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Salary : 0-

Openings: 1

Posted: 28-07-2017

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Job Details

Job Description:

Clieny is pecial purpose vehicle set up to undertake the design, building and operation of a multi-commodity dry and liquid bulk port i.


• Type of contract: Permanent contract.
• Salary: Based on experience.

Educational Details: Degree

Location: SENEGAL

State: West Africa

Notice Period: 1 Month

Recruiter: Pallavi Chawla -ADMIN

Created Date: 28-07-2017

Desired Skills:

Training Embedded Systems Engineer or similar.
1- High skills in electronics, electrical engineering, industrial computing or mechatronics:
- Implementation of the relevant normative and regulatory requirements for lifts
- Knowledge of electrical design software
- Mastery of essential English

2- Key competences in know-how:
- You are dynamic and organized with relational ease and team spirit
- You are rigorous in meeting the safety requirements of our products
- Your capacity for adaptation and autonomy will be essential assets
- Good communication on technical and organizational subjects
  - Immediate availability, dynamism, sense of organization and security.



Main missions:

You will be responsible for the integration of elevator control systems using electronic, electrical and electrical components as well as business configurators to process technical data from order to delivery.

Your main missions will be:
1- Definition of complete assemblies or subassemblies allowing the operation of the elevator:

• Writing of specifications, analyzes, tests and choice of components (Interfaces Men Machines, Powers, Organs, Steering bodies)

• Provide technical interface with external suppliers
• Design the architecture of the elevator control system
• Define Qualifying and Testing Processes
• Pilot the drafting of technical documents


2- Design of configurators to manage the technical data of the order at delivery:

• Analysis of the commercial offer, the technical offer and the data flows
• Design of configurators to provide technical data Customer,
• define the product corresponding to the need and provide the information necessary for production
• User training

3- Implement its expertise in electronics, industrial computing or mechatronics within the company:

• Participate in expert assessments for clients
• Contribute to the company's projects

Experience Requirements: Graduate 

Industry: Port Industry

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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