IT Recruitment: Strategies and Tips for Success

Strategies And Tips For IT Recruitment

This blog highlights the important steps that lead an IT company to have in place a successful employment process. Many employers invest a huge amount of time and funds in conducting a simple IT hiring process but forget the most fundamental factors behind a fruitful recruitment process. If your hiring process has not brought expected results, this blog would certainly help you get insights into improving your IT recruitment process.


The strength of IT recruitment lies in getting professionals with the right set of skill sets and experience for roles typical to the IT company. An online app development company might easily get web programmers, but when it comes to finding programmers with experience in diverse scripting languages and industry-specific app development, it becomes challenging to find the right talent.

Recruitment for many IT functions is usually more time-consuming than for other fields. There are so many assessment rounds to identify the level of diverse technical skills, critical reasoning, soft skills, etc. Many recruitment processes also involve mock or sample project work. However, unless you find candidates with the right talent, taking 5+ screening rounds of 50+ applicants does not really give you the best talent for the position involved. They could, however, become nightmarish to handle.

There are a lot of benefits in partnering with an IT recruitment agency or an IT staffing services provider. It is, however, possible to enjoy these benefits only when internally you have got the recruitment perspective right.

If you are faced with various talent acquisition issues that seem difficult to overcome, here are some suggestions and tips to help you address such challenges.

How to Make IT Recruiting Strategic and Outcome-Enriched

1. Align Recruitment Strategy With Existing And Projected Business Goals

Every IT company has goals and targets to meet. Identifying a hiring strategy that is aligned with these goals is the first step to successful IT recruitment. You could frame approaches such as creating a talent pipeline, training pools, and learning and development sessions that will enable you to fill positions with speed and ease. Such practices also align the time, money, and effort put into the IT recruitment process with the direction the employer wants to take to meet business expansion goals.

You could consult with an IT recruitment consultant and frame an effective action plan to align your recruitment strategy with business plans and goals.

2. Find Richer, Wider, Diverse Talent Pools for Core or Permanent IT Manpower

A majority of IT companies are involved in creating solutions based on the projects they are assigned from client companies. These companies maintain a specific number of permanent employees across functions and divisions. For managing with peak season demands or project-based scalability demands, they resort to temporary staffing from specific talent pools.

Over time as technology upgrades occur and a different set of programming and scripting languages and data architecture are required for their projects, the talent pools they have been resorting to in the past becomes incapable of fulfilling their manpower requirements.

It is highly recommended for a company facing such scenarios to partner with an IT recruitment agency that gives them access to wider, richer, and diverse pools of IT talent across expertise levels from junior programmers to solution architects. For example, hiring a master vendor or an IT staff augmentation provider could be considered based on the scope and scale of temporary staffing need projections.

3. Find Sources For Customized Talent Needs

If you are an IT company with operations in different parts of the world and have a diverse workforce. You might need to specially train your workforce to use your data and information architecture, cloud systems, software project management styles, etc. These practices translate into your having very customized talent needs.

Many successful IT employers facing similar scenarios always have in place additional remote talent teams at selected vendors or outsourced service-providing companies. Through flexible contracts, they are able to scale up and down the manpower resources at these companies based on their project requirements. Through such practices, IT companies are never short of manpower fulfilling their customized talent needs.

You could also consult with an IT recruitment consultant to assist you in finding the best-fit outsources services provider.

4. Hire Loyal, More Committed Professionals

Loyal and committed professionals are a boon for any company, but they are more difficult to find in IT companies where the rate of attrition is high. Many IT companies only have 10%-15% employees with a tenure of 5+ years.

Strengthen your employee engagement and retention through policies and HR practices that motivate an employee to continue working with you. Accordingly, make your employer brand reflect these transformations and create more goodwill in the employment market.

There are also various recruiting or people analytics solutions you can use to find out how to identify and hire professionals with a potential for “long-term” tenure. You could also work with an expert IT staffing service provider with the resources to align your people analytics findings with their candidate search processes.

5. Fuel Innovation

Innovation is the ability to think creatively and proactively about a situation and find more effective and efficient ways to manage a process or solve problems. Numerous IT professionals are known to be inspired by innovation and like to remain in an environment where their abilities for innovation will be recognized and rewarded.

Traditional project management practices do not leave much room for innovation. IT employers who are open to innovation launch several employee engagement programs that bring out the best in employees. A work atmosphere that fuels creativity, innovation, and the voice of employees attract talent much easily.

Promote an innovative or out-of-the-box approach towards a project. Encourage employees to develop and update their skill set and make learning more accessible and affordable. You will then easily attract the best talent in the industry.

