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At least 10 years experience as a marine worker in a known port.


Salary : 0-

Openings: 1

Posted: 28-07-2017

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Job Details

Job Description:

Client has a special purpose vehicle set up to undertake the design, building and operation of a multi-commodity dry and liquid bulk port.

Profile :

Engineer specialized in maritime works or civil engineering oriented maritime works :

Harbor works, maritime civil engineering

Knowledge of the various construction techniques of docks and piers

Immediate availability, dynamism, sense of organization and security

Working language : English & French

Educational Details: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Location: SENEGAL

State: West Africa

Notice Period: 1 Month

Recruiter: Neha 01


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Created Date: 28-07-2017

Incentives: N/a


 Project Management: Managing high stake shipboard operations such as preparing ship for
various Inspections, Major Overhauls, or any other critical operations.
 Operations Management: Monitoring and executing various shipboard operations such as
Loading and discharging of cargo, Manoeuvring, Bunkering, etc.
Operation, Maintenance and Repairs of Shipboard Machinery such as Engines,
Boilers, Centrifuges, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Plants, Pumps, etc.
 Sustainability Management (ISO 14001): Managing shipboard operations to avoid or reduce
environmental damage by oil spills, emissions from ships, carbon footprints, etc.
 Inventory Management, Budgeting and Financial Controls: Ordering and maintaining
sufficient inventory of Fuel (Bunker), Lubricants, spares, stores, consumables and various
tools for shipboard operations and maintenance.
 Resource Management: Optimum utilization of various resources such as man, material,
machinery and time.
 Crisis Handling: Disaster recovery & contingency planning to tackle any emergency on
board ship.
 Risk assessment and Safety management for carrying out various operations involving
great risks.
 Team Building: Leading and motivating multinational and cross-functional Teams for
various shipboard operations and tasks.
 Training of crew members to ensure safety while working on board.

Experience Requirements: At least 10 years experience as a marine worker in a known port.

Industry: Port Industry

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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