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International Recruitment Agencies

International recruitment agency Assisting Companies & Businesses in recruiting top talents.

We are leading international recruitment consulting firm, specialize in sourcing and selecting top talent for our clients WorldWide. We are the partner to Multinationals, Startups and SML Businesses who are managing up, or expanding.

We help global businesses who are looking for best candidates for their company.

  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Mauritius
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Maldives
  • USA
  • UAE
  • Japan
  • Singapore

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are delivering talented professionals for short and long term project-based, on contracts, permanent and temporary positions as well as fixed-term, employment contract.

International Recruitment Solutions

We are able to offer a smooth transition between working in India and working in an overseas country. Our services extend to several domains and industries around the world. However, we are one of the leading IT recruitment consultants in India. There are additional benefits of choosing us, since when you choose us you will get more than just an international recruitment agency.

When You Choose Us You Get:

  • Training :

    At times it is necessary to receive some additional training to be fit for a job. Although you may be qualified and the firm has selected you, at times it becomes difficult to cope with the requirements. The employer always has the best interest of the candidate in mind and hence we do everything in our power to make sure you are prepared for the job.
  • Counseling:

    Career counseling is very important for young graduates since help steer them in the career of their choice. In addition, to which working professionals can also benefit from career counselors in either determining if they have taken a wrong career path or in seeking an alternative one.
  • Special Recruitment:

    We specialize in executive search, staffing, contract hiring as well as project based hiring. Thus proving more flexibility to all concerned.
  • Recruitment:

    Besides you can take advantage of our top-notch recruitment services.

International Recruitment Consultant from India

We have been recruiting candidates located around the world for quite a few years now and thus have in-depth knowledge for our worldwide clients. Besides which we have a great deal of knowledge of overseas recruitment and hence are one of the best International consultant firms in India.

Our International job recruitment services have proved highly beneficial to several organizations all around the world. They appreciate our insight on how to approach candidates and to find the person best suited for the job in India.

At the same time, many job seekers have benefited from our International recruitment service too.

There are several HR consulting firms in India, however being one of the top recruitment consultants in India comes with great responsibility too. It is needless to say that International recruitment is very different from recruiting locally since there are many other factors to consider and process to be done. To start with, it is necessary to have the appropriate visa and travel information. Besides which it is also essential to educate the candidate regarding the place of work itself, accommodation etc.

Presently We Are Offering International Recruitment Services for following Foreign Countries:

  • Recruitment for Angola
  • Recruitment for Qatar
  • Recruitment for Mexico
  • Recruitment for Tobago
  • Recruitment for Chile
  • Recruitment for Argentina
  • Recruitment for UAE
  • Recruitment for Djibouti
  • Recruitment for Kazakhstan
  • Recruitment for USA
  • Recruitment for Middle East
  • Recruitment for Venezuela
  • Recruitment for Trinidad
  • Recruitment for Brazil
  • Recruitment for Peru
  • Recruitment for Russia
  • Recruitment for Tanzania
  • Recruitment for Algeria
  • Recruitment for Canada
  • Recruitment for UK

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