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Management & Financial Controller


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Posted: 31-07-2017

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Job Details

Job Description:

The Management & Financial Controller is accountable for the administrative, financial, and
risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and
operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and
monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate
financial results.

This includes the following benefits:
• Medical Insurance
• PF Contribution
• Telecommunication Allowances
• Newspapers & Magazine Allowances




Job Title: Management & Financial
Job Category: Senior Management
Department/Group: Finance Job Code/ Req#: NA
Location: Corporate Office Travel Required: Extensively ; Pan–India
Level/Salary Range: NA Position Type: Full time
Reports To Senior Partner

Location: Noida

State: NCR

Notice Period: 1 month

Recruiter: Neha 01


• Chartered Accountant from ICAI or CPA
o Candidates with Post – Graduate Diploma in Business Management (or MBA)
in Finance Stream, from Tier I or Higher Tier II institution, will be preferred
Experience of 5 or more years of working in an Indian or Multinational Firm or a
Management Consulting Firm of good repute, in the capacity of a Management and
Financial Controlle

Created Date: 31-07-2017

Desired Skills:

Skill Set
1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
2. Strong research and analytical skills
3. Ability to grasp and ideate
4. Thorough understanding of business environment
5. Attention to detail
6. Budget-management skills
7. An ability to explain complex financial information in a clear way
8. Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
9. Honesty and discretion
10. Team-working skills
11. Drive for results and leadership skills
12. Advanced Communication and interpersonal skills
13. Comfortable working with numbers, metrics, spreadsheets and presentation formats


The incumbent has strong fund-raising background along with accounting expertise.
1. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
a. Linking Annual Budgets to Strategic Plans
b. Design forecasts that provide realistic updates on performance
c. Generate business insights through predictive analytics, what-if analysis, and
2. Management Reporting
a. Leverage report rationalization framework based on advanced data
b. Rationalize reporting to provide scalable reporting strategies driven by
business needs
c. Setting up of Executive Dashboards for
d. Control of defined processes
e. Enable implementation of defined processes
f. Set up the control environment to minimize the risk existing in operations
3. Client Presentation
a. Active participation in client acquisition
Job Title: Management & Financial
Job Category: Senior Management
b. Conceptualize and present the financial and process strategy to the client
4. Analysis of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
a. Comprehensive examination of cost and revenue components across multiple
b. Understand variances and provide actionable business insights for
performance improvement
c. Identify changes in a company's financial position to avoid reporting errors
d. Identify performance opportunities to help maintain competitive advantage
e. Financial Modelling
5. Proposal finalization and negotiation towards
a. Investment
b. Fund raising
c. Capital Structuring
d. Financial Governance and Discipline
6. Cost Structure and Component Analysis
a. Provide cost perspective on an end-to-end basis of the entire supply chain
b. Analysis of cost structure for products, channels and market
c. Deliver timely, accurate decisions regarding product mix, pricing, marketing
promotions, sourcing, and product launches
7. Financial Governance Advisory
a. Aligning the business model with the organizational vision
8. Crafting effective operating model
a. Designing IT architecture that facilitates high transparency and reduced risks
by integrating processes
b. Defining and implementing methods of business governance and process
c. Aligning finance functions for effective delivery and minimized conflicts of
d. Transformational programmes in capital and finance
9. Effective Decision Support
a. Maximisation of benefits and growth from existing level working capital
b. Cash Pooling optimisation and cost efficiency generation
c. Process standardization on Procurement, Accounts Payable, Imprest System,
Inventory Management Controls, and Collection
d. Risk based evaluation of business processes
e. Evaluation of cost of capital and capital cost minimization plan execution
f. Improving visibility and reliability of information and establishment of
continuous control
g. Cost accounting and management
h. Planning budgeting and forecasting
10. Completion and insights on management reporting package
11. Comprehensive knowledge of Taxation and Compliance matters
12. Preparation of regular and ad hoc reports according to shareholder requirements
13. Preparation of reporting for consolidation according to group requirements
14. Implementation of International Financial reporting standards
15. Setting-up of informed decision points on offerings, channels, and product suits
16. Improving profitability and enhanced performances on available resources
17. Analysis of scenarios in constantly evolving market place.

Industry: Management Company

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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