevant CVs. Being one of the best placement consultants around, we have some of the best in-house databases of CVs. We deal with CVs of all hierarchies. If you are choosing us as your placement partner, you can be assured of getting the best services related to manpower sourcing. You need to spell out your needs in detail. We will take utmost care to get the maximum number of suitable candidates for the selection procedure. We would need the job description of the post along with the desired qualifications for getting the candidates. Apart from our in-house sources, we would take the help of the online job portals. We have a team of excellent selectors who will segregate out the aptest ones from the ocean of resumes.

The manpower we will provide you will be world class. In case a person does not join, we will make a replacement for your company free.