6. Invest in Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Employment is a tricky task. Some employers easily recruit the best employees, while some IT companies struggle to hire even a mediocre employee. Big IT companies have established themselves as a brand that promotes a fun and flexible workplace culture. Additionally, they invest in increasing their online visibility as a great place to work at.

Many IT companies organize programs and events and maintain employee pages on their website and social media platforms. They promote themselves as a non-discriminatory, diverse workplace. Consult with an expert IT recruitment consultant to find out how you could enhance your brand as an employer in a way that has a great positive impact on your recruitment.

7. Make Recruiting Customer-Oriented

You could also customize your recruitment process based on the post for which you are hiring and the customers that are served by professionals in those positions and roles.

You might be having a certain percentage of accounts or client companies that always do business with you. Over time, you also get to know what traits they appreciate a lot from a skills, communication, and efficiency perspective. These priority clients of yours might often be disengaging with professionals who do not meet certain types of expectations.

For recruitment in such scenarios, design a customer-oriented recruitment model that creates a win-win situation for both the recruits and your clients. An experienced IT staffing services provider could also help you design such customer-oriented recruitment models.

8. Optimize Hiring Cycle or Time

Time plays a very crucial role in the hiring processes. If you are not hiring the top talent in the market, someone else is. The quicker you can run through the entire hiring process, the better chances of you hiring the best employees.

Taking a long time to hire may also result in a bad candidate experience which may, in turn, damage your brand image. To solve such issues, make use of technology. Automate manual tasks and introduce modern tech to eliminate bottlenecks from the existing system. This will gear up your IT recruitment process to a great extent and reduce the manpower required for it.

9. Make Policies That Sync With Millennial IT Talent Interests

In many IT companies, about 40%-60% of positions are filled by employees in the age group ranging from 22 years and 28 years. Millennials have grown up in a postmodern world where mindsets, culture, habits, and lifestyle aspects keep on changing constantly. Most of these millennials are unable to stay long in a traditional behavioral and organizational culture. Find out simple ways to make your organization’s culture more adaptive to millennials.

Consult With An IT Recruitment Agency With A Great Track Record

The suggestions and tips mentioned in this blog would surely help you frame a recruitment strategy and action plan that gives optimized outcomes in terms of business performance. Nevertheless, if your company has a large recruitment requirement involving 100-500 hires in a year, it is highly recommended that you consult with an IT recruitment agency.

Also, if you are a mid-sized company, you might find it significantly cost-effective to hire an IT recruitment agency to fulfill diverse IT manpower needs. Maintaining a top-class team of expert IT recruiters and consultants from different industries would dramatically decrease your profit metrics.

Choose a recruitment partner with a great track record. Here are some ways of identifying the best IT recruitment agencies.

IT Recruitment Expertise

Before choosing an IT recruitment agency, find out how much expertise they have in meeting the manpower requirements specific to your organization and business segment. A company with the right expertise will have the insights into the recruitment process like no other. They can complete the hiring process in a limited amount of time and bring you brilliant candidates.

Access to Diverse and Specialized Talent Pools

A competent IT recruitment agency has the latest technology and experienced staff at hand to meet IT staffing needs on time. Such an agency has access to diverse and specialized talent pools. Their IT staffing services cover inshore, offshore, or region-specific candidates with great ease. They have a widespread recruitment network providing them the necessary means to hire candidates from anywhere, which is often very difficult for companies to do all by themselves.

Support with Executive, Permanent, Temporary and Remote Hiring

Partner with an IT staffing services agency that has the capacity to fulfill your company’s staffing needs across the organizational structure. An agency that can efficiently meet your recruitment needs for executive, permanent, temporary, and remote positions.

Ability to Reduce Hiring Costs

An IT recruitment agency with wide talent pool networks, upgraded technology tools to enhance candidate search, screening, and selection, and sure-fire strategies to optimize hiring time will help you minimize overall recruitment costs.

Also, by hiring such an IT recruitment consultant and staffing partner, you not only save money but also invest for 100% success of the recruitment process. You get a work-ready candidate in no time. The time and energy you save on the hiring process can instead be used to handle the core working of the company.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

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As a strategic IT recruitment consultant for numerous companies, we have helped our clients improve various metrics related to recruitment such as revenue per employee, employee retention, etc. We have also helped companies enhance their brand as an employer and manage their IT manpower need with increased efficiency.

If you are looking for an agency with the ability to meet your complete manpower recruitment needs, we will be happy to hear from you!